It looks like Pau has an idea of what is needed to get their offense going…

NBA FanHouse: “Kobe is a great player, the best offensive player out there … but at the same time, we need to find some balance with our interior game, develop it a little more, moving the ball and changing sides,” Gasol said gingerly, knowing he was treading on sacred territory by questioning Bryant and the offense of coach Phil Jackson. “We need to get focused on that a little more, to find balance, to find some flow.”

  • asg

    I dont mind this, at least someone is speaking up, not just crying about it. So maybe the ball should go to gasol more.


    Other players need to play for the team, not for a new contract….COUGH COUGH FARMAR AND SHANNON BROWN. Play within the SYSTEM. not on your own

    S.Brown dissapoints me, he was playin great now all of a sudden talking about contracts and i know his agent told him to play a little more, shoot a little more. Damn $

  • WTF?

    So why is it when Pau gets his “touches” he ends up passing it on to someone else?

    I am really tired of these excuses. I know we wouldn’t have won last year without Pau but seriously, come on.

    • daboss1848

      thats what ur supposed to do in a team sport . . . Pau isn’t saying he should shoot 30 times – hes saying establish the middle and move from there. That would include having KB operating from the post.

    • ricecuker

      Seems like youve never played team basketball before. Gasol is right, they need to start playing inside / outside. The team needs to move more fluidly. Need I say it, Kobe needs to start playing team ball again!

      • WTF?

        Do you guys even watch the games? Gasol does get the touches but in the last few save Orlando, he’s to hesitant in shooting. Even Phil said when Pau gets his chances he passes it on instead of shooting it.

        You say Kobe doesn’t play team ball? Whenever he distributes no one else steps up, they get too dependent on him all over again. Fucking Unbelievable…..

    • WTF?

      Not to mention: Pau gets thrown around like a rag doll when up against every other opposing big man. He isn’t the same rebounding layup machine as last year.

      One cat said it best: 9/11 happened to our “twin towers”. I still have faith in Gasol but fuck Bynum, i give up on that guy.

  • Imadogg


    Gasol sayin what I’ve been saying and many others have been saying, except he’s Pau Gasol. I hope Kobe doesn’t just hate him for this and can take a hint, watch film, check his shooting stats and try to get within the offense and pass more.

  • lakeb


    • gus26

      imo… its not even about his points… just give him the touches once he scores they’ll double and instead of trying to keep scoring he’ll start finding the open man… ESTABLISH THE MIDDLE!!!!!!!… you have to have to have to play inside out for the triangle to be effective other wise the offense becomes stagnant and easy to defend because the other team knows exactly what we are going to do… in other words the “get out of my way 2005 kobe offense” isn’t going to cut it..

  • TheLakerGenera11

    How many damn touches does Pau need to make a difference? It’s always he doesn’t get enough touches omfg already anytime they LOSE it’s somehow no1’s fault but Kobe or we move away from giving the ball to the bigs …stay on the damn floor! Play your game take responsabilty for your own actions make some F’n freethrows. When will these players including Kobe say I f’d up I need to do better! When?

  • Lakers 24 7

    Move Bynum to the bench. We have too many post-players at one time on the court. Gasol, Bynum, Artest, Kobe. If each of them post up every trip down, we’ll lose ball movement. Let Kobe and Pau set the table. Move the ball around. Inside and out. Bynum hogs the ball in the post.

  • LGM10

    WOW GASOL. Every time the lakers lose its apparently kobes FAULT. Please how about artest and the bench make some shots instead of missing consecutive open ones. Gasol is right in what he says but all hes done lately is talk without acting. Considering he has to share the post with bynum, a guy who never passes out, he gets ENOUGH touches (ok most of the time). I dont think its so much kobe but rather assimilating bynum who was missing most of last season. Gasol is too PASSIVE, even when he gets “touches” he decides to pass or holds the ball too long and gets stripped. Plus how are his teammates supposed to get the ball in the POST if he CANT establish good POST POSITION against the likes of dwight howard. If pau succeeds in doing this and the ball doesnt go inside then he has all the right to complain but until he does so and quits being dominated and pushed around by every other POWER forward in the game then he only makes himself look like a hypocrite. Even when kobe, the apparent “culprit” , was out and the game was close against boston pau DEFERRED again and made a stupid pass out to brown which cost us the game. Look the offense isnt right but to think that kobe is the sole culprit is ABSURD. Maybe if his teammates made shots then he wouldnt want to take it upon himself to score.

