A risky move, huge contract, but is a big time shot maker.

NBA: If I were the Lakers, I’d go for LeBron or Bosh. But if Kobe did not want that kind of ego and personality around, Arenas may make sense. He is from L.A., he’s been a huge scorer in the league at point guard and really is more a tweener guard, which fits Phil Jackson’s two guard front in the triangle. Jackson’s never needed a classic, true point guard. Just to get rid of Arenas and his money, you figure the Wizards would take some combination of Sasha Vujacic and Luke Walton and a sign-and-trade for someone else, maybe even Lamar Odom.

  • lakerfan2010

    Stupid idea fail more.

    • More Cookies 4 Kob

      Worst idea yet.

  • lakerfan2010

    Why would they take Sasha and Luke? No team is that stupid.. post stuff that makes sense next time.

  • domz

    Let’s just hope the Wiz voids Gilbert’s contract then lure him to come home.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1460601006&ref=profile OaklandLakers

    TLN where do you draw the line when putting articles about adding a $17.7 mill in 2010-11 and $19.2 million dollar man in 11-12 to this roster. Can we agree that Hinrich @ $9 Mill in 10-11 & $8 Mill is a long shot and that we should stop there. It’s fun to imagine but please take into consideration the numbers.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1460601006&ref=profile OaklandLakers

      Please lets encourage intelligent basketball talk here. I do alot more readin on here than writin but I see to many people playin fantasy laker basketball which I do myself to a certain extent but believe me I try to keep things in perspective. i guess theres different approaches to runnin the site in the off season but random heads like Sam Smith sayin Arenas is not news worthy.

      • jonb

        I couldn’t have said it better.

  • http://lakersnation.com KOBE THA MVP 10′

    we can pay hinrich for less although agent 0 is a g

  • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

    I didn’t mind reading it this article but when I read that they would include Lamar in a sign-and-trade… no thanks Washington, we’re good.

    • SamV

      lol that’s what i’m saying

  • Mamba4Life

    Arenas would really be good.. but trading Odom don’t make any sense.. just screwing with team.. if Wizards want to make a sweet deal like they did with Cavs, I’m open to deal.

  • Coco

    Arenas and Crittenton, again?!



  • anon

    I’ll take gilbert over vujabrick and fluke any day

    • 09champs!

      That vujabrick guy you´re talking about earned every bit of his salary with those last two free throws of game 7 to push the lead to 4 and seal the victory and championship for LA.
      I cant believe we´ve won the last two years with a group of players that are working and some called “fans” just keep hating on them. GEEZ!

      • bigdeal88

        seriously brother…IT AIN’T BROKE!

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    how does this even make sense financially???… no way this happens… i like GA but only way this happens is if wiz void his contract and we get him for MLE… other than that… we have a better chance of getting wall from the wiz than GA…

  • trippleocho

    HELL NO..

    • jonb

      haha i COMPLETELY AGREE.

  • Mr.Laker

    Am I the only person who LOVES this trade?? Gilbert is perfect for our offense. He is big for a point guard, plays solid defense, great shooter, great individual scorer, AND makes plays. He is a double double threat every night, imagine what he can do taking open shots! Lets face it, Fisher’s minutes have to be reduced and we need a starting pg. Id LOVE this move.

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      i love GA foo but you’re talking about adding salary just about the same as whay pau gasol is making… in other words… wake up!!… this is a pipe dream…

  • darnell

    Get real!!! We all know Odom is so inconsistent. That trade wouldn’t be bad. Areanas can put some points up and would help Kobe and Pau.


    Since we are dreaming then here are some dreams….
    1- Trade shannon brown for Dwight howard and instead of giving money, the magic will take future draft picks.
    2- Sign and trade Luke for Boozer.
    3- Convince Boston to tear up Rondo’s contract and sign Smush.
    Seriously though, a little more effort TLN in keeping the dreams out and more do-able trade talks in.

