After Game 1, Pau decides to give his thoughts on how Garnett played. Here’s what he said.

ESPN: “On Kevin’s part, he’s also lost some explosiveness,” said Gasol, who had 23 points and 14 rebounds. “He’s more of a jump shooter now you could say, comes off the lane. Before he had a really, really quick first step and was getting to the lane and he was more aggressive then. Time passes and we all suffer it one way or another, but he’s still a terrific player, a terrific competitor, and he’s going to bring everything he’s got. You can count on that.”

  • Lakers 24 7

    Pau Gasol ain’t nun to fuck with!

    • Marc Spector

      HAHA! ima go pop in that wu tang cd right now and play the sh*t like its ’93

  • Remy

    everybody be ready for game 2…we all know the celtics won’t be a pushover…and they might be motivated by this so…be prepare

    • Marwan Marzina

      I’m pretty sure the 2008 Finals motivated the Lakers more than Game 1 motivated the Celtics.

      • Marc Spector

        AMEN! 2008 has been motivating this team. Pau’s just callin it like he sees it. I can’t believe KG blew some bunnies in the paint. He was just so shook about our bigs challenging the shots. I’m expecting him to jack up a little more jump shots to try and prove a point but that’s about it. He looked old out there. Haha!

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    The headline is just a bit of a stretch in my opinion, it makes it seem like trash talk. But Gasol is correct and it’s obvious. We can say the same about the GREATEST PLAYER OF ALLLLLLL TIME, Kobe. He is not the dunking machine he once was, but he is still the BEST.
    Kobe forever……….

    • Marc Spector

      the footwork is insane! he can get to all of his sweetspots on the floor. before he used to just blow by you. now he sets you up to go one way and then he goes the other.

  • jg

    While Pau does get respect, I am partial to the fact that when victory occurs once again in the Land of the Angels, that Pau shall be awarded MVP of the series. While Kobe is unquestionably the best player in the game, and most likely the best who has ever played…without his sidekick (Pau), the Figueroa Street Dance would probably not be happening. With this fact in mind, pay your respects to the best BIG MAN in the game today by knighting him the ruler of Hollywood. Yes, H-wood, is now known as “Gasollywood”. In fact, go to, grab a T, and wear it with pride. This fun little project has some major sincerity to it as well. Every T purchased will equal $1 donated to the World Vision Charity. Any support would be most appreciated. I look forward to dancing in the streets of LA with everyone in one week.
    Ps – how beat up did the C’s look last night? How age can tear up a body.


    • kobe-wan kenobi

      you are an idiot
      no fukking way pau deserves mvp more than kobe
      and no kobe doesnt need another player to steal all his accomplishments nash, dirk, shaq
      fukk that

      gasol is great but he is the second best player he does not deserve to win mvp

      KOBE worked his ass off for this, much more than gasol
      stop robbing the lakers goat
      u disrespectful mofo

      • Ansu

        And you call yourself a Lakers fan? GTFO you big idiot. The team is over the players. Lakers are more important than Kobe.

      • jg

        Hey there “Laker Fan”. I’m one of the biggest fans there is. You mustn’t get all testy with my comment. Kobe, as I mentioned, is the best that has ever played…no questions. However, keep in mind that he can’t do it himself. And if you were to ask him about MVP, he could care less. He wants number 5 and 6, and it will happen. Pau will be the reason why they get over the hump, thus giving him MVP status. Just one man’s opinion. And keep in mind, we’re on the same team here.

  • si pepe

    wowowow! Pau is talking huh! let us just be prepared for game 2..double the energy, double the power. Go lakers. Lakers forever!:)

  • gus26

    block, block, block, block.
    pa pa pa PA PA PA PAUer

    • gus26

      (the rite guard commercial)

      • BE_A_LakerFan

        Old Spice

        • gus26

          oh yeah!… lol.. thanks

  • CS

    These are out of context. Pau was asked to compare KG now to when Pau first played against him 9 yrs ago. Media basically tricked him and gave a shortened sound bit to KG

    • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

      You are right. In that same sentence he went on a said that KG is still playing at a high level and that he will bring it every night and that’s for sure.

      Leave it to ESPN to try and make something out of nothing. Hopefully Pau will stand his ground because KG will come at him next game. I have a feeling Pau is gonna dominate him again.

