Well it’s about time we hear some GREAT news!

LockerTalk: Good news all around from the land of the limping and losing Lakers, even though none of the news really qualifies as great news for them.

Pau Gasol was off crutches and standing on his own, reporting he was feeling “much better” and even wandering onto the practice court to take some short, flat-footed shots. Not that it changes the fact that he’ll probably miss two weeks, but it’s a good indication for him just that the swelling was down enough for him to wear an untied shoe on his left foot.

Trevor Ariza finally got out of his walking boot today after a CAT scan showed sufficient healing in his broken foot. He was cleared to begin running on the elliptical machine, but Phil Jackson said Ariza still won’t be back in action in the regular season
Andrew Bynum has had no adverse reactions to the light treadmill work he began last week, which is important because there was some concern that he would have pain or swelling that might set him back. There remains some hope Bynum will get back in early April.

  • ab17

    its nothing i seen pau walking down rodeo drive

  • west213

    2 weeks for pau!!!!

  • Michael_23

    We could of used Trevor to guard McGrady or Rafer Alston yesterday in the 4th. I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose 2 more games on this road trip, but once we get both Pau and Drew back I hope we can make a streak of 10 games or more to finish strong and stay at #1 or 2. Houston and Phoenix have tough games ahead of them that should leave them a few games behind the Lakers in April.

    Ca mon Boston! Beat Houston and Phoenix for us! You guys are more healthier than us. LoL.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    pau 2 weeks???

    on his site was said that he could return by the end of this week… im confused, everybody says he will miss 2 weeks but on PAUs site says he will miss just one week…

    who should i trust?!?!?!

  • RDLAKB24

    two weeks is fine.. its only gonna be like a week more anyway.. let him miss fridays game anyway its versus seattle.. easy W

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    ok , let him miss seattle, but what about the back to back vs golden state, we need him…



  • kingkb24

    hold uppp i thot gasol was gonna miss 3 games not 2 weeks!!

  • lakerz

    this dident really help. the Ariza and Bynum thing i kind of already knew, but the pau out for two weeks thing i dident.
    this actually got me a little down.

  • http://bustedquad.com/forum Caleb

    This isnt great news…

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    [Comment ID #29684 Will Be Quoted Here]

    he will miss just the road trip, im sure….

  • Jimmy

    I think Mihm is practicing next week as well.

  • mena


  • JCBiglessworth


    Kwame Brown – remember him? – has fit in well with the Memphis Grizzlies. “He’s a nice kid,” said one team executive. What about as a player? “He’s a nice kid.” — NY Daily News

  • Sako

    what have you been smoking?

    great news would be-Bynum, Gasol, & Ariza back tomorrow against the Mavs-great news isn’t-“Phil Jackson said Ariza still won’t be back in action in the regular season”. “wandering onto the practice court to take some short, flat-footed shots. Not that it changes the fact that he’ll probably miss two weeks”. “There remains some hope Bynum will get back in early April.”

  • lakeshow4real

    i agree thats not really great news..if kobe can play with a torn legament on his shooting hand then pau should play with a moderate sprain ankle..chris paul played on one of them last game..i hope andrew bynum return early april because we need him to adjust to playing with pau..Maybe ariza can get back a little sooner also..we need his defense

  • peanut

    Hmm. The worst “great” news I’ve ever heard.. such a letdown. As long as Pau comes back by Friday (like his website said) I’m happy. Otherwise, there’s nothing to be happy about, really.

  • 123KID

    the news is def a light at the end of the tunnel. we are def not out the hole yet, but things are looking brighter for us come playoff time. i think its a good thing we got the bigs getting their rest and that they can get as much practice and preparation for the playoffs. as for the bench, i think this road trip will help them gain some confidence that they cant rely on our stars to carry the entire load and that they really need to step up.

    overall laker fans, lets just keep our heads up and keep up some positivity up and eventually our team can push through this road trip.

  • west213

    we just need bynum and gasol, dont worry about ariza and mihm for now.

  • Devean George

    This will make the bench players better!

  • mfoznot

    As long as we’re haelthy and in the playoffs I dont think we have a problem.

  • domoiscool

    yeah this road trip is good for us, we will become a much deeper team if we can finish this 2-2,top of that, just like the nugget said, phx and hou have hard schedules and we have somewhat of a lite schedule after utah.you may think this injury situation is bad, but at least bynum and pau will be back 100% for the playoffs, unlike yao in houston.we just have to be patient and believe that the lakers can pull through these next 2 games.

  • domoiscool

    ahh mybad 123kid, kinda stole what u said, i just now read it, thats good though, at least some of us are on the same page ;)

  • Havoc

    Think back to when Adrew first got injured. Everyone was like OMG we are in trouble, but guess what it was a blessing in disguise because it forced the Laker to made a good trade and fast. WOOT we got Gasol. Okay this is the great news all of them may be back by the playoffs. What concerns me is if someone else gets hurt. Stop practicing. lol =P

    Lakers all the way this year!

  • Nabil

    Bottom line is our 3 best big men are out. It’s hard to win that way. Mihm has been out so long that we don’t even know what he’ll be able to contribute anymore. But this is no time for excuses. This is a time for Kobe to take over.

  • Norman

    should i drop Pau gasol in my fantasy league?

  • KeboyBryant

    all the injury that happened is not good, but one thing that is for sure is the Lakers will win the championship this season, because of Kobe, Lamar, Bynum, Gasol, fisher and for me that is more important than leading the western conference standing, we must not concentrate on the standings because whatever happens Lakers will sure be in the play offs, and i know when that happens Phil will give the true one hundred percentage of the Lakers full roster that can wreck anyone that will try to stand their way, we just have to trust our very own number 24 and Phil.. Kobe M V P, Lakers for life

  • http://lakersnation.com darwin

    pau and andrew take your time and relax, kobe can handle it.. go kobe!!

  • KB24-MVP

    wow..pau gasol will be out for 2 weeks..i thought the x-rays said that it was negative..other news also said that Bynum would really be back early April..good thing we won the second of the back-to-back games with Golden State,at least we are almost out of the tunnel..Mavs will play Lakers without Dirk so i think it will be an easy W..