Here’s a small blurb from HOOPSWORLD.COM.

Grant Hill to the Lakers: The Lakers will likely go through a serious offseason makeover, with the primary objective is improving the post play and the point guard position. If they can grab Hill at a minimum price, it would be an upgrade from Luke Walton, would allow someone else to create plays other than Kobe Bryant and would give Hill another legitimate shot at making a deep playoff run, which a class act like himself clearly deserves.

  • lakerfan15

    Ya he will make a good addition to the lakers!!!!!We need more players than him,but he will make a diiference and i hope they get him!!!!

  • bigbadjames

    i would like this to happen…o please

  • kb=blackchrist

    yea we really need another injury prone player.SIKE!

  • Alex

    I think Grant hill will be a good addition….


    i still think they should try to keep Luke….his avg. is going up every season. If hes stays true to his word and says he wants to stay with the lakers, then he will take less money.

  • Later Gator

    Nobody is going to punish themselves to make the Lakers win. Luke Walton works hard every year. If anybody should take a salary cut it should be Kobe. He is the one telling people to do something and do it now! He should take a pay cut so they can bring Grant Hill or JO or whatever poor soul is going to be fast talked into ruining their career with the Lakers.

  • KB24

    get of this site later gator this is only for diehard lakers fans not laker haters/ Kobe haters

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    I think it would be a great addition with the Lakers just because he can be that other veteran player who can lead the second unit when Kobe takes a rest. Also Phil will like him because because he is a tall and a smart player. Though he has been on the injuried lists almost all the time when he joined with Orlando, I believe he can have plenty of rest and playing time if he decided to join the Lakers. He can be the Ron Harper who was a key player for the Lakers during the Championship run the Lakers have…..

    But I also read a while back ago that Hill wanted to go back to Orlando and play there just because he owes the team, the fans, and the entire organization because he wasn’t able to do what he use to do when he wasn’t injuried. It was too bad that the injuries got him to this point. But yeah, if I could find that comment he said about going back to the Magic’s I will post it up.