From our entire TLN staff to all of you, we hope that you have a safe and Happy New Year celebration. From fellow Los Angeles fans to fans around the globe, where ever you may be, you have meant a lot to this website. 2010 saw the glorified result of the commitment of the entire Los Angeles Lakers organization putting in unparalleled dedication en route to their second-straight title in two years.

I for one want to thank the Lakers organization for the commitment to excellence and giving us Lakers fans a place to believe, connect and unite over as something as simple, yet beautiful, as the game of basketball. 2011, in this three-peat run, we are once again behind the champs. Lakers fans, are quite simply, the best.

For us, a fan website, it’s really remarkable to watch the website grow over the years. From the “Get Garnett” days to the evolution of The Lakers Nation, we thank you for carrying the torch of what just four fans created for their love labor and passion for the Lakers. The truth is, all of you Lakers fans make the community what it is today, and more importantly, allow us to pride ourselves as the best fans in the NBA.

From everyone here at, to the average fans, to the hardcore nuts, to the crazed fans with Lakers tatoos inked on their body, to the ones that only live in purple and yellow houses, to the ones driving around with Lakers flags sky-up, to the ones with decked out memorabilia, to the ones that create those sicks wallpapers on our computer screens, to the video makers (holla – LD2k here), to the musical geniuses, to the great Lakers podcasters out there, to the reporters busting their butts to give us stories every day, to the tweeters, to the older Lakers fans, to next generation of Lakers fans, and most importantly, to YOU, we thank you for three great years of TLN and more importantly, being a Lakers fan with us. You make it worth all the love labor. Thank you, Lakers Nation. Let’s get that 3-peat!

  • bbz62

    been a fan since 85 aint gonna stop now. the journey continues… 3peat inc.

  • atm23

    been a fan since 06 aint gonna stop now. the journey continues… 3peat inc.

  • lakers0828

    Well if they wanna 3peat they gonna have to step up there game Go Lakers