Glen Taylor came on with XFAN’s Chad Hartman and discussed the future of KG. You can download the entire interview here (right click, save-as) or just stream it below the post.

He claims that KG and him talk every year, he keeps KG in the loop. Taylor claims “it never got to a point where it was a yes or no,” but there was serious talks.

Taylor also says, “there was no third team involved.” And most of the deals brought to them included at least two other teams. He also says, KG never said anything to “stop” a trade as some media reports speculated. Give it a listen…

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  • LD2k

    The interview seems to cut off from their download link, but nonetheless, we still get a chunk of it (5 minutes or so).

  • LD2k


    Watch it, t’s the ONLY download link posted by their website. I can’t do anything about it and obviously if I could post the entire interview, I would.

    Watch your mouth, and attitude.

  • One35

    It really does sound like Glen is ready to trade KG. he wants KG to really realize that the Wolves are gonna be a bunch of bitches for a while and he wants KG to know that.

  • jojo

    face it my fellow laker fans, I think we’re better off getting J.O. rather than KG. this whole mess about KG coming to the lakers has strung out way to long. think about it, if KG really wanted to come to the lakers, he would have said something a long time ago. thats my 2 cents.




  • Cyrus

    I listened to Taylor’s interview from the start to the end and here is my take:

    Kevin Garnett is on the block and the owner is shopping him.Period

    1-For the past 2-3 days, Glen Taylor has been going on the media tour, starting with TwinCities publication, than Startribune and now his radio interview, Why? He wants to revive KG trade talks. McHale has scared off teams like Lakers and Warriors with his bitchy attitude while Taylor was out on his honeymoon. Clearly, he wants to repair the image created by McHale and trade KG this summer.

    2-When asked about the trade-Kicker (15%-close to $7-mil), he said the trade-kicker will be considerably less (how? I don’t know)

    3-When asked about Boston deal, he confirms the talks and the seriousness of it. Now, this is the most important statement by Glen Taylor (para phrase):”…I think it would have been easier if a third team would have been involved…” A third team? is he suggesting the same rumors that has been the talk of the blog-sphere?

    4-Another important statement (para phrase):”…most of the other deals brought to us included at least 2 other teams…I guess, you just don’t know for sure how close you’re unless I would talk to the owners or whoever is the decision maker,…we never got to that point..”

    5-When asked about Free Agency, he said they need to do trades first, at least one, before they go to the market for FA. He was asked if we are going to see “major” trades (KG), he said we just don’t know….

    Bottom line: Glen Taylor is a smart businessman and he knows he has to shop Garnett this summer, there are no viable alternatives. In Taylor’s absence, McHale turned off other teams with his miserable attitude. Taylor has been going on an unprecedented media tour just to let all other teams know that he’s back in the driver seat and he wants to trade Garnett. PERIOD

  • tj

    KG will be a Laker…

  • louiskim

    all i can say is KG is still in minny , J.O. is still in Indy .. we just have to be patient. Just be Glad they are still there and not in another uniform , all we have to pray for now is that the Warriors get impatient waiting for KG and trade there commodities , hopefully with the bulls so that the Lakers will be the only team on the market that has assets that the Wolves or Pacers will have to settle for. ;] go lakeshow

  • Cyrus

    I believe, we wont see any KG trades until first week of August:

    August 3.
    is the earliest date that Javaris Crittenton (Lakers), could be traded.

    August 6.
    is the earliest date that Brandan Wright (Golden State) could be traded.

  • Big D

    Guys, for what it’s worth (which probably is not much), there is an interesting rumor floating around on Topbuzz. It seems two or three people with supposed friends of insiders see something serious going down around Aug. 3rd or perhaps before, depending on if it is to be Farmar or Critt.

    Note: I am just relaying what I found on another board, so if you want the full details, read them at

    I’ll try to cut and paste the relevant parts of the rumor. The reason I don’t really buy it is mostly because the guy that started it says Lakers will fire ANYONE that leaks the information out…so why leak it and take a chance even though no names are being named. After all, they could threaten to fire a bunch of people unless someone came forward.

    Nevertheless, I believe this works out financially and it would indeed meet the Wolves’ requirements for young players and expiring contracts.

    I’m not sure if my source in the front office is putting me on or it’s true because he knows that I don’t want to acquire Garnett at his price tag. The Lakers wil trade Bynum, Brown, Vlad, Farmer, Turiaf, 2008 and 2009 first round draft picks and 3 million cash. The Lakers will get Garnett and craig smith. He said the Lakers will make it top priority to sign mihm and and go after Webber. Mihm, Garnett, Odom, Kobe, Fisher would be are starters. I just think that is way to much to give up for Garnett. Bynum, Turiaf and Farmer are our future in addition to that we lose Vlad and Brown and 2 first rounders. He said the Lakers feel with Garnett, Odom and Kobe together and supporting players in Mihm, Webber (if we are lucky), Walton, Evans, Fisher and crittendon we still have a strong supporting cast. I think it’s going to blow up in our face. It’s a bad trade all around.

