We won’t forget too, Pau. Will be their rooting for our beloved Lakers, stronger then ever!

Inside the Lakers: The normally reserved, thoughtful Pau Gasol was downright feisty when asked about the emotions he’ll carry with him from the recently concluded NBA Finals against the Celtics.

Gasol said that the pain from the loss will linger for a long time, as will his memory of Boston fans shaking the Lakers team bus as they drove away from TD Banknorth Arena Tuesday night.

“I’m definitely going to keep these feelings, because it wasn’t pleasant to see all the Boston fans go crazy on us after the game and hitting the bus and all that crap,” he said. “It’s just something I’m going to keep in mind all year long until we get there again.”

  • Rinnegato

    Wow, the Boston bandwagon fans were shaking the bus? Thats pretty jacked up and classless… OMG this is gonna be a long summer. I can’t wait till the Lakers play these mofos again

  • sK

    next year we will have home court advantage and we will tip their bus over on the door side.

  • xtro

    The Boston Celtics fans are classless like my friend BD.

  • ValleyBoy1

    L.A. fans seek blood now.

  • http://golakers golakers

    Hmmmm, Pau with attitude. Interesting concept. I hope it will motivate him to hit the gym and put some muscle behind his anger.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Pau is gonna come back buff and mean, with a tattoo that says “YOUR NEXT!” on his chest. And hes gonna get his hair braided lol. and his new nickname gonna be P-Money, and he’s gonna call back Juan Carlos Navarro from Spain just for back up

  • http://golakers golakers

    I wish the Boston fans would have shaken the Lakers bus BEFORE Game 6.

  • http://kelvlam.yelp.com/ kelvlam

    Pau, we are with you all the way on this!

    and, Lakers fan, don’t rock the green bus!!! We are more classy than those leprecon!!!

  • http://golakers golakers

    Just havin’ fun. I know our Lakers will come back motivated and ready for a Championship. Disrespect has a way of motivating athletes. The Lakers won’t soon forget the stupidity of the Boston knuckleheads.

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    We should tip over Boston’s team bus before our next regular season game against them. Who’s with me? Haha

  • vida8

    okay they were shaking the bus ??? wow …i am soory but thats pretty funny…..we should set their bus on fire whey they come to LA…

  • RoWyN

    [Comment ID #41139 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Tell me when and I’m calling all of my vato’s to do the dirty work.

  • Michael_23

    It’s not gonna be as a long summer guys.

    July is around the corner, the olympics, the draft, resignings, and trades possibly, then training camp will hit us when we don’t know it.

    It’ll be a quick summer.

    Oh yeah I’m rooting for Team USA in the Olympics!

    What I don’t get is, Paul Pierce is overhyped/over-rated. Would you see him get a spot in the Olympics? Behind KB, D Wade, Lebron, Melo? I don’t think so.