During the long, Laker-less summer months, we try to do as many free giveaways for you guys as we can. For this one, we have teamed up with Perfumania, the exclusive retailer for Unbreakable, to give away an autographed bottle of Lamar and Khloe’s Unbreakable fragrance!

The bottle has been signed by both Lamar and Khloe, and if you haven’t noticed, it’s been flying off the shelves! It takes less than 30 seconds to enter! All you have to do is…

Like Perfumania on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter:

Yep, it’s really that simple!

Later this week, one lucky Facebook or Twitter follower will be picked as the winner. Stay tuned and good luck!

  • steve

    you can shove a bottel of unbreakable up your ass

    • Steve is a loser


  • junglecat

    For real!!! I am  a fan of Lamar and Khloe and therefore, tend to follow how they are doing on and off the courts routinely. Their fragrance, Unbreakable has indeed been flying off the shelves like crazy; since its release in February, it has SOLD OUT at least three times!!! Congrats to the Odoms on the amazing success of their fragrance. Just make sure you stay in shape Lamar, and I am counting on you girl, Mrs Odom to make sure our  guy delivers the basket ball goods as needed as well. Hee, heeeee……Peace.

  • sam30

    The Lakers players need to do less starring in TV shows, less releasing of fragrances, less releasing of rap records, and more focusing on basketball. The hunger that got them their last two titles seems to have been replaced by other enterprises…

  • Anonymous

    Eau de Odom?

  • Wonderfulkat

    Sign me up for foofoo juice.

  • Gwray26

    I tried to buy some unbreakable from Perfumania, and the page is empty. Kim has a bunch of stuff on her page. I was going to buy some LO. Enjoy your summer Lakers, you guys need the rest. Going to the Finals 7 out of 10 years has to be draining. Go Lakers