pauO.C. Register: Pau Gasol injured his left index finger during a practice with the Spanish National team and was taken to the hospital for x-rays as a precautionary move, a Spanish website reported.

Lakers spokesman John Black said he received a call from Gasol’s agent, but as neither Mitch Kupchak or trainer Garry Vitti knew anything about the potential injury. Black said the team would be investigating the situation.

According to a loose translation of the story on, Gasol injured the finger on his non-shooting hand while attempting to block a teammate’s shot. The team is awaiting results of the x-rays.

We’ll keep you updated with any developments.

Marca: 20 días para poder empezar a tocar balón cuando faltan 28 para que arranque la competición.

Translation: 20 days ’til he can touch the ball again, when 28 days more days ’til the competition.

We’ll keep you updated if anything new comes in…

  • Xtro

    Dios mio! Like I said these foreign players should sign a contract that they cannot play for their respective nation’ s te
    in the off seasonto avoid injuries.

  • gugy

    I don’t think we have reason to worry.
    But I agreed that this international games should be close monitored by the NBA in order to avoid injuries for the stars.
    Parker was also injured in this same championship. Also Gasol should be resting since he did played a lot for Spain last olympics.

    • Lakers fan

      Yeah i agreed 2

  • OaklandLakers

    This is gona be fine. Don’t blow it up. Non-shooting hand, and basketball doesn’t start for a minute.

  • Bshawk

    Shut ‘er down. Git this hombre home pronto.

  • gus26

    i hate international play.. its stupid why put yourself at risk?.. he could just as easy hurt something else.. all i’m gonna say is no one says anything about a player when he gets hurt in regular nba play.. but the day someone has a season ending injury in international play.. then we will finally all say something.. just think of this.. what if in 07 bynum blew out his knee in the summer practicing with team USA.. would everyone still be like whatever about his injury?..

  • TDR

    GRrrrrrRRRRR….. this is what came to my mind when Sasha got injured. Dam Dam Dammm!

  • Patrick Chewing

    he should have a snickers bar

  • Michael_23

    Take the rest of the summer off Pau. You’ll need it!

  • kb24

    psh…kobe didnt need surgery

    • lilkobe24

      well that’s because its not broken ! HES GA-STRONG

  • Robert

    At least this will keep him from injuring something else more critical. BTW, does this mean that he is skipping the rest of the EuroLeague playoffs? Is it known whether he will continue to play if the Euro season isn’t over after 3 weeks?

  • lovekb

    Anyway, bad news.

    hope Pau will be fine soon.

  • Denny


  • are u stupid

    don´t cry about the international games. what´s up whit u guys. it´s an honor for this guys to play in international tournaments. when u argue like this nobody should be able to play for theire country while playing in the nba. also your players from the usa…
    but that doesnt come to most of your minds.
    so stop talking shit…

    • gus26

      i know exactly what i’m saying.. and what i’m talking about.. and i rather have kobe NOT play for team USA.. international play should be for players who do not have OBLIGATIONS to CONTRACTS for PROFESIONAL teams.. aka the college students.. these teams are paying these players millions of dollars for their service (playing basketball).. they should hold the right to have their service exclusivley..

      • 242LakerFan

        Thank goodness players like Kobe, LeBron and D Wade don’t share values like yours, Gus. Or do you enjoy the rest of the world mopping the floor with second and third tier NBA players and college greenhorns who just aren’t ready or good enough to compete with the professional level players the rest of the world puts on the court?
        The NBA doesn’t OWN these players and if they can’t deliver, they don’t get all those millions.
        If you’re ever offered the chance to represent your country internationally, I hope your commitment to your obviously burgeoning bank account doesn’t interfere with your patriotism.

  • Victor

    F-U-CK F-U-CK F-U-CK F-U-CK F-U-CK F-U-CK F-U-CK F-U-CK F-U-CK F-U-CK F-U-CK F-U-CK. Its better to lose Vujacic than Gasol.

  • mastarockafella

    Chill..he’ll be fine.