    • xxv112002

      Hey I had the same dream last night! lol

  • rudy t.

    wow. relax, guys. this part’s pretty exciting because from now until we get final word from mitch and the lakers themselves, all we’ll be hearing are rumors and speculation.
    THIS IS FUN, SO JUST RIDE THIS WAVE. just thinking about the possibility of having agent zero on board gives me little girl giggles.
    now, we all know this is financially reckless and improbable to say the very least, but the fact of the matter is it’s just a rumor and just another awesome pipe dream to spend 10minutes thinking about.
    FINAL WORD: we will have an awesome line up by tip off in october and we’ll be equipped to, at the very least, competitively go for our 3peat.
    regardless of who we sign/let go off, our team will be friggin awesome. why? because in mitch i trust. :)
    mabuhay, everybody. :)

  • xtro

    hell no.

  • 09champs!

    did they mention LO ? sorry, no thank you.

    I´d rather have LO AND T-Mac coming off the bench along with Pau or a healthy Drew. That would be something special.

  • lakeb


  • http://www.kaley-cuoco.info Jack / Kaley-Cuoco.info

    Wow. Whoever came up with this idea has no basketball knowledge whatsoever. Gilbert Arenas for maybe Lamar Odom? I’d keep Odom any day. There’s a reason why Arenas has never advanced in playoffs. He plays like a ball hog. He becomes ineffective when he doesn’t have the ball. He is like a younger, slower version of allen iverson.

  • Mr.Laker

    Let me make it clear… I would NOT make this trade if LO was involved. But if we could some how get rid of Sasha and Luke for him and maybe a draft pick, I would certainly do it! And dont say it isnt possible because its exactly like what we did for Pau! Why not do it if its possible????

    • Mr.Laker

      This is the trade I would do, its unlikely but after Pau who knows, like KG said “ANYTHINGS POSSSIIIBBBLLLEE” lol

      Sasha, Luke, future first rd pick, for Gilbert

  • http://www.myspace.com/on3s3qu3nc3 123kid

    though he is the type of pg that phil would like to have, it wont happen, nor would i want it to happen. we cant give up a key bench player and try and fix the starting 5 when it isnt needed. we’ve done a goodjob in the past to find key players that are great players that no team realizes that they are good (ex. ariza, ronny, and evans) for cheap. we dont need a star player, we just need a bunch of good role players.

  • LakersFirst

    I think the author of this article is smoking heavy drugs. Gilbert Arenas is a cancer.

  • rondo

    Some Lakers fans are like pigs (They are never satisfied) People we won the Championship.

    • lakerman1

      The pigs you are talking about are cry baby whiners who look for excuses to diss the team. I am still in the we just kicked Boston’s butt mode. Memories like this should not diasappear so soon before people start making ridiculous trade scenarios and make predictions on who stays and who goes. The fan & media society has become absurdly ridiculous with this kind of stuff. Sure the next 3 months will be like a crack withdrawal but you just have to deal with it. Right now we should be rejoicing. I know this statement will be discarded like asswipes but someone has to say it.

      • bigdeal88

        Right on…the only exit we know for sure is Jordan Farmar. He essentially said so in his exit interview. The other FA’s? We don’t know yet, and probably won’t until after the initial flurry of activity on July 1st. I could see Mitch pulling some slick deal in the background while the entire media is caught up in the circus of the major FA feeding frenzy.

  • Joseph


  • TheLAKERSwon09

    I don’t like this

  • ChampTony69

    Phil Jackson loves Luke Walton and any fan that wants to trade him does not understand the Laker offense. Luke knows more about facilitating the triangle than almost anyone else on the team. He works very hard and is a solid defender off the bench, plus he can run the offense when Odom and Kobe and Fish are not on the floor. This season his impact was minimal because of injury, but watch next season and he was a great contributor in 2008. Vujacic, Farmar, Adam Morrison, and possibly Brown are gone this summer because they are all free-agents and have various issues. The team likes Powell so that really leaves only Mbenga for trade bait. The Lakers have to draft a PG, resign Fish, and hope that Crittenton matures and plays well in Summer League. I wouldn’t expect the Lakers to get anyone big in the free agent market because the top 7 (starting 5 plus Odom and Artest) are stable contract-wise. Because of the salary cap issues the team has they have to lower payroll and the only way to do that is by re-working the bench plus offering PJ a pay cut. I could see Vujacic and Brown staying, but both will have to settle for less money than they want. I can almost guarantee that Farmar is gone because he wants more money and he wants to start and Phil Jackson is never going to start him. Everyone keep dreaming about Bosh because the only way that happens is if the Lakers give up Odom, Vujacic, and Artest plus draft picks and cash and the Lakers just don’t have the desire to part with core players, and they don’t have the cash to spend in that manner. People, get real. This Laker team is very good, already has won 2 and can win several more championships as is, regardless of what the rest of the league does this summer. This season was supposed to change the balance of power in the West and once again the Lakers finished with the best record in the conference. The only “need” is to get the bench payroll back in order and there are plenty of options for the Lakers to do that.

