It seems that Pau feels that there’s a chip on his shoulder going into this Finals series. Gasol recieved much of the heat following our elimination in 2008, when his “soft label” reach its peak.Yahoo’s Marc Spears writes…

Yahoo! Sports: The Los Angeles Lakers had eliminated the Phoenix Suns to secure their third consecutive trip to the NBA Finals, and Pau Gasol was on his way to the team bus. He knew where he was headed, but also where he had come from. Gasol is increasingly recognized as the game’s greatest power forward, but he hasn’t forgotten that more than a few people questioned two years ago whether he had the mettle to help Kobe Bryant win a championship.

Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics manhandled Gasol in the 2008 Finals, overwhelming the Lakers’ frontline on their way to the championship. Now, Gasol gets another crack at the Celtics and a chance to show how much he has grown in these two years.

“I just remember all the criticizing after the Finals,” Gasol told Yahoo! Sports. “Nothing was really made of the fact that we got there and what we did to get there and the things we did well. I was one of the people that the media focused on sticking and criticizing.”

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  • tradesasha

    you better be motivated pau, or else KG gonna smack you around again this time around….I hope you bring it this time and show kg and everyone in the league that who’s the man!! Lets go LAKERS!! Revenge is a sweet remedy baby!!

  • lakeb


  • LakersFirst


  • lakers0828

    I find It Funny how all these Celtic Fans are all Taking Shots at Lakers and Pau Really Since 08 FInals I have Seen Pau Dominate KG at the PF not once but 4 times in there Season Meeting So I Expect Pau to Come out Playing with a Chip on his Shoulder

  • gugy

    Pau needs to really shine in the finals.
    We need all players to give 110%. This will not be a easy series, but if we maintain the HCA in the first two games, pretty sure Lakers will win it all.

  • lakers are the bomb

    Pau make Garnett your bitch , He is washed up ,Laker legacy is now.
    Win it for LA remeber 08 .We need to kill this team.
    Fuck Boston

  • kb24dbest

    Pau has to produce in the post. He has to use his quickness and blow by Perkins or make his jump shots. He cannot back down Perkins but he can play smart by getting Perkins in foul trouble and hopefully get a Technical to suspend him for one game.
    Pau has not been Pau like the last 4 games against Phoenix. He cannot be intimidated by Perkins or KG.
    In 2008, Pau was taken out of his game because he was pushed outside the post by KG and Perkins and he was too far off his post comfort zone, he got discouraged too early, and was not productive the entire series.
    Pau has to expect that KG, Wallace, and Perkins are going to try to bully him, but he should not be discouraged and just play his game.
    Pau has to outplay KG for us to win.