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There are a lot of angles you can take on the Lakers catastrophic demise, which ultimately ended on Sunday in a lopsided and humiliating loss to the Dallas Mavericks. The most glaring of those is the play – or better yet, disappearance – of all-star Pau Gasol.

After yesterday’s loss in Dallas, Gasol – in a very Gasol-like way – mostly confirmed that something not related to basketball was affecting him:

“I’m going to look back and see everything that’s been going on [and] try to handle it better. And whatever goes on, on or off the floor, just try to keep it that way and not let it affect anything that goes on on the floor.”

During the ’10-11 postseason, Pau Gasol scored just 13 points per game on a dismal 42% shooting. He is scheduled to meet with Phil and Mitch tomorrow (Tuesday) for his end-of-season exit interview.

  • RockitD

    Time to go get Dwight over the summer!!!

  • RockitD

    Time to go get Dwight over the summer!!!

  • Gregowilliams77

    It’s time for a change we need tuffness in the paint!!!! & pau isn’t the answer we need Dwight!!! to continue our winning ways!!!! CHAMPIONSHIPS NOT FISHING TRIPS!!!!!!

    • J C

      remember ’09 finals??

  • Violet Kanian

    it’s too late now -_-

    • Ed

      Type your comment here. Well said, Violet. Couldn’t have said it better myself. How about a cup of coffee to discuss these latest Lakers issues?

  • Ronin99

    He’s been in the NBA for over 9 years and he can’t handle petty issues, on or off the court??? Hire Ron-Ron’s psychiatrist and find some toughness.

  • Mike

    Pau was talking about the report that he stopped talking to Kobe during
    the playoffs because Kobe’s wife apparently had played a part in Pau’s girlfriend breaking up with him.

  • Jack Yang

    Time to trade Gasol for Dwight? Definitely! It’s pretty clear that anyone aside from Kobe/Bynum/Lamar is trade-able this off-season because they simply didn’t give a crap about playing as a team and competing every night.

    • flid

      If it wasn’t for Pau, we wouldn’t have gone to the Finals three consecutive years. We just need to expand our bench

      • ilikebasketball

        expand our bench and get a point guard. it’s been said for years, but this year proved it. fisher needs to go, or at least go tot he bench as a backup.
        we need a young defensive minded point guard.

    • kwickficks

      before you say that, think about how scary it would be playing AGAINST pau gasol. yeah, of course he just needs to nut up or shut up, but don’t forget that he’s a dope player, he’s just too emotional. we all know about emotions getting the best of us, looking back at kobe’s sexual assault situation despite picking up payton and the mailman. let’s not get crazy cuz pau had a bad playoff year. he’s an amazing player and he’s done a lot for us since the first day he showed up. he just gotta not let his personal life effect his job

      • NoDefense

        it doesn’t matter how good you are in the reg season,if you don’t bring it to the playoffs.

  • laffsatu

    dwight for kobe?lets do it now!!!

    • Thethugmaster09

      you sound like an idiot trading dwight for kobe

      • J C


        • LALA

          Kobe is the only one who has earned his rights to have job security in LA.

    • Bobbylacatus

      u must be smokin some good shit!


    For the Lakers: It’s more than high time to shed the soft label they have acquired… As a long time Lakers fanatic: I for one am tired of witnessing such a delicate nature representing my beloved Lakers team.

  • NoDefense

    Pau’s weak on D,,,,but more of a glaring issue, is our guard play…………..we need help,knock down shooter.