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    This is a little premature! Can’t bust this shirt out while the Celd!cks have more rings than we do! Can you imagine walking down the street with this shirts and a fcukin C0ckston dude busts out his shirt except with 2 MORE RINGS!?!?? I for one will not sport this stupid shirt until, we’ve got 1 more than they do! We need 3 MORE before this shirt should be made!

  • sketch

    ^^^Homie’s right! I’ve seen the Yankee’s version of this shirt and it’s great because the Redsucks couldn’t come close to comparing it! That’s why that shirt works, because the Yankees got more rings than anyone else! Doesn’t work if someone else have more rings than you do! USELESS!!!! WE NEED 3 MORE!!!!! Then we can all wear it in C0ckston and tell them all to suck it!

  • willow


    This doesn’t work when everyone knows that Leprecocks have more than us.

    We will win 3 more than the Celdicks…but in the meantime my championship hat will do for now.

  • imfasterthanur

    You guys beat me to it.

    This shirt is awesome but after we win the championship again next year, it’ll be outdated and I won’t be able to wear it.

    Let’s wait for 3 more huh?

  • RJ

    Their asking lebron and his team.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #77549 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It doesn’t matter who the question is directed towards… anyone can and will answer! And there’s no way that I’d be caught dead in that shirt to allow the c0ckston celd!cks fans the pleasure of having the last laugh! FCUK THAT!!!!!!! FCUK THE NBA TOO for trying to squeeze every last penny out of fans that they can!

  • Lakerfan210

    Hey who cares if the celtics have more. Stop acting like it’s a big difference. Stop being some insecure mofo’s and continue showing your Laker pride. All the cowgirls fans here in San anto still are sporting their got five rings. While the steelers have six, but do they care no. The closest team to the celtics is the Lakers and no one is closer than that. So give your lakers some f’n credit

  • BOSTON 17

    GO CELTICS. you got a rapest as your main dude (KOBE) the lakers can’t even smell the C’s farts. jackson most over rated coach EVA. I’m changeing the name of the laker fans to GAY PRIDE purple an gold the 2 worst colors to ever go together.

    • Mograyzie

      That’s ridiculous both colours are royal colours…some people just have to have something to say no matter which end it come out of….still a ball of hot air…talkin shit!