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Glen Rice knows Kobe Bryant. In fact, he won a title with Kobe and the Lakers in 2000. Rice had high praise for his former teammate when asked about his thoughts about MJ/LeBron comparisons.

“There’s no way. Michael Jordan’s the best player ever, come on. LeBron’s a great player, I’m not trying to take anything from him. But you talk about someone who had the will to not only take over a game, but to bring his teammates up to another level? Michael Jordan, hand’s down. It’s not even close. And if there is someone close, it’s not LeBron, it would be Kobe Bryant.”

What are your thoughts on this highly debated subject?

  • Arshdeep Bains

    Glen Rice knows what’s up

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  • Giuliano

    Thumbs up!

  • Complexphenom

    the truth.

  • Jayr_dayao

    Way to go Glen, every player knows whose the real deal

    That’s reality Kobe Haters

  • miles23

    da real deal!

  • laffsatu

    is that why bryant hates his new coach?got swept bye dallas?

    • Anonymous

      laffing at you moron….so true and kobe doesnt hate the new coach….get rid of this TMZ Lakernation….Kobe is the closest thing to Jordan. 

  • xtro

    only kings have rings: kobe.

  • Jamma

    Stop comparing Lebron to Jordan or Kobe because even with a ring he’s not like them. Kobe and Jordan are clearly the best players on their team. Lebron gets outclassed by Wade all the time. He’s not a leader like Jordan or Kobe, doesn’t have the same will, rings, or halfcourt offense. Kobe is the best player and is next for the greatest ever. Lebron isn’t

  • Vivek Reddy

    Clearly Lebron is no Jordan or Kobe. No one of his caliber would choke the way he has during 4th quarters in the most important series of his life. Sorry all Kobe fans, but Dirk now has the mantle for best current clutch player.

    Maybe the Rashard rumors have some truth and might be the reason for why Lebron’s playing poorly.

  • Scott Asai

    Props to Glen Rice. LeBron is a great athlete, but he doesn’t have the work ethic or will that Kobe has on him. Watch LeBron deteriorate as he gets older. Kobe, on the other hand, has too many moves and brains and will in the Top 10 league-wise for the next 3 years.

  • Blank

    Kobe fans are funny. They magically like anybody who says Kobe is better than ‘NAME.’ 

    How about we stop comparing every single NBA player to MJ? How about Kobe is Kobe and not the next MJ. LeBron is the next LeBron. Every player is different. It’s annoying how every player has to be compared to Michael. 

    • Kevin

      I call it The Jordan Curse

  • SIV25

    @ blank kobe fans are not funny they are speaking the truth you prolly forget how good kobe bryant was when he was young he can do it all stats don’t show it but when you watch the game in big moments youll see what i’m talking about just because kobe is getting old this year doesnt mean lebron is a better player that him hell no he got along way to go before someone can even compare him to kobe bryant period

  • SIV25

    yea Kobe is Kobe Bryant #24 he just want to be the best that he can be but its kinda true Kobe Bryant is the only player that can be compare to MJ but lebron? that a joke period. Lebron not even close to even compare to Kobe Bryant and that a rap

  • Jayr_dayao

    all of the people got blinded because of the stats Lebron are putting up, they think that if you’re averaging 25+ points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists you’re the best player in the NBA

    lebron has no killer instinct, he chokes all the time

    he have no right to be compared to MJ and Kobe

  • laffsatu

    since when is a stats whore considered a leader?you really bring the greatness of jordan way down when mamba is compared.

    • Anonymous

      you must be a lebron fan right? your hero looks anything but great right now in the place where greatness is made Kobe and Jordan have done this.

    • Anonymous

      POOR BRON BRON……. Different team… SAME results!!!! Look in the
      mirror, ohhh invisable men can’t see a reflection. You tail off in every
      game four. Glad you took your talents to South Beeoch! I hope they’re
      happy paying you about a cool mill per fourth quarter point, live it up
      and have Gloria smack another valet while she’s drunk.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t ask LeBron for change for a dollar.

      He’ll only give you three quarters. LOL.

  • Droberts24

    100% agree!  lebron hasn’t done anything except for make people hate him, kobe has 5 rings and 7 trips to the finals, he has an 81 point game!

  • rondo

    Lebron leaving Cleveland was one of the most stupid things i ever seen in my life!

  • Lkrs21

    Glen rice so right? just look @ it this way guys, jordan ring 6, kobe ring 5.. and fail ass lebron 0 !

  • JC

    Right on G-Rice! Tell it like it IS Brotha…

  • Lakers24no108mvp

    For all you Lebron fans, WITNESS this, than compare! Both JORDAN & KOBE on their first trips to the FINALS came out victorious, they both 3peated, they both win RINGS in multiples, they both were loyal and played for one team, when people talk about #23 JORDAN’S name comes up not JAMES, what comes after 23, #24- KOBE BRYANT not to mention he made the #8 famous also. JORDAN is JORDAN and KOBE is KOBE, they both one GOLD MEDALS at there 1st OLYMPIC games, not
    LE-BRONZE, these two great players no when to step up in big games and in fourth quarters, cause the score that matters the most is at the end of the fourth, not the first 3, so I guess this sums it up on who are the real KINGS with RINGS cause the only thing everybody has WITNESSED is the he is the