The reasons to dislike KG are piling up like pounds on Rosie O’Donnell. We know we’re a little behind on this story, but thought it was worth posting anyway.

According to a J.A. Adande tweet during Sunday’s Lakers, Celtics game, a Lakers ballboy asked KG for an autograph, to which Garnett replied:

“You’ve got a better chance of catching Bin Laden.”

Ironically, the tweet was later removed, as was the corresponding ESPN post. After all, East-Coast based ESPN can’t have these types of things floating around about their favorite sports franchise.

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  • hoop247

    i hate garnet

  • le-elbow =)

    lmaooo that was effing hilarious dude, garnett is a douche but you have to admit that was funny


    At this point, we’re liking Bin Laden MORE than you Gay G!

    • Lebron is scared

      Uh No.

      • JUICE

        Uh Yeah! And DON’T believe everything you hear from the news! Please just think about this for a moment… we can send rovers to mars, weapons that frys electronics w/o killing people, take satellite images from space, but we can’t find this fool in the desert?

        Don’t pick sides to stand on, ’cause there’re NONE! Whether left or right, it’s all the same side to keep us grazin like cattle until it’s time for the slaughter. Seek objective info and conclude for yourself!

        • Lebron is scared

          Pretty hard to find anything in the desert, bro. Have you tried? Needle-in-a-haystack-like.

          • JUICE

            Who the hell tries to find a “Needle-in-a-haystack”? The gov’s got satellite capabilities to see you sipping on a martini in your own home and telescopes where they can see Saturn, which is 821,190,000 miles away and we can’t find homie da clown?

            You’re not looking by yourself! They know exactly where that fool is and they’re just using him to get what they want outta him. Don’t buy into the hype!

          • Deemac1

            Bin laden doesnt excist thats why we cant find him. He was a figure created by the govt to band everyone together to go over to Iraq, Afgahnastan ect and fight terror. Do you really think if he were real we couldnt find him? Yeah right! Dont believe the hype. Anyways back to basketball, Its funny to see Kg’s persona change so since he been in green. All the yrs in Min people loved him for his intensity, but now that same intensity is just arrogance and fake toughness… He always barking like he hard but when a real deal step up he wants to throw his hands up and walk away after he provoked it. Its a shame how 1 title has gone to his head and he thinks he is almighty.

          • JUICE

            We’re not necessarily on the same page when it comes to Bin Laden, but at least I know that you, my brother, and I are reading the same book! And as far as the Gay G thing goes… we’r mos def on the page, we’re even reading the same damned sentence!

  • Lakerso0828

    I wouldnt of even asked KG for an autograph I would told KG your a Piece of Shit and then Piss on him and run like Hell lol

    • JUICE

      there’s NO NEED to run! that fool’s a “fake tough” guy. like a chihuahua. all bark and no bite. if will occasionally hit you in the sack though! Gay G mother fukc!

  • sam


  • Stephen

    Who cares about irrelevant faggots like Kevin Garnett? We all know the celdicks are a cocky, arrogant, sore, hypocritical loser organization, tell us something we don’t know.

  • LMFAOmiami

    lol who want’s GayG’s worthless autograph anyway?


    That is what the kid gets for asking a DUMBASS like him.

  • Ikjyot Singh Kohli

    Wow.. KG you’re such a funny guy!

    Good for you.

  • 151rummer

    ah!!!!!!!! showing the “NBA CARES”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakerfan4_life

    That’s not the whole story.Yeah the kid asked for Garnett’s autograph,but the reason why Garnett refused to give him the autograph was because when he told the kid “but don’t sell it on ebay” and the kid replied “oh no I just want it so I can wipe my ass with it every time I think of you…”….LMAO!!!!!