    • bigdeal88

      What would change the balance of power in the west is if Lebron comes west, and/or DWade.

  • gameplan

    all laker fans! you sick!

  • drive-for-16th


  • DCLakeshow

    I luv D Fish and I hope he returns next season…BUT, let’s be honest…Kobe is the real point guard on this team (as far as setting up the offense). EVERYTHING runs through him. If Farmar and Sasha would have hit their OPEN shots, this wouldn’t even be a discussion, nor would we have had to drag the Boston series out for 7 games. We would have wrapped it up in 5. I live in DC, have gone to many Lakers Wizards games, and can tell you…Gilbert would be MONEY as the point/OPEN guard position for the Lakers. Get rid of Farmar, Sasha, and Lamar. Bring back R. Turiaf (yes…he’s available) and NO NO NO…you can not let Luuuuuuke go. He should be a Laker for life. He doesn’t shoot the ball anymore, but he understands the offense better than any other player on the bench and contributes in more than one way. All I know is, out team is not getting any younger, and if we want to 3peat, then our bench is going to have to play a significant role, and not let our starters burn themselves out.

    • jaydubb415

      So who would you take first ”’gilbert arenas or ray allen”?

  • Odom the worst player

    How about trading Odumb. This guy has had several years to come through in the clutch and has not. Odumb is like nba refs, no matter how bad he plays , or how inconsistent he is, people on this site loves this guy. Now let Kobe have a few bad games and all these odom lovers start to criticize him, but if odom goes through the entire playoffs against boston twice and makes no significant impact it’s ok. I personally like Luke. at least luke tries. all odom does is ride on the coattail of everyone else on the team. Wake up odom lovers.

    • jonb

      if we didn’t have odom we WOULDDN’T have won 2 straight titles. Don’t u know that he is our big time insurance for when drew gets hurt, he eventually has and does.

      • Odom the worst player

        Are you smoking crack? Name a series in the playoffs when he had a solid contribution. Just because you love this guy doesn’t make him a good player. There are plenty of players who could have helped us win those titles. This odumb guy just stands around with his hands in the air on defense and shoots up brick after brick on offense. He never comes through when the Lakers need him most. Gasol came through Fisher came through Bynum came through, Artest came through, even some of the bench came through, and it doesn’t have to be said Kobe came through. When Odom first came to the Lakers people said he was the next Scottie Pippen. Well this guy is no where near the great Scottie. The Lakers should have kept Ariza instead of this idiot. Open your eyes. Just because you love the guy doesn’t make him a good player.

        • jonb

          whoever said i love odom? of course he’s inconsistent and frustrating at times but his passing/pg skills and rebounding ability are crucial to the team. He’s just a good fit, ariza was great but undersized, he can’t play the 4. Who else did u want to play PF, powell? There’s no reason to complain, we won the championship sir. Mitch is smart, i’m sure if it’s for a big name like lebron he’ll consider a trade but to target odom only is absurd. Luke can’t even stay healthy for example.

          • Odom the worst player

            No it’s not absurd, odom can’t play. yes we won the title , but it wasn’t because of odumb. There are a nu,mber of guys who are better than this guy. Rudy Gay, and ariza was not undersize, he was clearly better than odom I don’t care what you say. Again we won the title but it wasn’t because of this idiot

          • Odom the worst player

            One more thing you just said Luke can’t stay healthy, well we just won the title to attack Luke is absurd

          • http://nba jonathanj

            that is a good trade lakers will get him

        • Wes Lee

          I whole heartedly agree with you. Do we ALWAYS need to call him the “x” factor time and again??? Everyone says he got the skills and the talent to become one of the best forwards in the league. He doesnt show up…he stands around a lot and watches. I have seen so many times where he left his man tried to help out by double teaming but forgets where he is and blows an assignment at critical times. Yes, he does come up with some big offensive boards and put backs but where is the consistency? He jacks up crazy 3’s looking for the big score but how often does that happen. Even when he is being interviewed he looks all over the place and cant seem to focus on jack. We need someone like a Milsap. Trade Odom and get Arenas or a defensive minded forward.

