Even without Bynum, Lakers show they are better against Spurs with Bryant, Odom riding the Gasol express.

L.A. Times: On the bright side for the San Antonio Spurs who were laid out Sunday, looking like the Ghost of Dynasties Past, at least they’re not likely to play the Lakers in the first round.

Bringing the Wildest West season into sharper focus . . . slightly . . . the Lakers wiped out the defending NBA champions, 106-85.

In yet another positive, the Spurs not only got to rest Manu Ginobili who had a groin injury, but Tim Duncan and Tony Parker too!

Both left for good 5:20 into the fourth quarter with the Lakers 18 points ahead, on their way to going up by as many as 26.

Mathematicians are still poring over the West standings, but we think the Lakers still have to beat Sacramento Tuesday to officially win the West.

On the positive side for the Lakers, after weeks of waiting for Andrew Bynum . . . apparently with weeks to go . . . they may be the best in the West as they are.

They’re 21-5 with Pau Gasol in the lineup, an .808 winning percentage which, projected over a season, would be better than Boston’s NBA-best .800.

With Gasol, they go from erratic fits and starts (see: the last three seasons) to sleek efficiency.

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  • sK

    gasol is legit

  • DingleBerry

    Gasol makes us competitive. The last few years was just terrible to watch as a laker fan. The FO gave us crap to watch with smoosh, cook and brown. Knowing when the playoffs start it will be 1 and out. This year The FO stepped up and gave KB help and just in the right time. Thank god the lakernation stepped up with KB and demanded changes, if not we might be stuck with the same garbage smoosh, cook, and brown. We may not win it all but the first time since shaq left i dont feel like its 1 and out anymore. thats all you can ask for as a fan is a chance for your team to win which we didnt have the last couple of years….

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #32757 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lakernation and kobe stepped up. Lakernation and kobe wanted Bynum’s ass shipped out for a 35 yr. old pt. guard, Lakernation wanted kwame shipped out and would take anything for him, wanted LO shipped out for Marion, a broken down JO, etcc…. we could continue.

    KB demanded changes??? KB demanded to be traded this summer and the FO stood firm becuase they knew they couldn’t get equal value. You should be thankful to the FO who didn’t listen to Kobe or others who demanded Dingleberry trades. Please stop rewriting history and just admit you were wrong and the FO was right. It you can’t admit you were wrong at least stop this history rewrite.

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  • DingleBerry

    [Comment ID #32781 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yea i’m sure that KB and the lakernation voicing its displeasure with the lakers had nothing to do with the improvements the lakers made. Yea and you dont suck cok. idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phant0M

    Im Sure u made some bad remarks also AB.