bodyO.C. Register: Yao Ming had 16 hard-fought points against the Lakers on Wednesday, many of which came after fighting off double teams, leaving the Houston center weary.

“I don’t think we prepared well (to play the Lakers). We need to learn a lesson from tonight,” Yao said after the Lakers rallied to beat the Rockets in Houston.

Maybe Yao should take lessons from Pau Gasol. Lesson 1: dumb bells.

The conversation between the two big men would center on how Gasol took to the weight room during the off-season in attempts to bulk up his 7-foot, 250-pound frame and shed the “soft” tag. And it’s helped considerably as Gasol has been able to match-up with the biggest (Shaq, Yao) and the toughest (Kevin Garnett).

“In the playoffs, you need to be at your best physically just to be able to compete because of the physicality that’s allowed to go on and you just need to step up to the plate,” Gasol said about his trip to the gym three times a week.

Gasol said he usually works with incline dumbbells “up to 70 or 80 pounds each dumbbell. I’ve been pretty consistent with it, and it’s paid off.”

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  • Mamba2410

    This guy has been crazy tough (for him) this season, I love Gasol’s newly-found aggressiveness, his strength, his composure in the paint, his greatly improved toughness, and when he gets mad…now the opponents will have to duck and cover once he gets mad and gets the ball and drives in…the dude is our “European Hulk” (I’d say something else, but I said European Hulk to implicate that he’s still not one of the Top 20 biggest or strongest big guy in the league, let alone Top 10! No offense Gasol…you’re still f***ing amazing on the court, “PC” (Point Center, P= to emphasize his finesseness and PG abilities, C= to emphasize his newly-found toughness/strength)!

  • sketch

    KG is not the toughest! I can’t believe that the writer of this article actually said that KG is the toughest! This is the guy who only gets into the face of the jose calderon, jared bayless, and other players who are smaller than him. When he got into LO’s face, LO got back into his and showed him what was up, and like a coward he got outplayed by LO and didn’t say anything else to LO!

    FCUK YOU KG! You’re not the toughest…You’re the biggest loser! And now, so is your team! FCUKER!

  • YellowPurpleFever