Gasol is upset with his lack of touches; and most of us probably don’t blame him. This isn’t the first time this has happened either.

L.A. Times: The question left Pau Gasol pondering, even searching for the right answer.

He had just scored 17 points in the Lakers’ 106-103 loss to the Denver Nuggets in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals Thursday night at Staples Center.

He had just grabbed 17 rebounds, five on the offensive end. He had just made seven of 10 free throws. He had just blocked two shots and played 44 minutes.

Gasol was looking to be aggressive, but he took only eight shots.

Should he demand the ball more?

“I don’t know what should I do anymore,” an exasperated Gasol said.

He sighed. He had put in the effort. He had tried to help carry the load and not leave it all up to Kobe Bryant.

But eight shots — he made five — was not what Gasol had hoped for, not with the way he had been playing.

“I’m playing hard, as hard as I can. I’m trying to give my best effort out there,” Gasol said. “When I get the ball, I try to make good decisions and I try to be aggressive. I’m going to continue to be aggressive and continue to do my job and help us as much as I can and hopefully get a few more touches.”

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  • gugy

    I predict Gasol will have a monster game tonight.
    I think he is frustrated, but he will rebound and show why he is an All-Star.
    I do hope Bynum will have a good game too. We need him to start building confidence.
    Let’s go and get a win tonight!

  • lakeshow

    this soft piece of crap needs to stop his noise hes one of the few lakers i see getting the ball alot but when they get it they choke with it he got the ball and missed 2 critical free throws down the stretch so why complain??

  • lilkobe24

    [Comment ID #72567 Will Be Quoted Here]
    “so why complain?” are you fkcing retarded? so many fcking retards in this site… this “soft piece of crap” helped us get here dumb bltch. without him this team is horrible. he’s right, he should get more touches. without him this team will lose to the denver. so fck all of u gasol haters.

  • lakeshow

    @ lilkobe24 ur an fag if we had shaq instead of gasoft we would of probably got a nba title last year and to think this guy would learn from last year final when he got man handled by garnett and ray ray haha.

  • Jason

    Likekb24 is actually right, Gasol is playing over 42 mins per game, his presence on the floor is monumental for this team and he only took 8 shots? Gasol needs 15 shots at least per game.

    Gasol does have a tendency to have crap games some times and get pushed around but to discredit what Gasol has done for this teams shows a complete lack of knowledge for basketball. If Gasol was so soft and crappy Phil wouldn’t be using him for 44 minutes.

  • lilkobe24

    [Comment ID #72587 Will Be Quoted Here]

    we had shaq for 2004 and lost. dumb shyt. dont u know anything about chemistry? fcking tard

  • lakeshow

    and we had shaq in 2000 to 2002 and won titles too huh? u sound dumb as fuck!

  • thabloody5th

    STFU Lakeshow. Dumb@ss F*CK BOY


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    Did Lakeshow turn you down last night when you propositioned him? He is your F*CK BOY. L

  • Butch

    When is the real Bynum gonna show up?
    Gasol looks good to me. But like the announcers said during Game 3, “Gasol needs to demand the ball more. He’s the key.”

  • lilkobe24

    [Comment ID #72700 Will Be Quoted Here]

    we had shaq and still lost too. dont know shyt about chemistry? dumb shyt