          • bostonSUCKS88

            you guys need to re-watch the 3rd quarter of game 7. LO and pau were the reasons we got back into the game. dont belive me, then watch it again. LO made huge plays to get us back in the game

  • batman

    i think gilbert would be good he can come in and score wen kobe needs a break but i also think chriss bosh would be smarter will andrew b. always getting hurt he would be really good!!!

  • Sir2L8

    I say if not hinrich go for Mike Miller he can shoot better than the machine but i would say that their pretty equal on d..

  • Deemeezee

    We do not need a shooting guard, we need a quick passing guard that can break down defenses. Gilbert is an awesome player, and when he is playing his best, he is one of the elite. But with Fisher’s age and eventual retirement and Farmar’s inconsistency, we need a point guard who passes and is quick

  • La East

    Why in the world would we want a bum like paul peirce for the best player on the planet? smarten up. he can play for the clippers for all i care

  • LA-Gilbert

    Gilbert Arenas 60pts vs. Lakers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm2XO28YRYU

  • keepon_keepinon18

    I wouldn’t want to see players like Gilbert Arenas (a #1 option) and T-Mac (once and still looking to be a #1 option) with the Lakers. It has been definitely decided that the Laker core will consist of Kobe, Pau, Ron, and Lamar. Sticking any scoring options between there will only affect team chemistry (negatively).

    All the Lakers need to focus on in the summer is resigning their role players and picking up any veteran role players that come cheap (possibly enticed by the thought of a Championship). The strategy has got to be like what Boston (yuck) did two years ago… going after the old guys who could lock it down in very meaningful stretches in the Playoffs.


    That is a big fat NOOOOO!!!!!

  • Lakeshow lovr

    Well I kinda would agree with this trade even if we have to give up L.O (which I would hate to see) Arenas has proven to be a great shooter and be able to play big minutes and be a great contribuitor in tough situations. We also need a fresh pair of legs if we Fish to come off the bench or need a replacement… But if I was mitch i wouldn’t want L.O to go, but if it means this could help us more then I would do this.

  • bigdeal88

    All this mental masturbation is useless until we know if Phil is going to return. If he retires then the triangle may well be retired with him. We can’t retool until we know what system the team will be playing under.

  • Jordanaire

    As non-sensical as this article may be, it sure did its job by getting everyone to post their thoughts and comments. And if financials didn’t come into play, this still wouldn’t be a good idea for the simple fact that Agent Zero is a shoot first, pass maybe PG who needs Kobe type touches to be truly effective. I agree with the other folks who said…”if it ain’t broke…”

  • iiTzDanny

    Gilbert? AND Javaris? naw man i rather get T-Mac and Devin Harris OR CP3, cuz we need a PG but Gilbert makes us look deperate!

  • DCLakeShow

    You can’t live by logic of, “if it ain’t broke, no need to fix it.” Understand, that each year a team finishes top of their division (which we have now for the last 3 years), teams gear up and make moves that THEY BELIEVE will tip the scale. The verdict is out on L.O. He’s an above average player, vs average teams. HOWEVER, versus the elite teams of the NBA, he’s a NO SHOW, and is comfortable being that. Like I said earlier, I would go out and get R. Turiaf (who could certainly provide if not more, but as much intensity to the defense/rebounding dept. that L.O does). Again…vs the elite teams, L.O doesn’t bring anything to the offense. If you can work a deal to trade L.O and Sasha/A Morrison to Washington for Gilbert…I would do so. So possibly coming off the bench, you have D Fish, Raja Bell, and R. Turiaf. Can you say…defense wins Championships??!!!

  • AP

    Highly unlikely

    my dedication to lakers fam

  • http://nba jonathanj

    get arenas