Not a good way to start the week. We only hope the news only can get better from now on…

notgoodL.A. Times: Lakers forward Pau Gasol underwent a sonogram that showed a possible tear in his right hamstring, and he is not expected to play on the team’s upcoming two-game road trip, the team said.

Gasol also had a more complex MRI exam today on his hamstring, and those results will be known by Tuesday.

Gasol is traveling with the Lakers for their games in Oklahoma City on Tuesday and in Houston on Wednesday but will not play. “We don’t expect him to play on this trip,” Lakers spokesman John Black said.

Gasol, a two-time All-Star, has missed all three of the Lakers’ regular season games and their last six exhibition games.

  • Michael_23

    Hopefully it’s just a minor thing. But why didn’t they do this sonogram earlier in training camp? Anyways I hope we don’t hear that he’ll be out for a few more weeks or months but rather in just a few days.

    • desecrator93

      if it is indeed i tear, id expect him to be out for at least another couple weeks unfortunetely. But better this happen early in the year with a heavy home schedule than later in the year like with KG last year.

      • WifelovesLuke

        Well said, sir!

        No need to hit the panic button 3 games into the season and as you said, we have a heavy dose of home games in the first 20 of the season.

        Main man Gasol needed the break anyways and the front office knows that the second half of the season will be back loaded with a lot of away games and we will need a healthy and rested Gasol for a long playoff push. Shaq did something similar in the third season of the 3-peat.

  • lakers0828

    Well Get the Sergery now and get back soon

  • SD Anthony

    This is pretty irritating considering all of his injuries are occuring during the garbage season (euro/pre).

  • Robert

    actually, remember the 2008 season: KG was out for a few weeks, or months. When he came back, he was charged up and the Celdicks won the finals. Same thing will happen here, with Gasol. He’ll be resting up, and then ramp up, build up steam, and by the playoffs he’ll be a monster. This is a blessing in disguise.