We here have a long history with Kevin Garnett. Thanks to The Basketball Jones for the heads up.

What you see above is the newest colorway of Garnett’s KG1 sneaker, cleverly titled “Beat L.A.” It’s not been explicitly stated, but I’m guessing these will see their debut during Sunday’s matchup with the Lakers in Los Angeles. Just a hunch.

The 152-120 labeled on the shoes tongue represents Boston’s regular season record against the Lakers.

We’re still looking for the 83-79 score that surely found its way somewhere in the shoe. Maybe it’s inside the sole.

  • J-Ross

    How about the other important number?


  • dabοss1848

    late, but that’s how TLN operates now.

    • daboss1848

      disrespecting the hand that feeds you?! . . . tsk tsk tsk

      • dabοss1848

        if the i’m being fed while my meal is already being digested, then yes.
        no need to partake in a cold meal, when others have provided hot ones.

        • 242LakerFan

          There’s a planet somewhere on which this made any sense at all, in a galaxy far, far away.

          • 242LаkerFаn

            and in our galaxy, we have hacker’s running around impersonating certain members.

          • dabοss1848

            I wouldn’t expect the feeble minded to comprehend such intricacies.

          • daboss1848

            Which one is the real fat boy?

          • 242LakerFan

            Have some respect for your elder’s, little girl.

    • daboss1848

      ear to ear

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  • Mr. Anonymous

    Kevin Garnett is an idiot.

    • Mamba McNastY

      Agreed. I Mean, You Lost In The FINALS. Get Over It. Kobe Didn’t Make A Shoe Hating On Boston After 08, Did He? No, He Just Did His Thing And One Two Rings In A Row!!!!! Real Champions :)

    • Richard


  • Leo

    Wow, great…Now, let’s see if he can actually dunk or hit a 2-foot shot. Had some problems with that in game 1 ; )


    You guys along with Kam Pashai have got it ALL WRONG! Gay G is NOT trying to taunt the Lakers with the 152-120… those were his SAT scores! 152 on his first try and 120 on his second! People ususally IMPROVE on the SAT scores, but his actually went down!

    Gotta give him his props though, he doesn’t hide anything… he discloses it all! Just like how he went on to explain to George Karl what he “really” meant when he called Charlie Villanueva a CANCER PATIENT!

    Gay G’s got about as much street cred as Pee Wee Herman at San Quinton. That guy’s classless and tastless! FCUK HIM and those Celd!cks!

    • Mamba McNastY

      Honestly, That Was The Most Enriching Piece of literature I’ve Read Al Day. Thank You…


        Wow! “LITERATURE”! Now, I’ve gotta be honest, I don’t know if you’ve just paid me a huge compliment or threw down a massive diss!

        Just messin, thanks. All of us Lakers’ fans in here just love the opportunity to fire back at those (_o_)s over in Cockston! Well, since we’re all being honest, we often are the ones to fire the first shot! Ain’t nothin wrong with keepin it real!

        FCUK GAY-G! You fcukin gimp! You and your gimp pal, Kend!ck Pervert! You all are gonna get your @$$es handed to you on Sunday! I CAN’T WAIT!

        I was at Staples for Game 7 when you last met our boys, this time… it won’t even be close, you guys will be turned into green fertilizer! Oh, wait, I miss spoke… NOT “turned into”, that would imply that you aren’t sacks of sh!t already. I mean to say that you’ll be exposed for the sacks of sh!t that you really are!

        • tim

          Wow diss! Hey look at kob, he got great grades and even went to college…oh wait


            So is going to college the equivalent of intellect? If that’s the case then I must be brilliant! I was able to cram a 4 year degree into 6 years! Hahaha!

            Just so that we’re all clear, my diss was about GAY G and his Celd!ck team and teammates were just casualties of my drive by. Since you brought KOBE BRYANT in, his SAT scores were 1080, pretty darn respectable!

            And other thing about college is that, had GAY G had an SAT score higher than his shoe size, he would have gone to college. And it was because his SAT scores were about the price of a WII, that’s why he had to declare himself eligible for the NBA right after high school.

    • George

      HAHAHAHA Classic comment man.

  • edsel Pinoy 2

    Dumb looking as usual. That’s why his selling much of his sneakers to the Neanderthals.

    • Kobe4Life

      Or donates his shoes along side with Legra James jerseys to charity.

  • 242LakerFan

    I almost composed a witty response to this shoe thing, but in the end, I just couldn’t come up with enough give-a-shit, so I won’t bother.
    Go Lakers!

  • Russell

    “Beat L.A.” Mating call of the hater


    Thats a compliment

  • LakerGirl4Ever

    “Beat L.A.” – I’ve never heard that one before – Quite Original K.G.!

  • Kobe4Life


  • Mamba McNastY

    What A Joke!!!! I Can’t Wait to Punk Them Leprechauns In The Finals, AGAIN! BYNUM Is Going To Shit all over Perkins And “Big Fat Shamrock”!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!

  • “laffs atu”

    To me it sounds like Shaq’s little retarded brother wants some attention!

  • keeponkeepinon18

    It will be ironic and appropriate if Pau Gasol wears those shoes xD

  • lakers0828

    Why does Gay G and PE PE Peirce even have Homes in LA and in California and another Thing Is Celtics are Finally realizing that There rain of the Best Team in the NBA and winning Championships is Over and Know its Nearing the End

  • thefishthatsavedLA

    Garnett & Bos-dung sux!

