arenas.jpgGilbert’s Blog: During vaction, mostly I just relaxed. I read a little bit, you know, hung out by the beach and then I came back to the states and I was like, “Damn, everyone’s getting traded!” I was on a trade rumor, a trade of me for Kobe and I was like, “Woah, what’s going on? I’m being traded?!”

I guess he really wants out of L.A., huh? Are the L.A. fans happy about this? It’s basically “he said, she said,” and you’re going to leave a city that embraced you because of “he said, she said”? I mean, I just think it’s a bunch of hocus pocus.

I mean, Shaq leaves, Phil Jackson leaves and now you want out? You know, I grew up an L.A. fan and as a fan of L.A. I don’t know what to feel like. I’m like, “Now wait a minute, you want to leave now?” I’m thinking as a fan, not a player. Wait a minute, I bought the 24 collection, you know? He signed 24 jerseys: 24 white, 24 purple, 24 yellow. I got all three colors. I’m a fan! I came back and it’s like, “Damn, he wants to leave no matter what?”

Any team he goes to, they’re going to have to get rid of a whole team to accommodate him. So he’s going to be most likely be in a worse situation than he was before. That’s how I look at it.

But with KG, I think it’s a great move to get into a bigger market. He’s been averaging 20 and 10 for the longest and people don’t recognize it like they should have.

  • ryguy2303

    Gilbert’s a smart man!


    I don’t like the Hibachi very much….but with his blog….he’s a very wise and rational guy.

  • http://getgarnett 1234

    gilbert is wannabe kobe, all he does is predict hat he will score 50 point game and doesn’t. Why the fuck does he even write bout kobe on his blog doesn’t he have something better 2 do.

  • http://getgarnett kobe44

    arenas is a wannabe kobe, all he does is predict that he will score a 50 point game and doesn’t. why the fuck is he even writing bout kobe on his blog doesn’t he have something better 2 do

  • http://getgarnett kobe44

    Gilbert suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • kgmvp

    We can´t take agent 0 cause u know if he comes to the lakers he won´t pass the ball to anyone.

  • Dynasty


  • kloa

    Where does Gilbert play? in the east right? he is a shooting guard,right?

    If Kobe leaves he will go to the east, where he’ll dominate, gilbert is afraid, plain and simple.

    The all star game will be harder for him to get in, he would face Kobe 4 times a season. Kobe and four x players would make it to the finals in the east.

    He’s not talking as a fan, he’s talking as a player, a player afraid of what would happen if Kobe was in the eastern conference. And is not just Gilbert, I bet not one team in the east wants Kobe there.

  • RoeBoat

    We were down in that 81pt game to the Raptors.In La I mind you.
    Kobe is passing the ball more but when your teammates dont make shots
    you tend not to have the confidence in the players around you.Now if we do trade Kobe we should get Agent 0.But only witha good solid big man.We have the control.La 4 life.

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  • K to the B

    Thanks for your analysis Gilbert. Now you can go back to being the 13th best player in the NBA

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  • daboss1848

    u know you’re speaking the truth when people react with venom.

    wow . . . Gil speaks the truth and you guys attack him and his game?

    doesn’t make any sense – what did he say that was wrong? (he says he’s speaking as a fan – and lots of fans agree with his take, including me, regardless of what we think of Gil as a player/person)

  • “Billy” Kupchak

    [quote comment=”5109″]NO ZERO – WE WONT HEROES!!![/quote]

    HAHAHAHA spanglish!?! HAHAHAHA

  • mj2kb

    ZERO suckssss! The guy doesnt even like kobe since kobe said he had no concious, but before that he praised kobe wanted to be like kobe and now hes sayin shit. He is a wannabe kobe with a real bad shooting %

  • louiskim

    no , it’s JUST a bunch of he said , she said…it’s been 3 years of he said she said…wouldnt you be tired if you got accused for breaking up a dynasty?
    whatever …and why is KG getting praised just because he hasn’t been as offensive and rude about his demand but didnt KG say months and months ago.. ” THANK GOD FOR OPT – OUTS ” ? yea..of course when it comes to kobe..of whom gilbert is jealous of….( gilbert got caught during the all-star game in vegas this year talking to vince during shoot-arounds ” watch how i cross kobe up ,” , to me . agent zero is dominique wilkins and kobe is mj …thank you

  • daboss1848

    c’mon people a little objectivity . . .

