I know how much you guys liked the Shoutbox but it was just something our servers couldn’t handle. We started to look for a different solution for our visitors to interact with eachother and talk Laker basketball. Hopefully, this little chatroom we found does the trick.

Click on the chat button on the sidebar to join the new chat room for GetGarnett.com.


  • vale.46

    :)..is anybody here?

  • RC

    The buss family sucks, along with a outdated coach PJ and Mitch is the worst front office executive in the history of professional sports.

  • dANIEL

    hey guys maybe paul casol to la? paul gasol for bynum, brown, vrad.


    i would like to c him come n play wit the lakers

  • vale.46

    Kupchak and Buss….worst front office..in NBA history!!!!!!!

  • danny5tj

    I think we still have a chance at GARNETT

  • Dionysis

    If KOBE doesnt want to stay,i dont want him either.He should have been proud wearing GOLD PURPLE.I feel proud,wearing my replica.So…1.Sent KOBE to CHICAGO for WALLACE GORDON DENG.2.Sent LAMAR BYNUM to INDIANA for O’NEAL.3.Sign BILLUPS(MLE).4.Starting 5 for L.A.= C.WALLACE PF.O’NEAL SF.DENG SG.GORDON PG.BILLUPS > 5.2007-2008 NBA CHAMPIONS.



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  • Carpe24

    Lakers r slowly getting out of this ‘mess’

  • 24thanextlegend

    Yeah Carpe I agree. We WILL survive this b.s. and rule the basketball world again!

  • badboy

    we need garnett pleaseeeeeeeeee lol if he comes to this team its over baby

  • Sarah

    Wait till sunday guys! The T-wolves don’t have an option. Be positive, KG will be in a Laker jersey & ready for training camp!

  • jerry riley

    What make you think that? with the history of kupchak I beleive that nothing will happen but to sign someone like mckie that is old,not much worth anything,if the lakers really want kg then they will have to take back a bad contract which they will make it up the day they have the news conference.

  • LAalltheway

    That Geese chatroom is horrific. It’s just a bunch of teenagers having a profanity contest, pausing every now and again to make an uneducated comment about basketball, usually related to something obscene anyway. It’s very hard filtering out the bullshit and finding the meaningful comments. Maybe I just joined in at the wrong time. At least we have some form of direct communication, but I wish there was a way to clean it up.

  • lakerfan81

    LAalltheway that is what this whole site is. It is getting rather annoying.

  • LAalltheway

    [quote comment=”4151″]LAalltheway that is what this whole site is. It is getting rather annoying.[/quote]

    I feel you, man. This site offers so many great things, and there are some who have awesome insights, but damn…it’s almost not worth it anymore.

  • lakerfan81

    [quote post=”422″]I feel you, man. This site offers so many great things, and there are some who have awesome insights, but damn…it’s almost not worth it anymore.[/quote]

  • RC

    Honestly, if KG does come to the Lakers, I hope he is at least 25% loyal to the Lakers as he has been to the Wolves.

    Garnett, is a loyalist to a FAULT. He needs to be the “robin” of a team, he clearly is not a BATMAN type player, like Kobe. Yes, leave that to the revolutionist which is Kobe, top leader qualities in the NBA, bar none, as in the case of expressing his disatisfaction of the Buss family. We are with you Kobe, be the leader you are and continue to stay strong, you are RIGHT on all of your actions on camera, off camera and behind closed doors.

    If KG comes, I just wish Garnett was more vocal and a leader, but he acts like a high school kid.

    Garnett needs Kobe MORE than Kobe needs Garnett, PERIOD!!!!!

  • RC

    KG is invisible, there has been no interviews he has given, nothing, he needs to develop into a man. No wonder he hasn’t led his team to anything except when Sprewell and Cassell led the wolves to success. KG needs Kobe more than Kobe needs KG.

  • http://twitter.com/nugge7 The Nugget

    Sorry, guys. Their is nothing I can do about the chatroom and the profanity that goes on there. I cant moderate the chatroom 24/7. Also, am going to start paying attention to more of the comments that come in and start banning more people from the blog.

    I feel you guys on this.

  • magic32

    wtf thats some bs i got banned off the chatroom for tricking them that kg went to los angeles. hahahaha it was funny

  • DeepFrost

    i’d ban you too idiot…

  • http://twitter.com/nugge7 The Nugget

    I don’t appreciate stuff like that. Your only banned for 24 hours.

  • http://www.magicjohnson.com Magic Johnson

    Why don’t we trade Kobe for Wade and Shaq? We could throw in Bynum! I don’t want K.G.! Jermaine O’Neal is better! Kobe is my favorite player but big men win championships!

  • Hostess Kupcake

    KG is going to need to start getting vocal in the media and using his leverage from that end. McFail has been apart of some of the biggest GM debacles/decisions…Joe Smith debacle (minny fans gets screwed with no first round picks), Ricky Davis package deal (probably pissed off KG more then made him feel like they were building and improving pieces). Madsen signing, Jaric deal, Hudson contract..oh yaah, Griffin..haahaa..wow the guy has a great track record..hahaahh. Don’t further hurt the Minny fans by waiting on this KG deal, each hour since the draft passed, all GM’s in the league know the value goes slowly down leading to the trade deadline in Feb 08. Then he walks and you get nothing….McFail, what a steaming pile of GM…Kupcake and him, what a pair….ugggghhh….