  • the lakers rock!!!!!!

    …what an idiot. what’s his record against the lakers? Celtics fans talk to much about the 60’s, that’s ancient history. 5-1, thats kobe’s rings compared to his. how about 2 -1, gasol’s rings against his. or how about 4-3. the lakers are back to back champs, you want to be a real champ, you repeat, that’s what the lakers have done, that’s why the spurs where never considered a dynasty and that’s why no one gives a shit about the 08 title, those are facts, we lost in 08, we got tougher and we won 2 titles in a row while you bitches cried your way into the locker room

    • the lakers rock!!!!!!

      and what’s up with the garnet taunts title, all kobe and gasol have to do is to bring their rings to the game, that’ll shut him off

  • albert

    Bawhstan was irrelevant for over 20 yrs and after this season willbe old irrelevant again.

  • 2wenty408

    Love The Lakers…Hate the Shoes…KB’s Gonna Eat That KG and Shit another FINALS MVP! Beware the Black Mamba KG…It strikes when taunted!

  • F the Green Turds

    The guy is beyond retarded. You just need 1 Laker to wear those shoes to mock him, and it’s the end of story for him.

  • Tyler

    Perfect example of why we all hate The Boston Celd!cks

    Lakers will wipe the court with their faces and KG can go shove his shoes up his @$$. Lets Go lakers


    After this game it will be 152- 121 so the shoes will be like the Smelltics and thats worthless. BUSTIN SUCKS! Can I get a 3-Peat!

  • holly

    How is this a story? You just trying to rile up Laker fans so they riot or turn over a bus or two? WTF who the hell cares? What kind of underwear will they wear? socks? such a non issue.. all the matters in on the court.. Stop trying to be the sports TMZ

  • Motha Fuckin Boston!

    Stupid Bitches!! Mad cause yall dont know how to take care of business at home?! lmao
    Yall ‘egg yolk and purple’ ass fools won by four points ONLY cause yall had to injury Perkins in the process. Lame ass dirty fucks! HAHA!
    Boston all damn day till i die!
    KG you the man, take Pau’s soft ass out!

    oh by the way, yall better be ready for the fuckin Spurs! They will take ya ass out this year!
    Kobe with his damn broke finger and fucked up knee. Artest with his baby shorts and mental issues. Gasol with his soft floppin ass. Bynum and the fucked up young knees!! lmao. Fisher aka the bitch ass KING of Flopping! oh no!!

    Celtics all fuckin day, all damn year motha fuckin bitches!! lol
    (i respect yall Laker fans though, yall loyal to ya team)



  • Leprechaun For Dinner !!!

    The Next Kobe Shoe Will Be Called 3peat With Kobe NBA Finals Stats On Them!! Should I Say More……

  • Nick

    K.G is 1237849 times better and healthier than he was last year. Gasol is in 4 a rough time with Shaq K.G Perk, Baby and Semih all roughing him up for 48 minutes. Bynum is trash and cannot even be mentioned against the Celtics Big men, and as far as Lamar Odom goes he is horrified after what Glen Davis did 2 him last year. Pierce will WILL us to victory, ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT. You guys have trash 4 a bench when we get Delonte West and Jermaine O Neal back our bench will be better than your starting 5. Step your gaME UP YOU FUCKIN CHUMPS

    • daboss1848

      u skipped 5, 6 and misplaced the 4 – fricking uneducated celtic fans cant count to 10 – lmao, as u kids say.

      • daboss1848

        fo shizzle my nizzle nigga

        • daboss1848

          hack and i on same page . . . nice!

    • http://espn.com LakersFirst

      KG = washed up
      Shaq = Old and will probably be injured during the playoffs
      Perk = won’t be the same after that knee injury
      Semih = ???? who the f*ck is this???
      Pierce = Artest has him locked down. Has him P*ssy Pierce locked down his entire career.
      Delonte (mouth herpes) West = c’mon!!! Terrible
      J’O’Neil = Nonfactor in the playoffs. Doesn’t he need yet another knee surgery? LOL, He’s played in what 7 games this year. LOL.

      • daboss1848

        lol i didnt even bother . . .



      • nick

        Have you seen Miami’s roster you fuckin goon? Not one player on their squad would even make our 15 man roster outside of their little 3. Get real kid, your making a mockery of yourself. Sorta like nobody besides Kobe and Gasol would make our roster too, thats right I said it. Byum and Kardashian ain’t got shit on Baby, Perk, K.G, and them O’Neal boys

        • 242LakerFan

          Oh PLEASE, Big Goofy over Odom? You have to be seriously cracked in the head! His idea of defence is to drool on the floor and hope the offensive player slips on it! And the only reason Pukins makes it over Bynum is to carry on the great Celtic legacy of butt-ugly centers established by Robert Parish! Pukins makes Parish look downright Denzelesque!



  • http://espn.com LakersFirst

    4-3 is the score that KG should remember (that piece of sh*t). Then again, seeing how they were on the short end of the stick, he saw it as 3-4





  • Rajon Rondo The Great

    Let the man be … He came to Boston to be a winner, let him have his time in the light, you guys will see this Sunday

    • 242LakerFan

      Green scum

  • xtro

    Game 7. Ron Artest. Championship. ‘Nuff said.

  • 153-120

    Too bad, this shoe had to happen. Why am I not surprised that the Fakers lost? Bahaha