With all due respect to Irish people everywhere — I cannot wear green, and if you’re reading this, I know you can’t either.

Well, in honor of our dedication to the city of Los Angeles and its sports franchise (maybe more so for our Celtic hate), The Lakers Nation would like to flip the script for every St. Patrick’s Day here on out. We’re calling on all Lakers fans everywhere to dump the green for purple and gold. Now, we understand the troubles that come with not wearing traditional green, but I assure you all — if you live in the greater Los Angeles area, people will understand, you will be spared.

Remember, its always better to get a pinch or two, than lose your pride.

Note: Alternative names for this annual day have been considered…

St. West’s Day

St. Bryant’s Day

Purple & Gold Day

Buck Foston Day (not very tasteful)

St. Paulina Pierce’s Day

We decided to just stick with St. Patrick’s day, just give it a bit of twist.

This has been a public service announcement from the offices (plural) of The Lakers Nation.

  • Pac-Man

    I couldnt agree more. Im loosing the GREEN and doing it for the TEAM! Go Lakers!

  • FlowDesignz

    Someone pinches me – I punch them.


  • Ruth & Glen

    You spelled losing wrong. It’s NOT LOOSING….I’ll wear Green because I do NOT have a Lakers jersey even though we are BIG LAKER FANS!! They must play DEFENSE if they’re going to win anything. WHEN they’re way ahead, WHY do they let the lead get away? I wish they’d give Brown and Harrison a chance. Sit Luke and Sasha on the bench….what do they do?

  • karinLA24

    [Comment ID #64887 Will Be Quoted Here]

    as do i :)

  • Lakerfanl

    You got it boss!

  • Sako

    I decided to wear my PROPERTY OF LAKERS shirt last night, and my high school is full of bandwagoners and boston fans. Everytime i write “BOSTON SUCKS” people come out the shadows to show they dont like the Lakers.

  • vida

    Rocking purple and gold.

  • lainok

    first thing out of bed i threw on my kobe jersey.

  • Chad

    Ill be wearing my purple Pau Gasol shirt i dont have any green shirts.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Ruth & Glen wrote: “Sit Luke and Sasha on the bench….what do they do?”

    You don’t understand Basketball very much or just look at box scores. Luke is a very important part of this team. He is one of the smartest ballers on the team. The ball movement he creates in the triangle from the post and the elbow is a huge part of what the Lakers do on offense. Along with Pau, his interior passing is remarkable. Grow some basketball IQ before you make such stupid remarks.

    By the way, I’m wearing Purple and Gold today. When someone makes a comment about not wearing green I just tell them that green won’t be seen on me until we raise that trophy in the air.

  • Newtdog10

    I’ve been telling people “Real Laker fans don’t wear green” when they ask where my green is.

  • The Machine is Broken

    I know that Sasha will definitely not be wearing green today. Sasha is garbage. He’s been laying an egg since he got his contract.

  • Laker Power

    [Comment ID #64888 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Don’t you mean Morrison. Not Harrison. For somebody who got on top of a typo for spelling “Losing” wrong it be nice to remember our players names. Haha =)

  • Chris Manning

    No green for me – PURPLE AND YELLOW reppin today, baby!

  • Kid Kaos 310

    Not a bad idea…besides if you get pinched it probably means she likes you. It’s kind of a win win situation…

  • Mitch Kupchak


  • siLLy KiD

    posting only to say i totle agre with ruth n glen- SIT FUCKING LUKE! in fact. just fucking give that dorkess malorkess away to somebody else. he has always been a worthless sac of crapola. with that said- GO LAKES! Happy st. pattys day!

  • KAB

    Purple & Gold all day!!!

  • Pac-Man

    Yea Ruth & Glen need to relax. Your still going to wear green? What sell outs. Laker Power is right get your players right. I had a typo because it was 4 in the morning and i was half asleep. IF YOU WEAR GREEN, THEN YOU DISRESPECT THE TEAM!!!!!!!

  • DJanonymous

    I’m wearing green to tonight’s game. Here’s the shirt I’ll have on:

  • arizaallstar

    i was f#$$g wearin my gold laker short last night while watchin a rerun of mavs laker game i woke up and right away i threw on my gold farmar jerzey on(respect to kobe)but i like farmar more and ariza, IF YOU R A REAL LAKER FAN U WILL NOT WEAR GREEN TODAY IF YOU DO YOU WILL DISRESPECT THE LAKERS TEAM(ESPECIALLY SASHA LOL), GO LAKERS TONIGHT.

  • arizaallstar

    its not very easy more me to wear purple and gold i live by portland and they dont like laker fans very much lmao …..(ariza) lol but i dont care purple and gold all day today im gettin wasted tonight in this jerzey

  • KB24ForLife

    i rocked the purple and gold todayy niiiigahs

  • barry

    catholics wear green; protestants wear orange. the only i’ve got that’s orange is in the back of the fridge.

  • sketch

    Yo, what the hell is Jordan Farmar doing giving that dumba$$ the rabbit ears for? Shouldn’t he be in the shoot arounds? LOL! Actually, he’s the Latino Jordan Farmar!

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