Gasol getting some love… If Kobe wasn’t a freak of nature, Gasol would’ve been the best player in the West this past week. But I like the under-the-radar look at Gasol.

RealGM: The Los Angeles Lakers’ Pau Gasol was named the Western Conference Player of the Week.

  • MILO

    they are some haters! wtf i think Gasol deserves it but Kobe should be the players of the week…

  • Eidraq

    gasol was great but really? this one was kb hands down

  • Chris Manning

  • Freshh

    How do you post IMG?


  • LA YO

    How does Lebron get player of the week? sure he had a performance at msg but he got punkd in his own place…not only did he have no answers to the Laker D on him in the paint, but his team looked like a joke when they were asked to pick it up bc he ouldn’t. Gasol deserves it a lot of times, but it was Kobes week cuz all of his hard work has payed off..He now has the team behind him that he has been developing all this time when when he gives other guys the ball to shoot the game winning shot against the Spurs,,when he’s hot too..KObe had done an amazing job and is MVP


    Kobe goes 6-0 and they give Lebron Player of the week!? Kobe has the best Scoring performance ever at MSG, ends two streaks, and punks Lebrons team with the Flu and people still say mvp Lebron hahaha he’s a great player, but Kobe can do it all and much more, but one of them realizes that doing it all doesn’t win the Rings..spurs showed that to Lebron a few years back..dont he get it? See how Kobe can go into MSG and know that his big men are going to grab the rebounds bc he makes sure of it and that the triangle is going to have a bunch of confident guys who can step up at any time and get great assist and shots off…Kobe sees the big picture and is MVP He knows how to get the Rings and will now with this team he as developed.Kobe MVP MVP MVP Kobe has his team ready to sweep Boston and the Cavs ..much more impressive process then bring three vets together or trying to go 80 sum games doing it all and expecting to beat an actual TEAM like the Lakers..LAKERS RULE

  • sketch


    I feel you both on that! My points exactly! The media and the NBA is jockin hard to get LeHype that MVP award, when he totally doesn’t deserve it! Both times that LeHype went up against Kobe, he got out played! The first time, Kobe had a dislocated ring finger on his shooting hand and the second time the flu, and Kobe still out-performed LeHype. Fcuk the media and the NBA!

    Kobe not only out-performed LeHype this week, in LeHype’s own crib, but he kept the Lakers together after Bynum went out! The Lakers could have totally folded, but they dug down deep and emerged from the fire was LO!

    Sure Kobe got help throughout the last 2 games from LO, but so does LeHype. He gets help from Mo and as you can see with Z and Wally. That’s bull$hit that LeHype is named player of the week alongside Pau. It should be Pau and Kobe all the way!

    Fcuk you media and NBA for washin LeHype’s balls! He’s not even worthy of carrying Kobe’s jock strap! King my ass, that fool’s been exposed and his kingdom overthrown by the Lakers!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


    For sure sketch
    Lebron is a huge guy who can get to the rim because of his size but as exposed in the Lakers game..put some tough guys on him who are not scared to stand down and well, he doesn’t have the technique and skills that Kobe has to finish. Kobe is the best finisher in the game and within Three feet of the basket too. Doesn’t matter the size, Kobe is a perfectionist at finishing and can get it done in anyway against any size… anywhere on the court too. They keep saying that Lebron is the best all around player in the league cuz look at his stats. STATS don’t mean nothing!!!.. you play the game to win and if your team needs you to do eveything bc you play in a position that you can do so and you are big enough to draw attention so you are either going to the basket like a trian and you have the opportunity to pass the ball to someone wide open every time because of your train status then of course you are going to get assist.
    Kobe plays to win and to win rings..he has big men who he trust to grab rebounds because they have too in big situations and when they didn’t rebound he made sure they learned how..lebrons big guy doesn’t know how to do anything in the paint..Kobe runs his offense in the triangle..sure he can grab attention all day by dribbling and passing out but he runs the triangle..everyone passes and gets assist..why do you think Fish doesn’t get all kinds of assist as a PG with Great scorers in most everyone. Everyone passes the ball all over and everyone gets shots.. Kobe shouldn’t be getting the stats like Lebron all the time..He balances it out and reads the game perfectly..that’s why his stats are always different.
    Kobe’s style of playing seems to be a lot more productive and a lot more smarter then Lebrons..Kobe has the team and Teams win Championships..Kobe is the more dominant force between the two anyways..comparing stats mean know Kobe is the Best of all time.. He is.Period. He can do everything on the court, but he’s smart and look at what they lakers have!
    When Kobe is in his late 30’s he’s gonna have Bynum in his prime..Kobe has it all set up! MVP

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    bullcrap putting gasol and not kobe players of the week
    what does kobe need to do?
    i mean gasol played great but kobe was at another level…
    nba is shameful trying to rob another mvp to kobe!
    they all lick leblowjop balls!!!!!!
    fucc stern !!!!!!

  • imfasterthanur


  • Gasoline

    Fuck you, Kobe biased fans. Gasol deserved to have some credit. Lakers aren´t only Kobe and Bynum, you know.

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #61632 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What’s with the profanity toward other Laker fans?

    Gasol deserves credit, no doubt. But How often does a player score 61 in a week and LEAD a team to a 6-0 road trip without getting player of the week?

    Questionable, but that’s just my opinion.

  • juilliard lakers fan

    the league is trying to rob Kobe Bryant from MVP This year for sure. Gasol is great and deserves player of the week, but there’s no way Lebron had a better week then Kobe. This league needs to stop trying to make Lebron the best in the world. Kobe did it all by himself without the leagues help who wasn’t ready for the greatest of all time Kobe Bryant to come around when MJ was going out. Kobe is The Best Basketball Player on the Planet.

  • kb24bestever

    Wow the NBA needs to hop off lebrons dick.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    its funny…Kobe didnt even get recommended to be put on the Players of the Week thing.

  • ilikebasketball

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  • imfasterthanur

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    This deserves its own thread lol

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