    • lakerman1

      Exactly. Pau is making excuses because he is constantly being pushed around. I thought that swing or swat he took on Howard was pathetic at best especially the way Dwight was pushing him around and grabbing his Jersy right in front of the Ref who chose to ignore it. The current losing streak everyone is to blame not just kobe. Pau needs to MAN UP.

  • muslim mamba

    ok this is pathetic to hear pau say this……STOP BLAMING KOBE!!!!!! everytime pau gets bullied he always says its not cuz hes weak but because kobe has the balll….PAU HOW ABOUT MANNING UP AND GOING UP LIKE A MAN,….we probably wouldnt be on a current 3 game losing streak if it wasnt for pau being a puss-y…. hes gonna blame the guy who has to bail has weak ass out come on pau….

  • Robert

    We need ‘another’ slasher besides Kobe. That is what every great team needs. Someone to draw the D into the post, and then when double teamed, they pass it to one of their twin towers, and ‘bam’ – instant basket.
    We just need one more. Who slashes on the Lakers?
    Or, maybe it’s the Triangle? It’s made for equal distribution, and no point guard. But during fast breaks, we DO need a point guard.
    It’s tough playing for the Lakers, and at the same time, it is one of the few basketball teams capable of a championship, with their style of play.
    So, maybe they’ll do better in the playoffs? Hope so.

    • daboss1848

      They need a slasher. KB is no longer a slasher.
      Ariza did it, Brown used to do it.

  • trippleocho

    Even if Pau gets the ball more in the post, he ain’t gonna be effective because Bynum crowds the lane most of the time. I f Odom was a starter, there would be a lot of space for Pau to post up and do his thing.

    Because right now it is easy to double Pau when he gets the ball in the post coz Bynum is not a threat away from the basket. That’s why Pau has to pass the ball out a lot of times. HOW THE HELL HAS THE BEST NBA COACH OF ALL TIME HASN’T NOTICED THIS IS MIND BOGGLING.

  • Marwan Marzina

    To be honest, I love Pau, but I think the Charlotte game was abit of backup for Kobe, because how many times did they go to Pau and failed. Im saying, if Kobe wasn’t looking to break a record or reach a milestone then theres no point talking about passing it more.

    • lakeb


  • Heron

    ..and some of you said a Kobe/Gasol feud was premature. I think Pau is right in the sense of down-the-stretch. Regardless if they’re winning or not, Kobe tries to be Mr. 4th quarter. Sometimes when it’s not needed.

    • Vk2

      when is it needed then? When lakers are down by 25? Lakers were down 10 before kobe went on his shooting mode in the 4th quarter.

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    your on the wrong team if your expecting TEAM PLAY.

  • lakeb


  • free_agency010

    It’s not only on Kobe to pass the ball, thats why they have point guards…. and Pau holds up the offense too because when he’s holding the ball for 15 secs. before he gets stripped his teammates are standing around waiting on him to make a decision. What and a$$!!!! How ’bout Pau take some accountability for his weak a$$ play!!

  • willmo

    KB don’t give you the ball cause you don’t show up like you did last yr. He gave you the ball in crunch time against the Heat and you let a rundown J O’neil throw it into the 5th row and then again yesterday your hook shot went from D Howard’s hand into the nose bleed section. Actions speak louder than words Pau, grow a pair and lead by example, don ‘t just bitch with your monday morning quarterbacking. the team as a whole are too blame for yesterday. if you show up, you will be rewarded just like last yr. if the lakers don’t win it all this yr it will be due to Kobe playing 1 on 5 because everyone else is wondering what excuse to put up after the game.

    • comeflywithme

      I totally agree!

      Kobe first and then Pau second and the rest of the team can get theirs.. There’s a pecking order maybe y’all forgetting it or maybe Pau don’t want to be the second option anymore?? huh! .. And please Pau play some D grab some rebounds and stop being soft and quit complaining about how Kobe plays the game.. Y’all know what Kobe’s game can bring to this team, and that’s championship.. We won it all last year cause Kobe was jacking up 20 – 30 shots a game!! the only difference this year is Pau, always bitchin about how Kobe plays!

