Some more interesting news coming from Boston. Where we heard KG and his agent speak out about a potential Boston trade, some reports from Boston say that the deal isn’t quite dead yet…

Boston Herald: Despite reports to the contrary, sources confirmed last night there is still life to a Celtics deal for Kevin Garnett. It was also stated strongly that the club would never make such a move before it had an agreement with the Timberwolves star on a contract extension.

It was reported in Thursday’s Herald that “the process still is far from complete” on a trade that would include Al Jefferson [stats] and the No. 5 pick going to Minnesota, and a source was quoted as saying, “There’s a good chance nothing happens.” But it’s clear the teams are still interested in pursuing the matter.


    this is bullshit…it has to be one of those east coast news columminst or sum shit like that they just want people think that kg is going east!!!!..this is bullshit!!!

    GO LAKERS!!!!

  • LD2k

    Well, it makes sense to send KG out of your conference and into the East. But will KG speak out like before, the idea of going to Boston didn’t settle well with KG a few days ago when he and his agent spoke out. Then again, KG NEVER mentioned anything when the Lakers rumors have been going around for years ;)

  • Lakes on 3!

    BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! Just do something!!

  • Suns1


    Let the games begin.

    Check out

  • FV

    Why did you link the site we are already at O_O?

  • Rpoc

    Drugs are bad for you

  • lakersforlife77

    suns1 first of all take the blunt out of your mouth right now. Second of all why would u guys want kobe bryant when you so stubbornly chant “kobe sucks” at every home game. And third of all, enjoy another playoff series loss by the suns next year ;)

    And also I suggest you read this in case you missed it on the way to finding the article you linked

  • lakersforlife77

    I like to dream too suns1, but then you face reality where you realize that the lakers wouldn’t deal with the suns until hell freezes over.

  • Cyrus

    Half of the NBA teams are after Kevin Garnett and what are Lakers’ Owners and managers doing?

    Nothing???? Wrong. they are aggressively pursuing the matter. You don’t believe me??? Lets call the Front Office;….ring..ring..ring.

    -“Lakers Office, may I help you?

    -My I speak to Dr. Buss? “Sorry, he is busy banging 23 years bimbos.”
    -How about Jimmy Bus? “Sorry, Jimmy is busy with his pet project, Andrew Bynum.”
    -And Johnny Buss? “Sorry, Johnny is undressing underage girls, taking photos to catalogs them for his dady.”
    -Well, is Mitch Kupchak available??? “Sorry, Mitch just left to pickup some Viagra for Dr.Buss.”

    It ain’t funny. It is very very sad.

  • cyrus

    More than half of NBA teams are after Kevin Garnett. And what are the Lakers’ management and owners doing about getting KG?

    Nothing??? Wrong. They are pursuing the matter very aggressively. What??? You don’t believe me???? OK, Lets call the front office, ..ring…ring…ring…

    “Lakers’ office, may I help you?”

    -May I speak to Dr. Buss?
    -“Sorry, Dr. Buss is very busy playing with 23 years old bimbos”

    -How about Jimmy Buss?
    -“Sorry, Jimmy is busy with his pet project, Andrew Bynum”

    -Is Johnny Buss there?
    -“Sorry, Johnny is busy taking photos of young girls to catalog them for his daddy”

    -Well, could I at least speak to Mitch Kupchak?
    -“Sorry, Mitch just left to get some Viagra for Dr. Buss”

    -“Who’s calling please???”
    -Ahhhhh, nobody, just a desperate fan….

    It ain’t funny, it’s very sad.

  • kgmvp

    One thing is for sure KG will get traded