One-time Laker and NBA champion Gary Payton joined the T.Ocho Show to sound off on Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest and whether or not the Miami Heat can dethrone the Lakers.

(Even though we all know that’s not happening!)

Check out the clip after the break.


    The Glove spitting the real

  • jtshoopsblog

    Right now KB is.

  • Richard

    that’s right! KB24 is the man! you heard from the glove.

  • Giuliano

    Too bad other people can’t accept the truth that the Lakers will have a three-peat this year

  • Giuliano

    Lakers for three-peat BABY!

  • celtic killa

    forget pierce…the glove is also the truth.

  • marv

    Does it really matter that gary payton can still state the obvious

  • KB1987

    GP no homo about Ron Artest lmao around 5:36

  • Trem

    Most complete player, most clutch player, best work ethic, can play through injuries, etc. Payton knows what’s up

  • Evil Dick

    If Payton & Malone had taken care of business the Lakers would be going for the all-time titles record and Kobe his 7th ring. I still haven’t got over losing to an inferior not-in-our-class Pistons team in ’04.

    • daboss1848

      Malone was injured . . . . and GP was The Sieve.

      • Paul Lee

        exactly and dont forget Rick Fox was out of the playoffs because of an injury also

  • Robert.

    Agree, E.Dick, the Pistons loss in ’04 was ridiculous. If the team hadn’t split apart then, we would definitely have a few more championships.
    Payton and Malone didn’t do much to help. Malone getting injured was moronic. They disrupted the Lakers, rather than helping them.

    • LakersFirst

      I’m not quite sure how Malone getting injured was a mornonic. It was a freak accident (not sure if that’s what you means) as big fat Scott Williams of the Phoenix Suns fell into Malone’s knee. Keep in mind, prior to Malone’s injury, the Lakers were on a roll and doing very well that season.

      Let’s also not forget, Shaq and Kobe weren’t necessarily blameless either. The two were not getting along and it got worse as the Lakers went into the playoffs.

      • David

        Agreed. Malone was the reason we made it to the finals to begin with. I’ll never forget his defense on Duncan, pulling the chair on him. He was the glue that held that team together. We would have beat the Pistons if he was healthy. GP, on the other hand was more of a detriment to that team. He could never figure out the triangle and dissapeared defensively in the finals.

    • Robert.

      Malone was in the ‘last year’ of his career, and clearly could not hold up to an injury. If it were a few years earlier, there would not have been an issue. Freak accident or not, both Malone & Payton were more ‘invaders’ (looking for a ring), than Blake & Barnes (who are not ‘stars’ like Malone & Payton).
      There were also clear tensions that year, due to Kobe’s situation. I also noticed (because of that, and also the attention that the Lakers organization gave to Kobe in his support), Shaq became increasingly distanced from Kobe. I’m sure the tensions reached a peak, and contributed (along with the loss of Malone) to the Lakers not having a ‘good working’ team during the finals. They lost too many finals games (and yes, the whole finals), but ‘at least’ should have won more games.
      Well … to use Doc Rivers’ logic: The Lakers ‘would have’ won if Malone were healthy.

  • daboss1848

    no one acknowledging that GP also said that Artest should have been Finals MVP (not KB)?

    • Robert.

      yeah, because he is clearly wrong about that. Artest (who is indeed a great player, of course) had several key moments in the final game 7 (including that famous shot). But Kobe had an overall better series against Boston (including the ‘other’ 6 games). Kobe also had 14 boards in Game 7 — against the Celtics??? Not an easy task (heck, 5 boards against the Celtics would have been an accomplishment).
      Ron-Ron should get MVPC (Most Valuable Press Conference).

      • 242LakerFan

        Definitely Game 7 MVP and both Kobe and Phil acknowledged such, but it’s a series award, not one game. I mean Fish was hands down Game 3 MVP as well, but there’s no trophy for that.


      First off, the MITTEN is correct when he said that Kobe is the best in the NBA! Second, he is also correct to blatantly declare that as long as Kobe is around, LeChump ain’t winning jack! Third, he is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ON, when he’s talking about defense… Ron Ron is the best defensive player and that people now, such as LeBra and Douche Wade, only play the passing lanes and NOT lock down D on a player! Getting those weak side blocks does not mean that you’re a great defensive player!

      I agree with both Robert and 242! The Tru Warrior is clearly the MVP of game PERIOD! But throughout the entire series, the guy that was there in EVERY single game was Kobe! It’s too bad for him that the Lakers lost game 5, because what he did to start the 3rd quarter was BEYOND JORDANESQUE! It was amazing! Shot after shot and from all different places on the floor!

