Garnett out for the entire playoffs?

It’s been a long time since we posted some KG news but this one really does hurt. KG could miss the entire post-season due to his knee injury. Makes me mad, I wanted Boston too…

ESPN: Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnett, the centerpiece of Boston’s 2008 championship and a key to its hopes of a repeat, could miss the playoffs because of a knee injury that has limited him to four games over the final two months of the season.

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  • xfellerx


  • Dboy

    all those sucka @SS boston fans gonna we did not have garnett, thats why you guys won the ship!!! They were not gonna get past the cavs with him anyway….PHUCK BOSTON and they shaky @SS knees…lol

  • Chris Manning

    Get ready for some major LeBron(ze) lovefests.

  • gugy

    Fu-ck Boston.
    Seriously Boston has no excuse. Last year we went to the finals without Bynum. They can do it without Garnett.

    But the truth is, I doubt they will beat Orlando on the second round. Howard is too hungry snd Boston is getting too old by the hour. You can bet their title was one time wonder. I would not be surprise another 20 years without another ring for them.

    It looks more and more Lakers x Cavs at the finals.

  • Mikey on TLN

    Exactly… We didn’t have bynum so its all good.

  • Nabil

    Doc is just trying to set him up to be Willis Reed, lol. Just watch. If they get down a couple games in any of the first 2 rounds, he’ll be back. Otherwise, that gives him rest up/extra healing time for conference finals against Cavs.

    F the Lepper-Khans. I hope they do make it to the finals at 100% health, so we can f them up real good.

  • Kari


    ….I was really hoping that we would get to have our rematch, but Boston is nothing without KG. The magic will own them and if they somehow beat the magic there is NO WAY they can get past LeBron.

    so I guess it’s now BEAT CLEVELAND.


  • JC

    Well, At least we got some Revenge in the regular season… Bring on the Cavs! – GO LAKERS!!!!!! :)

  • Diehardfan

    I can respect great teams but I truly hate and dispise their fan base and any one that represents them. I am glad that KG got hurt. Besides Pierce said he was the best player in the NBA or better than Kobe so lets see if he can carry this team to the Finals like Kobe did without Bynum. You can already see them jumping ship and some I have seen say that they are going for the Cavs. Let the excuses come now! I HATE this team. GO LAKERS!

  • kobe8

    That’s it for them. Even if he comes back it’s obvious he ain’t gonna be 100%. And he’s the most important player they have on that team. Celtics are f-d.

  • Farmars_inner_Jordan

    queue the exercise bike followed by the Rocky theme

    We need to see Smelltis in the finals, or else we won’t get to moon them in boston like good ol jack did

  • Chris Manning

    “Glad he got hurt”? – come on fellas, that’s WRONG. I don’t wish injury upon anyone. I wanted the Celtics so damn bad…

  • cheesy

    you guys are pathetic morons… how can you wish ill on someone else’s health? if boston doesn’t make it to the finals then the lakers can never seek revemge. boston has the last laugh for now UNTIL/IF we win the ship. and plus, bynum is not important to us as kg is to the celtics

    your principles and ethics are messed up. you’ve probably never played sports on a winning team

    oh and im a laker fan

  • fido

    I was told this quite a while ago.

  • roscoe

    Doesn’t really affect us, we were most likely gonna play the cavs anyways. If KG was 100% the whole season then yeah, but KG at 65 – 70% which is the best he would have ever been against CLE and they were winning that series. It’s definitely Lakers vs Cavs final. Lakers in 5.

  • Rinnegato

    Fother Mucker! This championship HAS to be won against the Celtics this year. That is what this team has been working hard for ALL year. Why is KG wimping out now??? Kobe played with injuries all last season, why can’t he? Celtics – 2008 NBA Chumps

  • GayAndrewRafnerfan

    Apr 16th, 2009 at 1:28 pm
    you guys are pathetic morons… how can you wish ill on someone else’s health? if boston doesn’t make it to the finals then the lakers can never seek revemge. boston has the last laugh for now UNTIL/IF we win the ship. and plus, bynum is not important to us as kg is to the celtics

    your principles and ethics are messed up. you’ve probably never played sports on a winning team

    oh and im a laker fan
    please stfu, its revenge dumb fucc. Stfu with ur 5 dollar words, use ur 5$ and put a footlong in ur fat a$$ mouth.

  • OaklandLakers

    Some of you Laker fans need to grown up man. Stoopin to the levels of Haters man. Rafnerfan is right we need revenge. Think different? Go watch game 6

  • Dracul

    I don’t care if the Lakers play the Atlanta Hawks in the Finals. They need to get to the Finals and they need to win it. Period.


  • dem0n

    I wish KG would be in full health and the celtics to visit the final. To bad the Lakers couldn’t see Andrew Bynum battling with the Celtics in the final 09. Proving the Celtics that the Lakers win the Celtics (with Bynum) this season was what made the difference from last years final.

  • PaulGarnettReceivesAnal


  • diehardfan

    F U if you are saying that we are bad for being glad that KG got hurt. No one is wishing that he would pass away. The man was bad! as in Good. Much respect for KG! Do any of you think that anyone felt bad for Bynum? HELL NO! I am tired of this cumbaya mentality! this is a man’s sport. If this is to much to bare for any of you grown men then go get a manicure and watch the Oxygen channel and stay away. I am tired of these so called men trying to say what is good and bad or moral. Please do not pass any moral judgement on anyone in here. This is not the site. Speaking of being ruthless, did anyone here what happened in Utah last year. Fans were screaming cancer because of d-fish’s daughter. How about Denver fans yelling the word “rape”. give me a break! and don’t give me this you gotta be the better person stuff!

  • lakers2000

    This just in…. Paul Pierce is getting a custom stretcher made for the playoffs! He is also reported to be having a kickstand installed on his wheelchair! Go Lakers!!! Champions or bust!!!!!

  • YellowPurpleFever


  • lainok

    I want the celtics. I hate them, but I got respect for their game. Last year they had the big three. And this year if you take out Garnett, they still have a big three, because rondo has become and insane point guard. What they lack without garnett, is that he anchors their defense. He is the reason for the aggressivness and intensity they had last year. It will be hard for them, but of anybody in the east, they still have the best shot of beating the cavs.

  • Franchise98bn

    First off Fu ck the Celtics!

    These whinny bi_tches are going to use Garnett being injured the reason they couldn’t repeat. If Paul Pierce is so fu_cking awesome he should have no problem getting the Celtics back to the Finals.

    Kobe did it last year without Bynum. But Celtics fans seem to forget that small detail.

  • kevin

    After that Paul Pierce wheelchair incident last year, I find it hard t believe!!!!

  • kevin

    *to believe

  • sketch

    Hell yeah! Fcuk that Gimp fcuk! Kripple Gimp (KG)! Used to love that guy for his game and passion, until he went to the Celdicks! He’s become a total d!ck! I don’t necessarily want to see him with a career ending injury, but I love seeing him being a fcukin loser again!

  • scooby doo

    the celtics lost KG lol there is no way they will make it to the finals. Pierce is a play maker but he cant carry Boston they’re to inexperienced with the playoffs. offense comes and goes but defense wins you titles and without KG and killer defense there’s no way in hell. They don’t have the same energy, intensity, or aggressiveness as last years playoffs. If the Celtics had KG, it would be a repeat and i don’t know who i would pick, kobe’s excellent shooting and lakers offense, or Celtics solid defense. no matter what It’s gonna be big bad MVP LeBron vs Kobe AND the lakers. Lakers in 7!!