Pau Gasol had something to say after the win against the Nuggets.

Twitter: “We showed (again) that we’re a better team then them.”

  • Alex Crowell

    That’s right Pau!! Keep up the good work #Lakers

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    he’s right!when we are not just letting them play us.and learning how they play we do with the cav’s,we are a better team .and in the playoffs we will be the team.

  • pauer

    Barely, just barely. Now we they have to go prove it in Denver

  • BillSimmonSFAIL

    HAHA You go PAU!

  • Anthony

    That’s a first for Pau. Kudos dude!

  • Lakers 24 7

    The Lakers can beat Denver easily, they just have to limit their turnovers and play that defense they played in the second half.

    btw, Pau, it’s THAN, not THEN. lol

    • hello world

      unless pau posted this then it’s the reporters fault and yes i pointed that out as well. lol

  • person above me… your retarded

    to Lakers 24 7, pau didnt twitter that, the reporter that interviewed him did. look harder

    • Lakers 24 7

      They should fire his ass!

  • Byneazy17

    dude pau did not need to reduce himself to their tactics…we get annoyed when they trash talk us and we dont need to play that game. good win but lets not act like those fools

    • desecrator93

      agreed. We BARELY beat them today and they completely outplayed us in the first half. Its gonna be a huge stuggle if we are to play them again in the postseason.

      • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

        dude you obviously know nothing!it could be a struggle.but,i think you will see a very different lakers team come post season

        • desecrator93

          thats probably true but I’m just sayin its not gonna be easy since they took it to 6 last yr and they are better this year. So yeah, its gonna be a struggle. Especially if Kobe continues to struggle against Afflalo.

          • Lakers 24 7

            Kobe will rape Afflalo in the post-season. He lets the younger guys have their success and fame in the regular season, then, he turns it up. Kobe’s the best at making adjustments.

  • ilikebasketball

    than them, not “then them”.

    • lakerfan_4ever

      but you understood what he was trying to say,right? Now STFU!!!!!!!

  • LakeShowAllDay

    Show Em Wut it Do Pau

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Pau needs to
    stfu and man up he keeps crying we get a gritty win and this muthaf’er acts like we handled them
    my message to Pau: listen clown boy worry about rackin up these wins and holding up the trophy not tweeting about what u barely accomplished.
    let’s go LA!

    • lakerfan_4ever

      “what u barely accomplished”??? 2 straight trips to the Finals,one championship,he helped Spain to win the 2009 FIBA European Championship,named best European player 2 straight years…we have the best record in the West and you talking sh** against Pau???….next time you open your mouth, please use something that is inside your head right underneath your skull….doctors call it brain,I call it fu***ng common sense!!!!

      • TheLakerGenera11

        Common sense???? Hold on so let me get this straight…So the lakers escape with a win a gr8t win but keyword ESCAPE and Pau should talk crap as if we dominated from tip??? #1 Pau who is a tremendous player didn’t get a taste of NBA “winning” until he joined the Lakers dnt get me wrong w/o Pau LA wouldn’t hold up banner 15 but it was a total team effort minus Adam Morrison so dnt question me about Pau statements when he throws slick shots at Kobe Bryant, when PAU doesn’t like to get physical When PAU gets pulled out at the end of regulations for key defensive stops when PAU misses key freethrows in games LA could have won I.e. Dallas, Memphis etc. My point is everyone has a dog day game Im cool wit that, everyone makes mistakes including Pau Gasol evry1 should be held accountable for wins and losses not box scores idiot! It’s a feel good win but let’s all stfu and keep working towards banner 16! Btw your a clown too if your some laker fanatic that thinks these championships come easy! F Denver let’s take care of business and get back to the promise land not worry about their trash talk bs.