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With this, let’s use this post to discuss our favorite moments from the Lakers season this year. Mine is easily the Spain vs. USA game from the Olympics.

To this day, that may be the greatest basketball game I’ve ever watched. That will be one I remember forever, how about you?

  • ShamelessLakerFan

    The Olympic mens basketball gold medal game is on itunes, if you feel like watching it over again. It is well worth the $1.99

  • kbfan24

    Lakers vs. Magic (game 5). NBA CHAMPIONS!!!

  • lainok

    the game against san antonio where the spurs got fouled by fisher in the corner on the three, right after kobe had made what we all thought was the game winner. granted, we lost, but if anyone remembers the game it was flawless on both ends.

  • Stephen

    obviously game 5

  • Stephen

    actually the christmas game vs celtics was amazing too, I was there and the atmosphere was unbelievable

  • David

    round 1 vs pheonix. Game 4. steal-last second teardrop to send it to ot. then jump ball-last second jumper by kobe. I went nuts

  • RJ

    Game 5 Lakers NBA CHAMPIONSS

  • lakers4life.

    how is spain vs usa in lakers season?

  • kobe08cheema24

    finals game 4… unbelievable!

  • Chris Manning

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    Ok so maybe it wasn’t — but definitely a superb game nonetheless.

    The two Boston games were both off the charts too…

  • kbfan24

    You also can’t forget the lakers at celtics and lakers at cavs. They didn’t have Bynum and they beat both of them. They finished the road trip 6-0.

  • ATLakers

    ShamelessLakerFan, you can also watch it free online at NBC’s website —

  • lakers4life.

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    true that.

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #78675 Will Be Quoted Here]


    Well, top games?! Yeah, both Celtic games were AMAZING! I remember jumping off my couch and yelling, “JOSH POWELL!” a few times. That Christmas game was so sweet, and then we even topped that I’d say when we went to Boston minus Bynum. Those games included a couple amazing Ariza baseline saves, great teamwork, and my favorite moment of the regular season: Lamar punking KG and then standing up to KG when confronted face to face.

    To me, these two plays showed the Lakers grit the most: Lamar vs. KG, and Fisher vs. Scola.

    But over all, if I had to choose one game: it’s got to be game 4 and Fish’s sweet redemption.

    By the way, I think that if Fish didn’t lay Scola out like that, we would have been upset by the Rockets.

  • Colin Bizzle

    Efff july fourth…so many cops i got caught on the beach wasted as fudge by the popos….im 17

  • LALakersfan622

    i liked a bunch of games

    christmas against smelltics
    game 2 vs smelltics in boston
    both games against cavs
    and the games we won in all the playoffs! (especially game 4 and 5 of finals)

  • LALakersfan622

    **also since i live in connecticut, my most fav game was vs the nets @ new jersey cause i went! march 27, 2009 was the date

  • Andu


  • lakersforlife77

    “This website would not be what it is today without you; THE FANS!”

    Proud to support you guys! I’ve been here since the GetGarnett days and there aren’t many other Laker fansites like this one.

  • ArtestWinsRings

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    My favorite part was when we lost in game 6 against the celtics

  • lainok

    so no one even remembers that game against san antonio? that’s a damn shame.

  • lakerferlife7

    game 4 of the finals….that game was amazing

  • Yonstar62

    thursday february 5th and sunday february 8th. at boston and at cleveland. 2 huuuuge games for the lakers season. clinched tie-breaker vs. those teams (even though it didn’t matter in the end). no bynum. games 5 and 6 of a long 6 game trip. gave cleveland their 1st home loss. those 2 games really take the cake this lakers season.

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