The Western Conference Finals are heating up!

Why not get geared up for the stretch run? The Lakers Nation and NBAStore.com have partnered up to bring you great deals on new Lakers’ gear!

Check out a few of their new items…





Not what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, the Lakers Store has hundreds of items on sale for every fan. Go check it out! And if you place an order before May 31st ($75 or more), shipping is FREE!

Go get ‘em in Denver!

  • mike craig

    please make 3 or 4 x sizes for the people in orange county thanks 1lkrfn

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  • lakers1fan

    I’m not buying any sh!t from the NBA…Until Stern and Jackson kick to the curve the “Tim Donaghy” habits and have their Goons (refs) officate fairly and kick their gambling habits to the curve! I am boycotting the NBA aka Nothing BUT A$$holes! In the meantime!

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