      Yes, Artest did do a great job on Paula Pierce(d) by a d!ck, especially how the 2 started the series… with the both of them tangled up and on the floor within the first couple of minutes of the game! Having said that, the complexion of the series wasn’t changed simply because of that one match up, so the MITTEN is wrong there!

      Oh Robert, I’m not a stickler for stats per se, but Kobe had 15 boards in game 7! Haha! And 242, OMG, did Fish ever step up in game 3!?! He was INCREDIBLE! Out of those 11 4th quarter points, Fish was fouled on all, but 1 of his shots and the fcukin refs only awarded him with one and one and the drive where he was clubbered by Gay G, Gay Allen, and Big Gayby!

      And Gary Payton is referred to me as the MITTEN becauese he somehow forgot how to play defense when he came to the Lakers for the 2003-2004 season!
      Then he followed the Benedict Arnold in Snaq to get his one and only ring! Boooo!

      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • davewalker

        that right lakers role and kobe is the man and mvp.

    • Leaderfish

      So Payton is the smartest man one day and the stupidest the next? hmmmm

      I would stick with what Jerry West said over Payton. “Lebron has surpassed kobe”.


        I’m not sure if your comment was directed to me or the others. But, I will retort to your comments anyway, in that none of us made absolute claims about him “being the smartest man or the studpidest the next”.

        Also, you DON’T have to agree with someone ALL of the time. You can disagree. The fact that I may agree with something that he had said and then disagreed with another is just a matter of opinion and does not discredit what I wrote at all.

        Just like I’d disagree with your comment about that you’d stick with Jerry West over Payton. Physical attributes… sure! But as far as knowledge of the game, heart, preparation, arsenal of shots and the degree of difficulity in them, the footwork, the willingness to do ANYTHING to win a game (game 7 15 boards, 23 points, most of which came from the line), the ability to take over a game, and big time close out shots… Kobe’s got him beat on all accounts! That and plus, he’s got 5 rings and about to get his 5th.

        Kobe demanded a trade because he wanted better players around him, but he DIDN’T leave and join someone’s team to ride their coat tails to try to win! No matter what, Kobe is still the face of the Lakers and Lebra is a shadow of the Miami team!

  • Brian Bolusan

    I love GP man!

    • Robert.

      Certainly one of the best, if not THE best trash talker in NBA history (well, maybe tied for first with Sam Cassell and KG).

  • KB24 fan

    Thank YOU SIR! Gary payton knows what he’s talking about, and he played with dwade

  • KaPau

    Some love from the Glove…. Miami is a fraud, they won’t make it past Boston.

  • lakerman1

    Ron uses his strength and quick hands, he bodies up on the offense and makes it difficult for anyone to get around him. Matt barnes will also be a great defensive addition because he fights for the rebounds and offensive putbacks and Steve Blake runs the offense much better then Jordan ever did. Vegas got it wrong this time because barring injuries and with a healthy Drew the lakers are prime to win it all. Mitch should get GM of the year because he has made some great additions in the last few years & this year looks really good. This team is not resting on past accomplishments and Kobe is truly working to be the GOAT.

  • PP34

    I think Payton mispoke. He meant to say Paul Pierce.

    • LakersFirst

      Payton later said that Pierce was the best player in a wheelchair. Get it correct.

      • PP34

        Kobe is the worst teammate. When things are bad he always throws his teammates under the bus. Paul Pierce has never done that.

      • LakersFirst

        Paul Pierce also doesn’t have 5 NBA championships now does he?

        Also, I remember earlier this decade when the Suckdics were terrible (losing record) and prior to KG and Ray Allen, Paul Pierce asked to be traded because the players he had weren’t any good.

  • LAKER BOY_82


  • smorgishborg

    Yeah, Ron Artest is perhaps the #1 lockdown defender in the league, but I can’t say he is the best defensive player. That honor would have to go to Dwight Howard, simply because he alters the entire opposing team’s offense in the paint.

    As for Ron being the MVP of the finals, that statement by GP is off by a mile. Ron’s main job was to lock down Pierce. That was his focus and thats where all his energy was exerted on. Kobe on the other hand had more responsibilities than Ron did. Being the focal point of the triangle, he demanded a lot of attention from the Celtic D, causing them to double at times, which created opportunities for the Laker offense. And for the most part on offense, he would be the one facilitating. This takes up a lot of energy! So yes, Ron did a stellar job locking down Pierce, but he didn’t have to do as much as Kobe did. Oh btw, Kobe’s defense on Rondo was brilliant in its own right.