This translated article (originally in Spanish) gives some pretty cool quotes from Pau and how he felt about his game 3 performance. The guy is ready to step it up in game four. Here is a little part of the article… I’ve done a good job in D, but an ugly one in O. It has been one of my worst games ever. Jet lag, long journey, I didn’t feel ok. At the end of the day, all that little things counted and I did not feel good.

… I have to improve my game in the fourth.

  • junjun

    You see guys it will be nice if we hade a Spanish section will get more hits here on TNL. Boston, welcome to LA. GO LAKERS

  • lalaland

    he needs to show up big in game 4 kobe cant do it by himself and you cant expect sasha to get 20 again.

  • Vgarcia

    JunJun, I also agree it would definitely get more hits. I do want to say that even though Gasol and some of the other guys did not play well. Our MVP really came through and demonstrated why he is the best!!!

  • Eryk

    Yeah He needs to step it up in game four but more importantly he needs to step it up even more in game 5 and most importantly if we go back to boston up three games to two he definately cant have another bout of Jet Lag and not preform because if we are going to win one in boston thats the one that it needs to be.

  • David

    He was probably drinking and partying the night before the game.

  • Ignard

    And while you’re at it wake Lamar & Luke’s aces up.


    I not givin’ up on you.Just get about 21/9 and everyone will be back on your THE SACK!

  • lakerschamps08

    look kobe needs to come out in game 4 and just start dishing to pau and odom for layups and dunks, and radman and fusher for 3s and if they aint hitting them well then he needs to goooooo fu king crazy… gasol should have a great game 4. then odom has a great game 5 and go to that town up 3-2.. and in game 6 kobe gonna win it for us… simple BUT WE MUST WIN NEXT 2 GAMES IF WE DONT IT OVER…. CUZ WE AINT WINNING 2 IN THAT TOWN…. BUT I GOT FAITH GO LAKERS

  • Smush Walton

    At least Pau came up big at the end – cleaning up after all of Lame-ar’s mindless blown shots at the end. Without those put backs we lose. Pau usually is a pretty good freethrower so he needs to get back on track there too.

  • ab4sure

    He had a very good 4th.

  • Rinnegato

    He needs to rebound better, shoot freethrows better, go the rim HARD, stop complaining if he doesn’t get a call, and play D!!

  • ALex M. Garcia

    it’s showtime!!!!!!!!

  • BuyLakersTickets

    At least he knows he needs to step up!!!

    Remember what you said Pau – “I will fight to the death!”

  • Michael24

    goooooo gasoooool

  • lakerferlife7

    Gasol will bounce back in game 4……i dout that lamar will….if he doesnt step up in the next couple of games HES DONE in LA….GET RON ARTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • .

    Thank goodness, the source himself admits it. I thought I was the only one seeing he’s not living up to his standards. Everyone here, considering they’re all so narrow- and biased-minded, keeps saying, “Gasol did his job… Stop hating on Gasol…” Even if it shows he does good statistically, his physicality is real, real, real, real, real, real, real, real poor. From the way he’s been playing, I’m not even sure if he matches WNBA’s physicality.

  • DingleBerry

    man up in game 4 biatch!!!