      Gasoft is the problem not KOBE!
      Quit bitchin Pau!

  • rondo

    Lets call a spade a spade we need to stop beating around the bush. Kobe needs to stop acting like he’s the only one on the team. Kobe needs to stop making like without him the Lakers are shit. The Lakers are playing poor ball because of poor ball movement, When Kobe get the ball the triangle become non existent. When the lakers don’t play the triangle they become an ordinary team that can be beaten. Kobe needes to get off of that ego trip he’s on He needs to play within the system and stop trying to outdo Lebron, Carmelo and Dwayne. Every player and Laker fan know he’s great so he needs to come down to earth.

    • 007

      i’ll have to agree that kobe isn’t playing team basketball but the rest of the team isnt stepping up when he tries to play with them. and he does TRY to play with them. what are the fg% of the rest of the team??

  • 007

    honestly, gasol better REALLY be “sick and weakly” otherwise there’s no excuse for his excuses and horrible play. can our bigs say R-E-B-O-U-N-D???

  • lakeb


    • lakershow2010

      tell that to bynum you idiot

  • kisofdeath

    i think what he really wants to say is what bynum told vujacic….

    “give me the (*&%**)^*&%*^(*&(*^%$**&^(*^%%$^**(&*&#(&(@&(#&(*@^#^@(&$(^@(&^@*& BALL!!”

    how about quit complainin and get back on defense or at least complain and run back not just complain and stand there

  • kisofdeath

    kobe got caught up in the moment, drilled some nasty jumpers in the game, made a living this season with game winners and thought he could do it again

    what he forgot is the big 1-2 that him and pau gave in the finals, i forget which game it was but im sure we all remember


    This sounds soooo familiar…hmmm. It’s like De ja vu all over again (err Shaq-Kobe era). I wonder how this developing soap opera will pan out??? Hmmm…

  • Lakersthe2010Champs

    Wow, we have a lot of Kobe lovers. But I think Pau was right.

    In the games without Kobe, you could see a lot more fluidity – everyone moved around touched the ball. When Kobe is on the court, the passing is gone, the movement is gone. Kobe just hogged the ball and tried to do too much playing one-on-one or one-on-two. As a result, his teammates get cold. This Lakers squad is very good. If Kobe plays team ball and moves the ball around, they could be scarily good. But this is not happening. As a matter of fact, they should create a more fluid offense to help their defense. I love the Lakers. I just want them to figure things out and make a strech run in the final 18 games.

    • lakershow2010

      err…negative…bad analysis

  • Justin M.

    Finally, Pau is acting like a team leader. Lets see if he can show it on the court

  • Drake Ramoray

    The problem is that the Lakers run the offense in the post to Bynum way too much. He gets more touches than Gasol does except Bynum never passes it back out. He’ll hold the ball for a long time, then back up, turn forward, do a pump fake, throw up an awkwardly looking shot, and then throws his arms up in the air like he always does when a foul is not called. The Lakers need to stop feeding Bynum in the post so aften and start feeding Gasol instead and run the inside outside attack through Gasol. The problem is the Lakers want to get Bynum involved with the offense more often so he doesn’t faze out of the game and not play defense which he doesn’t play anyways. Bynum concentrates way too much on scoring the past two seasons that his defense has dissappeared and so has his rebounding. He should play off of Gasol and try to score via offensive rebounds and put backs. Every single Laker possession and I mean every single Laker possession, there’s Bynum clogging the lane asking for the ball and more than half the time he never scores. Phil needs to establish Gasol as the primary inside scorer and let Bynum play off of that. Bynum should be coming off the bench anyways and Lamar should be starting at the 4 with Gasol sliding over to center. You know the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” well it’s broke and something needs to be done. Here’s the solution, Bynum gets less touches and more for Gasol, or Bynum to the bench and Lamar starts. Gasol and Kobe need to run the pick and roll more. The Lakers need better shooting. I say sit Shannon who’s been suckin balls and give Vujacic another chance. The triangle requires shooters to spot up and space the floor for all the players. Shannon hasn’t been hitting s h i t other than the side of the back board “open three in the corner vs Magic.” If we’re winning fine, but we’re not. We won it last year without much help from Bynum, maybe we really don’t need him that much. Stop trying to establish Bynum inside and run it through Gasol more. I guarantee you more playing time for Vujacic will equal more confidence and he’ll start making his shot.

