Lakers Blog: Some ESPN The Magazine work took me to a commercial shoot featuring some dudes from the Cavs and Blazers.  One of them happened to be Greg Oden, and I managed to grab a few quick minutes with him to talk about Andrew Bynum.

The Lakers open the regular season against Portland, providing the first glimpse of a big man matchup theoretically poised to entertain for years.  While Oden offered praise for Drew (“He does everything a good post guy is supposed to do”), I got the vibe that an “Oden-Bynum” analysis was a little cart ahead of the horse in his mind.

While acknowledging Bynum as a tough assignment (in a good way), he seemed understandably more concerned with simply getting an NBA game under his belt after a year recovering from micro-fracture surgery:   Plus, having met Oden a few times, he’s always struck me as a low key guy not particularly comfortable hyping himself or events.

I imagine fans from both teams will pick up the slack for him.

  • Soichiro

    I love both Bynum and Greg!!!

    Go Lakers!!!!

  • KOBE2K9

    It is premature to talk about Oden because he HAS NEVER PLAYED IN A NBA GAME, like I hate how all the analysts say he’s gonna bring Portland to a new level, no one knows yet Bynum has been playing for a while now and there will be no Bynum vs Greg until he proves himself a formidable opponent which he has not done yet

  • Billy Kupchak

    RODENT vs. BYNUMITE!:cool:

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #50943 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • mr.laker19

    Thats a ugly dude man lol! He good though.

  • lakers4lyfe

    ^ hahahahahh…word up!!

  • kb24bestever

    greg is good.

    bynum a beast.

    as of right now so there isnt no bynum vs oden right because right oden aint nobody in the nba..


    OFF TOPIC…but,check this…!!!



  • lakerferlife7

    he kinda looks like a skinny younger shaq

  • Moses

    I think Bynum will play better than Greg on opening night. He is playing with a better team and has more experience under his belt, and his injury was less severe than Oden’s so round 1 to Bynum, who knows who’ll be better down the line maybe Oden, but for now Bynum is the man.

  • Dave

    This will be one of the marquee matchups between two contenders in the West for the next at least the next 5 years … and one of the best individual matchups from thereafter. I can’t wait to see the opening bout. The matchup is so early in the season for Oden, so I expect Bynum to outplay him.

  • lakers08-09

    saw on Portland had a video of Oden working out on post drills.
    He looks good.Summer league he did ot look right so have to think he was playing hurt.Portland is a scary team with Outaw & Aldredge.
    Those guys are two of the best young power forwards in the league.

    Bynum is a stud.He has that attuide.