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There have been many RUMORS, and gossip sites reporting (without properly identifying sources) that Pau Gasol is having relationship issues with his girlfriend and that is one of the reasons why he is having a difficult time playing at the top of his game in the 2011 playoffs.

According to the O.C. Register, he suggested that some “media try to do their job the best they can and some try to do that.”

To me, it’s sad,” Gasol said, “because if there was any truth to it, you deal with it. But when they lie and make up stories, it’s not pleasant.”

There were also rumors swirling around the internet that Kobe Bryant’s wife may have had some kind of discord with Pau Gasol’s girlfriend, causing Kobe and Pau to have some issues. Kevin Ding from the Orange County Register reported the following:

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Gasol and the Lakers tip-off Game 4 against the Mavericks today at 12:30 PST.



    If it’s true, what’s up with Kobe’s wife getting people to stop balling? We had the drama with Malone and Kobe’s wife, Now Gasol girlfriend and Kobe’s wife!. Kobe check your wife please!!! Who wears the pants in the house guys?

    • Love my Lakers

      Amen, but u forgot that she also don’t Lamar odams wife ??? Why I mean I am a true Kobe fan but Kobe also needs a team and without GASOL he would not have gotten them rings, and a few more.

  • EAZ1027

    need to get this right because alot of Fans for the Lakers would like them to win. so the Hater can cover there head in shame that they make fun of the #1 team that is the Lakers (go Lakers make your moms happy

  • laffsatu


    • Ronin99


    • Gmonjimbo

      You mean one of the richest franchise in North American Sports.

  • Alcee1

    True or not, the Laker need to put everything aside and play as a team, team defense, rebound, and stop those lazy passes. This is the post season and there is nothing left, leave it all on the court. That’s if you want to win, the key word is want…..

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  • LakerMarc

    The Lakers are done for the season..the one consolation for me is that hopefully fewer of you wont be here next year, that is, the bandwagon fans… so you can suddenly appear somewhere else. I think the cockiness and the lack of heart and desire to win, a season long issue has finally caught up with the Lakers……THERE IS NO SWITCH!!!!!!! This gamer is humiliating and the lakers aren’t even going out with any dignity. I love my team but right now I am ashamed of them and their play out there.

    • Gmonjimbo

      Amen to that. The “True” Lakers fans will be their when it’s going good or bad.

  • lakerman34

    Yeah this is BS. It’s probably true. A friggin Laker official (anonymous) even confirmed it.

  • Rdawg565

    Celtics would have smashed on ur soft ass team anyway…but at least lamar an Khloe can start the new season earlier then planned. way to go classless franchise

    • Gmonjimbo

      Don’t judge the Lakers on whether they have class or not after just watching one game. I agree that Lamar and Bynum shouldn’t have acted on their frustrations, but these incidents do not make up the image of the Lakers.

      • lilrendawg

        i agree with what you said. thank you.

    • Lowprojr

      Shut your bitch ass up

    • Jane

      Such a hater! They only make us stronger.

  • Anonymous

    Before the playoffs started, I was thinking that we might be better off keeping Gasol, and trading Bynum. However, after seeing the way he’s been playing, we should definitely trade Gasol for Howard if we ever get the chance

  • Rene2440

    I think the lakers are one of the great teams there my team win or lose. im a true laker @kobe bryant @ lamar odom the six man @paul gasol you guys made me love the game and i will always be a true laker im a team player with youguys win or lose . @charles barkley @magic johnson @ james worthey im never. Im never a shame of being a true lakers fan . please stay togather as a team @ phill jackson may god bless you as a team and family . may god bless your familys

  • Jcurtis1981

    Lakers are garbage. Too old! They’ve been together too long. That’s why the Mav’s owned them 4-0. Bynum should be suspended 6 games for douche baggary, Fisher is 83 years old, Gasol literally thinks he has never comitted a foul (watch him after every foul he comitts, he argues EVERY call), Odom is the second most inconsistent player in the NBA (behind Gasol), and Kobe can’t do it by himself (I mean….he’s no Jordan for Christ sakes). And if you say “Jordan had help”! Actually he had the same help Kobe does now (post Shaq), and won 6 championships with garbage teammates. You’ll say “what about Pippen”? Who the heck is Pippen without Jordan? A mediocre forward, with limited skill, ask the Blazers. Want to know who Jordan is without Pippen? Still a 6 time NBA champion, and the best athlete to ever play anything. Kobe is at the end of a good career, Jordan finished the greatest sports figure ever. Jordan played basketball better than anyone did anything else. Better than Edger Alan Poe wrote books, better than Albert Einstein did math, and better than Babe Ruth played baseball. Kobe is a great player, but he’s no Jordan.

    • Alex

      Hahah don’t hate

  • Gamemaster142

    lol @ the haters j curtis too old we just won last year lmao and made playoffs this year your right kobe is no jordan  hes kobe dip shit maybe stop giving jordan head in the locker room next i bet he played better than ali fought lol dumb fuck