    • question

      What the hell are you smoking?

      • Drake Ramoray

        Some good s h i t muther f ucker!!!

        • espo

          So I read your plethora of words and I do agree in reducing baby Bynum to the bench. This #10 pick is becoming more and more of a bust and I’ve lost my faith. Not going to say the T word on him but fuck it’d be nice.

          Sasha on the other hand I cant agree on. He’s been given too many chances and I can never see him as a spark the team can benefit from. No more than 8 minutes from this guy or I’ll be banging my head on the wall

          • Drake Ramoray

            Thank you for reading my weekly column in the Lakersnation for I know now my words aren’t written in vain. Peace in the middle east!

  • Drake Ramoray

    Another thing I wanted to say in regards to Pau’s comments is that he somehow forgot to mention that while Kobe was out, yes the offense was running smoother, but do you think the reason may have been not KB24 but because Bynum was out too. Let’s not put the blame on the guy that’s gonna carry you to the finals. Kobe is always looking to pass the ball and create plays for everyone else. The problem is no one is finishing at the basket or knocking down the jumper. You want to blame someone for the stagnant offense, blame the other guy that’s getting all your touches in the post and not finishing at the basket or rebounding the ball or blocking shots or making the right passes at the right time. I agree with your fustration Gasoft. The problem is that you’re directing towards the wrong direction.

  • rondo

    Blame Bynum for Kobe’s 30 shots . You guys always blame the other guys when Kobe needs to be blamed sometimes for the lost. Kobe kills the triangle with his ball hogging ways. Bynum does not control the ball so you fools who have no knowledge of the game need to stop passing the blame around. One thing i notice about the Kobe lovers They never think Kobe should be criticized for losing the game. They can blame other player but never Kobe. Kobe need to come off his ego and play some team ball.

    • Justin M.

      Are you stupid? No matter what the game plan is kobe is going to get his 30 shots because, well, he’s freakin kobe, that’s not gonna change. The only people who should be looking to score in the paint consistently for the lakers are pau, odom and kobe. Bynum needs to accept that fact that his role on this team is a defensive one, if he wants to be a scorer send him to the Wizards and let him take all the shots he wants. Im not saying saying kobes overshooting doesn’t hurt the lakers, but his number of shots will always be there and the team has to adapt.

  • lakers2000


  • ruxpin810

    i love pau, he’s the perfect complement for kobe. but seriously, it does sound like he’s trying to put the blame on kobe when that’s not really the problem, at least not for the orlando game. looking at the box score, the +/- to be specific, the lakers were -9 with pau on the floor, -2 with kobe and +10 with bynum. yes, pau shot 8-13 in the game but he was still -9. yes, that could be because of the team defense, but to me, that’s the main problem here, defense, not really the offense. yes, the ball may have moved more when kobe was out, but pau’s fg % suffered because he became the of the opponents defense and he couldn’t create his own shot. pau’s fg % with kobe is a lot higher because either kobe sets him up or he gets easy put backs on misses. pau just needs to man up and be aggressive when he does get touches. if he can get himself going early, kobe will keep feeding him. but when he gets punked like he has been lately, i wouldn’t want to pass him the ball either. and pau doesn’t seem to get any respect from the refs, which isn’t his fault. bottom line, pau needs to establish himself down low early and be aggressive and i guarantee, kobe will keep feeding him down low.

  • papachang0

    kobe needs to play teamball

    • laker realist

      Good Comments from most and can appreciate all sides of the arguments. There is one understated variable…Pau Gasol DROPS THE BALL OR GETS IT STRIPPED WAY TOO MUCH. (P jax references this in his most recent interview)

      You all can talk team ball all you want but our mini slump can be attributed to turnovers more than Ball Hogging plain and simple. Kobe in the 4th quarter is thinking I’d rather get a shot attempt than turn it over because overall execution is our most glaring hole at present time.

      Good thing about execution(especially offensively) is that it can be fixed.

      • Green Flannel

        never thought about that (the kobe thing) but yes pau needs to do what drew does and use his size by keeping it high and away from smaller guards sneeking in and ripping him