Gasol will NOT play Monday @ Golden State

    Just a note, after a frustrating loss (don’t give up three’s or as I call it the “Tim Thomas” doom), the FSN broadcast reports that Pau Gasol will not play Monday @ Golden State.

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    • lakaluva

      Fucc me!!!

    • lakerz

      i knew this already

    • ryguy2303

      Horrible News.

    • ThE NeXt FaRmAr 5


      well if we played like we did in the second half then its a win for us im not trippin but really want pau, drew, and ariza back forget mihm he blows ahha

    • fluke swalfmeen

      teeee-rade luke the fluke for a better bench player or to a bad team for a first round pick, loook at how good the lakers are doing with fluke, trade fluke and it will make the team even better, and also when pau bynum comes back, we will be the best team ever


      We win, loose or draw…who cares, as long as we make the playoffs. Now with a healthy and team chemistry working as one then the championship is ours to lose.

    • k0be da 1 andonly

      whats new ?

    • e

      luke doesnt contribute to the team…doesnt play defense nor does he play offense…he is worthless

    • Rholly_dreamz

      Mitch,Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease trade FLUKE WALTON next season for arookie or good sophie small forward.he need a player like Trevor Ariza.c’mon Mitch,i know you can do that……

    • Devean George

      luke is my best friend, leave him alone.

    • billyboy

      fuccck you

    • mauriceaj

      come on guys, you can’t have a PERFECT team, it’s impossible, every successful team has bad players. Besides, i like the fact that Luke is a Laker, i don’t care about his performance he belongs here….

    • LAKing


    • zgum



      I still say we win by 10 to 15,remember how they beat Utah in their building,this WILL be worse.

    • lakersfan17

      Damn guys chill, this was already expected.

      IMO Gasol would play against the Bobcats.

    • west213

      man when will gasol play for shore, i know drew will play April 6th Phil said (2 weeks from now.)

    • PauKobeBynumDynasty

      Dont worry we will still win tonite. KOBE is all fired up about today? Anyone think he’ll score 50?

    • ihflakerfan24

      I love Gasol and i think he is a great player, but does anyone else think he is soft? Kobe is plaing with a dislocated pinky, sprained ancle and a gash on his face. I think Gasol needs gain some toughness.