L.A. Times: Pau Gasol had to stop running on a treadmill Saturday because he felt pain in his strained left hamstring, the Lakers forward-center said Sunday.

“There was soreness after a while,” he said. “It was the first day that I tried the treadmill. We stopped because of the soreness. Today we’re going to try it again and see how it goes.”

Gasol is expected to work out before the Lakers’ game tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Gasol will be sidelined for the game, his fourth consecutive missed game because of the hamstring.

“I can feel the pulling,” Gasol said. “If the pain is there and it increases when you do activity, then you’re not in a good place. It’s the wrong place to be.”

Gasol is expected to travel with the team for a two-game trip in San Antonio (Tuesday) and Dallas (Wednesday). The team is still calling him day to day.