NBA Fastbreak said that Pau Gasol will not be in uniform for the Wizards game. ESPN also said he is expected to be on the bench but not in uniform. Also, from his first videotaped interview as a Laker, it seems that Gasol agrees with that. He hopes to play against the Nets.

UPDATE #1: Well it looks like the L.A. Times reports he might play — it’ll be up to Gasol and Phil (who is wanting Pau to play obviously):

L.A. Times: Gasol, 27, arrived in Washington late Saturday night after passing a physical earlier in the day in Los Angeles. He might play today (Sunday) despite missing three of the Grizzlies’ last four games because of a sore back, although, as Coach Phil Jackson said, “He’d be totally uninitiated.”Gasol was averaging 18.9 points, 8.8 rebounds and three assists a game for Memphis.

Update #2: Yahoo!: Pau Gasol sat out the Los Angeles Lakers’ game at the Washington Wizards on Sunday, not quite ready to play for his new team because of a sore back, a whirlwind 48 hours and an unfamiliarity with the triangle offense.

“We want him to practice first. He traveled back and forth across the country, up all night, short hours of sleep. This isn’t a fair situation for him,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said before Sunday’s game.

“We’ll practice tomorrow and see how he feels,” Jackson said. “Play with the guys before we have him going into an NBA game with the ‘Showtime’ thing.”

  • Lakers

    this is bs man I was looking forward to this game

  • miguel

    Oh well at least we have him now! another day of rest does nothing but good! rest up gasol!!!

  • LAKing

    It sucks we can’t see him tomorrow, but I hope we plays on Tuesday against the Nets. The sooner the better.

  • ricky

    its kinda dissapointing not to see gasol play on super bowl sunday because of all the excitement which has built up in the last 2 days, but the fact that we know we have him is good enough for me. im sure he will suit up on tuesday against new jersey where they will play against jason kidd, who probably wishes that he was with the lakers as well. too bad he cant join the party in LA.

    pau is gonna put the lakers in the finals. pau = “pow!” the rest of the teams will be knocked out cause according to the lakers theme, its time for the rest of the league to be “lights out!”

  • Sopi

    come on!! Gasol + super bowl = great sunday!
    dont ruin my sunday like that!!!

  • IMmichael

    gasol needs to rest he did have 3 flights in one day

    rest up pau and i expect you to see you in NJ

  • kb24 4life

    damn, well, i guess i cant wait to see him playing on tuesday….

  • ricky

    in response to the recent update by thelakersnation that gasol may possible get some playing time, this is good news. he should get a chance to play, even if its only for 15-20 mins. he is a 7 year veteran and all-star who should be able to play whether he gets time to adjust and learn the offense yet. just throw him the ball and let him play, at least we still have kobe out there so its not like he’s gonna be in any trouble if he’s double teamed.

    im thrilled to see him in a lakers jersey wearing his #16, which is what is posted on the lakers official website. im ready, los angeles is ready, are you???

  • cfresh

    having pau is a great, great thing. but realistically it’s going to take a couple weeks for things to really get adjusted. it happens everytime.


    i mean, i don’t understand this “he hasn’t learned the offense” argument.

    if DJ Mbenga can get playing time, I’m sure one of the best Power Forward/Centers in the game can play. Sheesh :P

  • the One


    gasol will play tommorow…
    i called phil jackson a while ago…hehehehe

  • Brittnay

    If this is true, ESPN will have finally gotten a prediction right. :)

  • mfoznot

    it’s 8:53am.

    I just got up to watch the game after a long night of partying (drinking). Gasol better play. Go Lakers!

    (all of the text above should be read in a hung-over tone). peace

  • True Lakers Fan

    [Comment ID #24769 Will Be Quoted Here]

    haha yea

  • jack

    I loved how pau quickly corrected “the Lakers” as “we.” He hasn’t even played for the Lakers, and I can already see his love for the team.

  • Caleb

    three weeks ago today, Bynum went down.

    5 WEEKS TO GO!!!!

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    Obviously the Lakers didn’t need Gasol today.


    There were more fans cheering for the Lakers than Wiz but that wasn’t the kicker,when they started chanting,MVP,MVP,MVP REPEATEDLY when Kobe was at the line you could feel the electricity in the arena and knowing PAU GASOL WAS THERE WITH THE TEAM SHOOTING AROUND WITH HIS TEAMMATES THAT MEANT EVERYTHING TO US LAKER FANS IN D.C.

  • lakerbunny



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