  • 242LakerFan

    I seem to remember a young, jerry-curled power forward named AC Green taking over the starting spot from Curt Rambis and playing a good chink of that season with a huge bandage around his left index finger. He was very effective. I don’t think this will be a problem. It’s not as though the NBA season starts in two weeks and he’ll miss a week.
    Just calm down, folks.

  • BostonSmeldicks

    fück you all people saying that nba players should not be allowed to play international games. you all fückin messed up your mind. these players represent their country. its not always about the money. if all nba players were not allowed to play international games then kobe jordan lebron pippen etc wouldnt have gold medals. same as with their country AND OTHER SPORTS as well. so stop whining like a pussy. injuries happen. at least gasol’s injury was due to a higher cause – practicing to represent his country. stop being pussies people.

  • gamedog

    no big deal I get nervous when are international players go play for there national team but dont be stupid or selfish if pau or anyone wants to go and play for there country they should be able to and no team should have any say so in the matter its like you guys are trying to hold him prisoner in L.A. you just be proving people right about people in L.A. dont care about anyone but themselves the only thing you can do is root gasol on and hope he dosent get hurt

  • PurpleCobra1

    We can’t fault the guy for doing what he wants to do. As a Lakers fan, of course I want our guys to take the summer off and just chill and recover from the long season. But guys like Gasol are ballers…they just want to keep playin’ ball. I’m sure we all can relate to that at some point in our lives. Maybe this was blessing! Now he has to take the time off to kick back. Everything will be fine my fellow Lakers-Fans.


    WTF!?!! This is what I hate about these players participating in their respective home country’s national team! There’s just another chance of them getting injured! And it’s not even like that Spanish team is going to get the gold in anything as long as the U.S. National team is in the competition!

    Oh well, I guess since we all root for our own guys to be on the Olympic Team ie… Kobe, LeBrick, D-Wade, etc… we should cut our Spaniard some slack when he plays for his national team!

    Get better soon foolio! Oh, and get to the weight room! I’m expecting Bynum to come back in even better shape than the start of last season since he’s been working out with D Howard!

  • gugy

    Well on the good side, Gasol will rest on the next 3 weeks and be ready for action when the season starts.

  • Andu

    Gasol said in Marca he´ll play in Eurobasket and risk his finger.

  • ricky

    At least it’s nothing too serious…seems like Pau will be able to bounce back and be healthy enough to start the season. I really wish he would just rest the entire summer and then train for the season as it comes up, but national pride is just too strong in him to not play for Spain and that’s respectable. I hope he just stays healthy and this is the least of our worries, I want to see a fully healthy season for 09-10 and take it all the way again!


  • Brilliant Ngeth

    hope he’s alright. we need a healthy pau to help defend the title

  • BShawk

    There goes Re-peat.

  • fan

    Here’s what I think is fair for everyone. If players choose to do any extra-curricular activities(including international play) then the team has the option to modify the contracts based on the degree of the injury.

  • Mitch4Pres

    ever since the lakers nation switched its format our players have been getting injured. switch it back this sh!t is bad karma or something not to mention mad confusing and redundant

  • D-Fish4Governor

    gasol will be okay before the season starts. its just august 12 people.

  • Anthony

    I hope the Lakers reign this in. I’m of the belief that the NBA supercedes any international competetion (including USA gold). How would any of you felt if Pau got upended by one of our players during the gold medal game? I would have expected Kobe to run over there and lay out any of his team USA boys for messing with Pau. The players may feel much different about it, but it is not about them at this level. It is about the fans and the team. Get better soon, and come home now!

  • 242LakerFan

    Thank you to all the right-thinking posters out there for backing up our boy.
    As for the rest of you, well, this is why the world in general is sinking deeper in the ish. Your priorities are so out of whack…making money is more important than representing your country?
    I’m not trying to say you’re shallow, but I just dropped a dime in you and only one side got wet.




    yessss this is gonna make the Lakers unbeatable now, The lakers will win 4 in a row. Viva la Lakers!!!!!

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