This is interesting. Remember the Greek point guard the Lakers made their offer to a few days ago? Well according to some Greek newspapers, team officials denied the report. I’m confused.

L.A. Times: Team officials denied a report in a Greek newspaper that said the Lakers had offered a contract to Theodoros Papaloukas, who is generally considered to be one of the best point guards in Europe.

Papaloukas, listed at 6-7, was the Euroleague player of the year last season with CSKA Moscow.

  • matt flores

    lakes have to do some thing that way they have more offers to try to get garnett

  • 2spotz

    well if this is also a lie can soeone pls tell me wtf kuptchak is doing? PS3 with jerry ?

  • Papihitman


  • kb24

    we dont get kg we dont get joneal and now we dont get papaloukas. im starting to see why kobe wants out

  • Lakers Dynasty


  • gcdeen

    man, i don’t know who to believe these days. my guess is that this article is true and we DIDN’T make an offer. he’ll just be another guy we can add to the list of players we should of gotten but didn’t. kobe was right, period. then we go and sign players like shammond, cook, radman. wtf???? WTF!!!!!!!

  • lakerfan_24

    All laker fans get to hyped up about rumors and crap like that. You guys need to wait till it is announced officially or else you guys get mad if it dont happen. Thats why i don’t beleive no rumor unless it’s official because then i get all excited about it and when it doesnt happen i get mad. Have hope Laker fans.