Strong words from George Karl, taken in a good way or not?

L.A. Times: Bryant was asked what his reaction was to Denver Coach George Karl’s saying the Lakers turned the game into a wrestling match.

“That’s encouraging for us,” said Bryant, knowing that his team has been labeled soft. “We’ve always been the cupcake team. I’m happy to hear that.”

  • TheLakerGenera11

    am I the only one that feels Ron artest changed the entire mental dynamic of this team??? Ron has placed his stamp on various games by being the intimdator that ariza could never be, lakers were always flash now they seem to enjoy getting “dirty”…mybe it’s just me I dunno?

    • 007

      loving the toughness that artest brings to our team and the game! as long as he keeps it up then it should offset gasol’s non-agressive (soft) play. but if gasol continues to stay agressive like he was after phil took him out of the 4th qtr on sunday and then put him back on then we will be extremely tough to beat.

  • lakerman1

    Never heard him complain when the Nuggets were the ones initiating physical play. He probably knows that if the lakers return the aggressiveness no way his team can win. Still you gotta love Karl.

  • person above me… your retarded

    please excuse my username, it was for another article. but ignore it..

    i like this. all i think about is how dirty nuggets played in the wcf last year. remember jones tripping kobe and kb gets no call, ughhhhh

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