Is it time to freak out? Sound-off!

Lakers Basketblog: Phil Jackson said after Saturday’s practice that Pau Gasol would not play on Sunday against the Atlanta Hawks.

It’s the third straight regular season game missed by the Spaniard, who strained his hamstring in the preseason.

  • lainok

    It’s better that they sit him out and get him healthy now, rather than april. 73 wins would be nice, but a title would be nicer. And we aren’t going to get that if our second best player is hurt. The only reason people would freak out is because we got smashed the last game. And with the way that game went, we would have gotten smashed even is Pau had been playing. Just get him healthy and bring him back when he’s ready.

  • Batz

    So this really is kinda serious…

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Lets hope it isnt as bad as Gasol thinks it is.

  • tom

    lainok got it spot on. nothing to worry about until a medical test comes back with something more serious and threatening.

    any news on medical treatments and/or a more comprehensive diagnosis? :| aren’t they testing for anything more serious just to see if it really IS just a strained hamstring…?

  • Justin M.

    This can be either one of two things. Its more serious than what the Lakers and Gasol claims it is, or that Gasol is over exaggerating like he did with his “back spasms” in Memphis. Whatever it is we need Gasol back in the lineup so the Lakers can make there mark on this season sooner than later

    • KB24ForLife

      their mark**

  • Robert

    This type of thing happens when player play during the summer for International teams (same things happened to Manu Ginobili). Even Dirk was asked to take summer off (and he’s playing like a monster now).
    Anyway, this is actually not so bad, because it gives Pau a needed rest from his summer run. The only possible liability is if the Lakers lost some games, and lost the home court because of those losses. Otherwise, it’s better to save our #2 for later on in the season. No reason to prolong any injury this early on.

  • mr.clutch101

    Lakers arent used to facing adversity this early in the season, but if they want to be the champs again they better get their together. They have more than enough talent to do so, kobe, bynum, lamar, and artest need to step it up.

  • shannon4mvp

    mr.clutch101, I 100% agree with you. They need to step up a little.

    • WifelovesLuke

      OK, you and MrClutch101 need to take a step back and understand that we are 1 and 1 two games into the season. Face adversity? Are you serious? Two games in? Let go of the panic button guys?