O.C. Register: Trevor Ariza hates milk. Never drank it as a child outside of what he poured on his breakfast cereal.

His mother tried to get him to drink more milk. He said he stayed away from it because he just doesn’t like the taste.

Ariza’s milk story is a cautionary tale. His lack of calcium, doctors have told him, led to a Vitamin D deficiency and ultimately to weak bones. It’s a key reason behind his fractured foot he suffered last season.

“The fourth metatarsal wasn’t as strong as it should have been,” Ariza said. “The doctors told me I had a bone deficiency, so I had to get my vitamin D up. I’ve been drinking a lot more milk. Still don’t like it though.”

Ariza is attempting to beef up his minutes this season after an injury-plagued year in 2007-08