  • Betto

    What Pau is saying is so true! I was a fan of KG before he went to Boston, he had this tenacity and power on the low post but after watching him miss a point blank lay up or could have been a dunk on game 1, he doesn’t seem to have his legs under him. He’s gonna come out and prove something for game 2 but I don’t think it’s gonna work. The Lakers should do everything they can to win game 2, when we head to Boston if we are only able to win 1 cause the nba wanting some drama we can come back to Staples and know that they can’t beat us at home. xD

  • willmo

    Again this is the media trying to make something out of nothing cause there are two days off in between games. From what i was hearing on the radio this story was magnified by the idiotic boston media cause they have nothing better to do with their time here in sunny LA. Pau still gave KG props but come on man he looked tired as hell in the 3rd qtr and his jumper has been non existent these playoffs. the reason they beat cleveland and orlando was due to jamison and lewis having no inside game and KG making them jump shooters the entire series, that won’t happen with Pau or Drew. the Lakers will have to play uptempo and vicious defense to wear these old farts out.

  • gus26

    the key for us is to just take care of the basketball… rondo is a beast when the oposition turns the ball over… thake care of the ball…
    hit the boards extra hard on both ends and game 2 is a laker win..

  • Robert

    A few things:
    Pau was just honestly answering a question, and as mentioned above, the media took it out of context to stir things up.
    It does seem strange that Pau would analyze a player’s performance this early in the series. He’s a smart guy, so even though he did give props to KG after commenting on his slowness, I’m wondering if there’s something else here. So I thought of 2 things:
    1) perhaps Pau is still pissed that the media is ‘still’ harping on his alleged softness (even after a tough game), and so he decided to redirect attention to aspects of other players (like KG’s slowing down).
    2) perhaps by saying the things he did, knowing that it might get to KG, that the latter would expend more of his apparently limited energy, and either play tougher (why would Pau want that?), or maybe take himself out of the series. My point is, it DOES appear that KG is still affected by the injury (even though he got a second wind). If he ‘overplays’ in Game 2, then it could cause him (KG) to run down even more.
    I think the Lakers’ strategy is, knowing that the Celtics are slowing down during this Finals (they’ve been ‘pushing it’ on their limited energy all playoffs long), that they will ‘run the Celtics into the ground’.
    The Celtics are a ‘heavier, slower’ team, and it has been a long season for them. If you run them hard, they will tire out, and the Lakers can blow by them (either by the 4th quarter, or by the end of this whole series). The Lakers are younger, faster, quicker (on average). Sure, Rondo is quick, fast, but that’s it! Big Baby, Perkins, Pierce, are ‘big’ guys. Make ‘em run hard, and fast. Lakers will ‘step up’ transition. Wear them out.
    OK, I was just speculating that Pau is helping to engage that type of behavior in KG. If he gets him going, then I believe the Celtics will be even sloppier, not better.
    Another thing I wanted to mention: the Lakers beat the Suns by ‘smaller’ margins. But they blew out the Celtics in the first game. This is a good sign. The Suns ‘barely’ lost the first 2 games, and came back. But they couldn’t overcome the Lakers. The Celtics will come back, but they have a ‘bigger’ deficit to overcome. They may get one win, but the Lakers will adjust and finish them off.
    Also, the Lakers playing ‘run & gun’ with the Suns helped them for this series. Again, they are going to ‘eventually’ out run the Celtics (they did a little of that already). But know that even that counts – injuries count, conditioning of players counts, all that plays into the nature of the game. Kobe is playing injured. That counts. The Celtics are tired. That counts. All part of the game.
    Lakers in 6 or less.

  • Dawkins

    hahaha hell yeah gasol, he str8 put garnett in his place. gasol is on another level right now, he has no reason to fear garnett. REPEAT REPEAT!

  • kb24dbest

    I know Gasol was just being honest, but it’s too early to say something like this. You save this comments after you hoist the trophy. Now he’s got KG pumped up, I just hope Pau can match his performance in Game 1. I’m not too sure if this was a smart comment by Gasol.

  • Betto

    What Pau said it’s true and the media seem to have twisted his words so it motivates KG for game 2, some reporters went as far as supposedly Pau saying that he’s gotten soft. He also calls him a terrific player and terrific competitor but reporters aren’t gonna channel that to KG.