    The person says later that Odom is not included because of the amount of $ he will make over the next two years and that is why they wanted Radmo instead.

    This guy also later said that thw Wolves may ask for Critt over Farmar.

    He was also unclear if the first round picks would be 2008 and 2009 or 2008 and 2010 because of some rule against consecutive first rounders, but he indicated there is a legal way around that.

    He also said something along the lines of the Lakers overpaying for this, which I tend to agree with somewhat but I am not sold on:
    It’s not a good trade. We would give up all our young talent and future first round draft picks. Minny comes out looking better. When bynum becomes and allstar and Turiaf and Farmer are solid players. You know that Minny will end up trading mihm at the deadline to a team that is looking for an expiring contract.

    Now on our post-trade ten player roster:
    …This trade would leave us with 10 contract players, so we would have to sign Mihm and get a second big men. Apparently the Lakers are working on that behind clossed doors.

    He then is gone for a few days, comes back to defend himself by saying if the rumor is false, he would leave the borad and he says again it is a bad trade and he doesn’t understand why Buss would pay probably around $20 million in luxury tax, etc. to bring him in.

    Next, as reported by Darkice last night, someone else had this to say:
    For what its worth, I am going to make the following comment here…

    Back when we were about to trade for Jason Kidd, the deal was done – my ‘friend’ in the Lakers office told me about it early – when they were working on it – and when the deal was agreed to by both sides. Then the Nets pulled out at the last second. The point here is that my friend was right.

    There is not a chance in Hell I will reveal who my friend is or anything. I am a Lakers fan for life, have been since the Magic Man and ‘Silk’

    Anyway, I wanted to post here regarding KG after reading this thread and seeing the back and forth. A deal is not done until the docs are signed and the press conference is over. But I have heard the same thing… that KG is indeed coming to town – I wanted to post this to backup naboraragon – but who knows his ‘friend’ could be fooling him – and like I said – a deal isnt done until the docs are signed.

    With that being said, at this point today, the plan is that KG is coming to town and both Minny and LA have agreed on the deal, KG is in, Kobe is in.

    Lets just keep our fingers crossed and hope no one changes their mind at the last minute like the Nets did – The Nets things actually did a lot more damage than we all realize… damage to the Nets that is…

    And thank GOD for Kobe, thank you for having that huge a*s ego, thank you for being so aggressive, thank you for being so arrogant… the great one always are – Because if Kobe didnt do what he did, we would NOT be ‘going for KG or bust’ – we would have had the same basic roster.

    anyway, fingers crossed and cant wait (and hope) for this deal to happen

    He also ends with a final interesting quote:
    Well I quess you will here from again. I leave today at noon. I didn’t plan of getting back on, but had a little extra time. Almost every trade rumor I heard in the last two years has not happened with the Lakers. You can be talking rumors on this site, Haley’s comets on Fox sports, Steven A Smith and all the others on what the Lakers were going to do or what will happen in the trade market. So when it comes to Lakers and trades, nothing has really happened this last two years, yet everybody is talking about what will happen. Maybe this site should outlaw any trade rumors period because last I checked the Lakers haven’t done any trades that were mentioned before hand. So if the Lakers do get KG, which I hope they don’t then I quess I will be the talk of the town. If they don’t I will fade away until the season starts and will be back when this young team does incredible things. Then I can say I told you so. Since I one of the only ones that doesn’t want this trade to go down. I feel we are better with this team then trading half of our team for KG.

    Again, there are a lot of other interesting comments on the thread, so go check it out if you have about an hour or so to kill:

    In any case if this trade did go down, it would be a huge risk on the part of the Lakers, but they have indeed shown in the past that they are willing to take huge risks to reap huge potential rewards. But, if they don’t get KG, we should be at least a 2nd rounder this year with some much better trading material at the end of next year.

    Guess only time will tell…

  • Adam

    Im praying that everything goes well and this deal goes down on August 3rd but i hate to see the young point guard Jarvis C. leave he had so much potential, but we need Garnett now! Minny gets a bomb ass deal including gerald green, bynum, Jarvis C, Kwame Brown, and Theo Ratlif. Boston gets lamar Odem, and maybe another expiring contract while the Lakers get KG, and another big man maybe Mark Blount.

  • Faith


  • KBisDarthVader

    i heard we are going to trade bynum, farmar, crit, cook, vlad, brown, evans, luke, turiaf, sasha, and sign and trade mckie for garnett and a box of powerbars.


    Getting rid of Odom, Bynum and JC is going to happen in order for us to get an allstar but this is REALLY going to bite us in the ASS sooner or later. It’s like selling your house in Southern California early into the housing market boom and realizing that if you would of waited 1 1/2 years longer you could of gotten tripple of what you sold it for.