    KB did say Gil has no conscience, but clarified saying that he meant it in a good way (i.e., no pressure)

    In the blog, Gil points out that he has the KB jersey collection signed by KB (so how’s it that not liking KB)

  • mj2kb

    Gil been talkin about kobe sayin hell cross up kobe and the reason he got his nickname was after he scored 60 on the lakers. He supposedly calls himself hibachi the grill and since kobe is a type of meat or beef he decided to call himself taht and hatin on kobe. hey man the only reason he has all these collections (not just from kobe) is because he knows that when he retires and dont have no money left he could just sell all the stuff on ebay o somethin

  • MO6

    Look at this. Karl’s son to Lakers
    Coby Karl, son of Nuggets coach George Karl, signed a free-agent contract with the Los Angeles Lakers and will play on their summer league team. — Denver Post. Man just look at all these rumors

  • daboss1848

    Don’t we already have a better version of Coby Karl in Luke Walton?

  • Jimmy

    Say what you want about Gilbert, but he speaks as a LA fan. Shaq is gone and now Kobe wants out because he can’t take the heat? What about all that leadership talk?

    I’m a true Laker fan and believe in the franchise… I don’t believe in Kobe anymore. He’s a sellout to all LA fans.

  • kisofdeath

    i swear sometimes some of you kobe fans are groupies…omg he said this i hate him blah blah blah….ok the all-star thing with vc and the “get over here” who doesn’t trash talk? you just dropped 60 against the best player in the league who is a 5 time all-defensive first teamer, wouldnt you want some sort of praise. where in that blog can you show me hate. all i see is arenas wondering why would you do that which is basically the same shit that every true laker fan (not kobe fans) have been wondering and saying since may 30

    you dont drop 60 points on accident

  • unomas

    Yall are crazy, L.A. fas stuck with Kobe thru alot of shit-fought for his ass when when he snitched on shaq, he couldve helped keep shaq around but didnt, he had the rape trial yet we still applouded him and embrassed him thru tuff times-he owes us at least the chance to make somthing happen. Given that Lakers F.O. needs to honer him for comming back and give him a team and i don think were far from having one.


    Gilbert owns ok? the day i see you guys score 60 in a nba game with kobe gaurding is the day you can say gilbert sucks

  • Nikko

    Gilbert is the man, what you guys talkin about? if Kobe was an above avg player, he be out of town already. Look if Kobe still wants out, think of working out a 3 team deal with Kobe, Odom, Bynum in return for Garnett and Arenas. Kobe is better and I totally agree, but if he still wants to be a bitch about it.. Arenas and Garnett is pretty fockin exciting! An L.A boy taht would love to play here and a big fan of teh Lakers.

  • louiskim

    yea , funny because what happened in game 2? either way , gil discredits kobe because he voiced his opinion loud and clearly.. so have KG , Paul Pierce , VC , ..bsides…it’s not like this is new..this is old news …get outta here gil, everyone just see’s gil as wondering why….well the next time gil get’s blamed for breaking up the trio they have in D.C. by a washington ” INSIDER ” for 3 years and have everyone and therye mother complain about it’s his fault that the dynasty got broken and even still, suiting up for that same team for 3 years and the best thing we ever did for kobe was…. get projects like kwame , bynum , evans , shammond , smush , vladman , re-sign cook…wow..great help …. and gil , thank mitch for bringing caron over for brown….and people , you can’t tell me that 60 point game was because gilbert is efficient..because he doesn’t do that regularly , it’s only been this season and he hasn’t shown he can shoot those crazy shots efficiently…so in my random writing here..i will end it by saying this to all the guys defending gils little doogie howser journal… this is a website for laker fans , and i dont see Arenas anywhere on our roster , but i do see KBryant…so imma defend my laker guy untill or if he get’s should every laker fan..yall gonna feel stupid if kobe stays and actually all this tirade hauls all-stars to LA , what are you going to do then? applaud him for being snobbish and arrogant but that leading to bringing over all-stars or your going to hate the fact that we are going to be contenders again not destined for death in the 1st round of the playoffs?.. i can see you guys cheering for KB in about half a year…lol

  • Ira

    Gil was just stating his opinion just like everyone else, I know he admires Kobe’s game like we all do.

    He (Gil) was raised out here and has friends who are Lakers fans, and all he was saying is wow, you want to leave now, L-A loves you (Kobe) and you want to leave.

    The Lakers FO has some blame in al this mess as does Kobe to an extent, so that’s why they need to get Garnett to help all of us feel that they want to win now!!!

  • mj2kb

    shit nobody wants a fuckin chucker on the team. Arenas suck. And why u sayin he scored 60 on kobe? Did kobe guard arenas throught the whole game? nah i dont think so so why should we praise him. And i noticed that whenever he talk about kobe he says some negative shit. 43% fg shitttt we dont want him here. Like he said he is zero

  • LAKobe4Life

    Thank you Gilbert, That’s real talk comin from Gilbert. I like how he put it in our perspective, the fans rather than his perspective as a player about the Kobe’s trade situation.