  • KBisDarthVader

    [quote comment=”8522″]Getting rid of Odom, Bynum and JC is going to happen in order for us to get an allstar but this is REALLY going to bite us in the ASS sooner or later. It’s like selling your house in Southern California early into the housing market boom and realizing that if you would of waited 1 1/2 years longer you could of gotten tripple of what you sold it for.[/quote]
    except you left our the most important part of the analogy…its like selling your house in cali early in the boom and moving to title-town for the next 5 years…i can dig it. after all, money isn’t everything


    not that i like the trade, but hey, odom, kg and kb has a better shot at a title now than crit, bynum, and turiaf in 6 or 7 years

  • kb2481

    get rid of kwame vlad bymun farmar for kg

    and give cook shash and next years pick for artest



  • kb2481

    sign marc gasol and that other dude so u can have 12 players

  • Mr.47

    All these rumors are going to make my head explode. Yet it’s the only damn reason I’m here everyday.

  • Ed24

    I’m seriously confused with everything that’s going on. All I know is that KG will be a Laker and that we need to get him without giving up Java AND/OR Turiaf. Turiaf is the heart and soul of the team. Before you guys go crazy and think that I’m crazy let me explain myself. I am on my High School Varsity Basketball team. I am a senior and this is my last year on the team. Do you know how important it is for a team to have someone with the personality of Turiaf on the team? He makes you feel good about yourself when you’re playing and if you mess up he is always there to cheer you up. Turiaf is my second favorite player on the Lakers behind the greatest player in NBA history, KOBE. Also, LAST I CHECKED TURIAF IS NOT THAT BAD OF A PLAYER AND HE WILL ALWAYS BRING HIS “A” GAME WHEN HE STEPS ON THE COURT. DON’T TRADE JAVA AND DON’T TRADE TURIAF.

  • kb2481

    or or sign biby and give kwame biby jordan f and bymun for kg

    lol i dont think that will work

    or sign steve francis and give him to miny

  • Adam

    Trade Odom, and critt now because remember they arent the stars on the team Kobe is and we have to make him happy. Kobe pretty much left lakers management a ultimatum “do something and do it now”. And i know ur probably thinking even if we dont go through with this trade Kobe isnt going anywhere, but its better to have a happy superstar then one with frustration playing through 82 games or beyond.

  • Adam

    Steve francis is signed to the rockets and the only chance we have to get KG is through Jarvis Critt which hurts alot but it has to get done

  • Ira

    I heard through the grape vine from Magic Johnson who was visiting at Fox yesterday that the Lakers where very close to getting Garnett but Boston messed it up as everyone knows…but when asked about a future move to get Garnett, Magic insinuated that the Lakers “will probably keep the same team.” He also said that Kobe is not going anywhere.

    Just reporting what I heard from a friend who works there, take it as you may.

    I still hope the Lakers will make a move on Garnett or J.O.!!!

  • Ed24

    Hey it’s past 3:01, has Fisher SIGNED a contract yet? Someone please let me know.

  • TheFaze

    [quote comment=”8526″]All these rumors are going to make my head explode. Yet it’s the only damn reason I’m here everyday.[/quote]

    hahaha… join the club, buddy. :P

  • Edgar

    on the la times website they announced that we will sign fisher and there will be a press conference tomorrow at 11 am and that we have resigned chris mihm

  • J-Cool

    He Will Sign Tomorrow.

  • dosage
  • chunchun

    vote 4 kobe 2morrow on espn whos now
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  • KBisDarthVader

    [quote comment=”8537″]vote 4 kobe 2morrow on espn whos now
    vote4 kobe 2morrow on espn whos now
    vote 4 kobe 2morrow on espn whos now
    vote 4 kobe 2morrow on espn whos now
    vote 4 kobe 2morrow on espn whos now[/quote]
    the last think kobe needs is more boost to his ego. F*&^ “whos now”, F*&$ ESPN, and Fu&* an MVP award…we want titles!

  • lakerfan81

    Lakers re-sign center Chris Mihm
    The Lakers have re-signed center Chris Mihm, but terms have not been disclosed.

    Mihm, 28, didn’t play last season after undergoing reconstructive ankle surgery last November.

    He averaged a career-best 10.2 points and 6.3 rebounds in 2005-2006.

    The Lakers now have 14 players under contract. The league maximum is 15 players.,1,5518013.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-nba-lakers&ctrack=1&cset=true

  • Ed24

    Chunchun tell everyone you know to vote for Kobe and I’ll do the same. Go to every site possible and tell them to vote for Kobe.

  • Brett

    YAY! Go you, ya you, wheeeeeee!!

  • kobe24garnett21

    hit me up on there or add to give support