  • louiskim

    lol , nice perspective but at the end of the day , he is a player on a roster playing for a professional team earning millions a year and since his game has flaws and soooo many tangibles compared to kobes , this is all he can do because even his best doesn’t compare to kobe’s regular efficient game which in my opinion is about 9 out of 10 games. also , let’s not thrive so much on gilbert..he is playing with 2 other all-stars and a veteran point guard who played mostly for the spurs and a inexperienced coach in the LEASTERN Conference. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEEEEE…did u see the eastern conference playoffs this year?…joke…a joke

  • BeRkS_kb24

    get rid of KG anymore!JO or PAU can be d guy we can have in reality….just give all the possible asset give bynum,kwame,and odom just to make it happen we have KOBE and i trust him very much,having KG could be another shaq n kobe that ends up with missery!we need guys that can play with KOBE….KG is far from REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!and gil he’s an nba player that admires lots of kobe does….and to all kobehaters….kobe is not a ballhogg..he’s just a superstar that need to score…dont wait him to pass 10x like nash co’z hes a shooting guard a real shooting guard…got that ???get me an SG that can avg. 30 and dimes 6!!!just w8t for a guy like JO and you will hate him agen,and if we get KG you must have to hate d NBA for allowing KG N KB to play together…and that is a no contest at all!!!!!!!!hahaha!!!!!

  • MO6

    Man Gilbert is the 2nd best player in the NBA behind Kobe of course and he dropped 60 on us i was at that game and then he bowed. Get of Agent Zero he is raw and he is a Laker fan too he was born at the same hospital as me in Van Nuys (Presbyterian Hospital) Gilbert and Kobe are the best in the NBA.

  • daboss1848

    2nd best?
    in no particular order: Lebron, Wade, Duncan, KG ? ?

  • MO6

    Order Kobe, Arenas, Nash, KG, T-mac, Dirk, Wade, Baron, Duncan and Lebron James is Last cause hes GARBAGE!

  • lakersforlife77

    You know you guys hate on him and everything but we as Laker fans have all felt like this at one point or another through this ordeal. In fact I felt just like what he is saying that first day kobe demanded a trade. So cut the guy some slack, he’s just giving some insight as to how we’ve felt at one point or another, even though I don’t feel like that anymore. I like watching Gilbert he’s one of the most entertaining ball players in the league. He might not be one of the best, but he is one of the most entertaining, and that’s what sports are all about, entertainment.

  • mj2kb

    See thats the problem. The only reason u want or like arenas is for entertainment purposes. Seems like u dont give a shit for championships and thats wat we’re trying to do right now. U call a 43% fg chucker entertainment? or championship caliber?

  • daboss1848

    [quote comment=”5196″]Lebron James is Last cause hes GARBAGE![/quote]

    Lebron took his team past the Pistons. Wade took his team a title. Dirk lost to #8 seed. T-Mac hasn’t been anywhere with any team.

    well at least that’s objective . . .

    i guess we just disagree. Arenas wouldn’t even be in my top 5.

    Personally, I don’t want Gil (I hear and agree with what he says as a fan, in this case). . . but it should be pointed out that KB is a 45% chucker

  • mj2kb

    46 or 47%, but if u say 45 then thats pretty average for a SG. Shooting guards remember, they shoot more, i mean come on these arent the days of michael jordan when he shot 50%. Every team is competitive nowadays and what SG in todays game shoots 50%? noone. u might say wade but he relies more on the referees and more of a point guard. Lebron well i dont even have to say anythin cuz u guys saw him shoot a horrible percentage. Id rather have a 46 or 47 than a 43

  • Fatty

    I love agent zero’s game. He is fun to watch. I wish he could play along side Kobe. The two together would be unstoppable.

  • smokey

    If we trade Kobe and end up with Agent Zero then we did good. Consider all the BS trade that will be proposed. The guy cold bring the heat just like and Kobe and he loves LA.

  • c

    Ice Cube on the LAKERS
    TS: Why does the city identify itself so strongly with the Lakers?

    IC: It’s a city that has ethnic diversity like any other city, but I think on a major level you have diversity where people really stick to themselves — blacks, Mexicans, any kind of Arabs or any kind of Asians. The Lakers is something we all can rally around as a whole city. The Lakers mean more to this city than any other thing in Los Angeles.

    I was a Lakers fan in the womb — my mother screamed at a Lakers game for Elgin Baylor or Jerry West and I was a fan from there. I go to every game. It’s an experience. It’s better than the Hawks, for sure.