KG decided once he turned the ship right in Boston, again, he could talk some crap about the Lakers victory on X-Mas day. Sounds to me he’s still in denial that the Lakers indeed exposed the Celtics… this year…

Boston Herald: “The Lakers felt like that game was the championship,” he said. “Some of the comments those guys made were incredible, and it was just the regular season. It was kind of comical. But we knew that we just had to move on from that.”

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    Wow, as much as i think KG has become a maniac..he has a point….it’s just the regular season..
    he should not be talking about the Lakes because we are better than them by far. and if A-Bomb (andrew Bynum) continues to improve they will have to double Andrew, Pau and Kobe…haha… Do i see a bunch of open shot for our shooters? YES…
    Feb 5 we beat them again

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    well we love beating u guys so much that we just love to hear these comments.


    WOW look who`s talking??? 1st of all if this was just a regular season game then why does he still runs his mouth about this game after 1 month? Face it KG you guys were affected too much by this loss.

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Wow. That’s so f-ed up. Is that why the Celtics lost 7 of their next 9 after that game? Now I really want the Lakers vs. Celtics in the NBA Finals!

  • Chandy

    Kobe’s response this June will be “The Sucktics felt like that championship was a dynasty. Some of the comments made by those losers were ridiculous and it was just one championship. It was very hysterical. But we knew that we would get them back the next year” LOL

  • e

    still talking about the loss??

  • Freshh

    Funny how their players minutes compare to ours,
    just add fuel to the fire

  • Paul

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    Man I bet if they WON, they would STILL be talking about it too. They’d be like “h4y if dey cnt beet uz in da seezun, dey cnt beet us in da finulz lol kthxbi. fakers r don”

  • lakerschamps09

    mofo if it wasnt a big deal to u y the fu k u still talkin bout it???? damn i hate this mofo…. shut up…. and nxt time u come in the paint best believe bynum is throwin ur sh it to the 3rd row….lol… we won u lost… shut up already

  • Sako

    Kevin Garnett can eat a d!ck

  • Lakers 24 7

    It was just a regular season game, but it was a BIG regular season game. Come on, Celtics riding a 19 game winning streak, they had the best start in NBA history, they had the best record in the league, it was the first match up against the Lakers since the finals, and Bynums return…thats a pretty big game if you ask me.

    We pwned their coochie, and they just mad about it. Garnett wasn’t so cocky back in Minny, now he’s just an ass hole.

  • Remy

    i’ve lost all my respect for garnett now..that s.o.b.

  • Lakers24-7-365

    hahaha i find this moron garnett a joke. When he was in minny, he couldnt say sh** to anyone cause his team sucked balls. now he’s on a good boston team and he thinks he can talk sh**. KG better be ready when kobe tomahawks the sh** outta him.

  • KevinGarnett:The loser

    Garnett couldnt do sh** on his own, and it’s been proven.

  • LakersFirst

    I told you all that we should have traded bynum for Garnett now he will bust us up in the finals again…

  • as1084

    LMAO @ Garnett. its good for us….let him piss the better team off, the lakers. the guy is a fing joke! he starts talking sh*t when he gets put on a team with pierce and allen. how about u do something on ur own and then u can talk. LOSER!

  • LAL4Life

    this game is way bigger than christmas. lakers need to play big on the court they played the worst game of the season.

  • as1084

    also KG makes the celtics organization, players, and fans more and more classless every time he opens his mouth. how can a celtic fan be proud of that sh*t he says. it just makes them look worse.

  • as1084

    like i said on christmas day. i still think phil should put DJ in the game just to punch garnett in the face. he deserves it more than ever. who cares of DJ gets ejected…he never plays anyways. if not i guarantee, he will get sucker punched by somebody if he keeps opening his mouth.

  • kobe-wankenobi

    guys, kg is right
    they embarassed the lakers in the finals
    and we just won a game at home…!
    so if lakers players made some comments about it, they were wrong!
    they should have just STFU and being still ashamed how we lost the last game of the finals!

  • iamthetie

    What comments? As I recall, LO and Kobe just said it was a good measuring stick to see how far they have come as a team, and where they stood. If he’s referring to Sasha’s comments, he made the comments about not wearing green back in the summer.

    But clearly KG is bothered by the outcome if he brings it up one month later. I hope we beat them down in Boston, that would bring joy to my heart.

  • lakerschamps09

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    man wtf are u a celtic fan??? u need to shut the fu k up…. did our players ever say that xmas day game was the finals nawww they aint… they was happy that they saw they can beat the celtics… how u sayin stupid sh it like that man… cmon…

  • celtic killa



  • kobe8

    i know it was just a regular season game but it was also a sign of things to come IF they meet again in the Finals.

  • rj408

    call ur mama kg!!!!!!!!!! Lol

  • 123kid

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    i unno where he gets these comments from. he must of read somethin deeper in kobe’s lines when he said the game was to set a measure on where the lakers are at. you know he was puttin up a front towards the media.

    7 out of 9 losses after the lakers beat you! he knows it affected the celtics.

  • mark



  • JohnnnyB

    and how did the Lakers make a big deal out of this win again?

  • robert cast

    After the xmas win

    Celtics lost 7 of next 9

    Lakers now have the best Record.

    Yes it was a home game

    But we were clearly better that game and we are better this year

    Healthy Bynum and Ariza made the difference.

  • Armen

    Sako where do you live? respond back if you see this.

  • Sako

    Van Nuys. U?

  • tradekwame11

    what a bitch

  • dumblakerfan

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    kobe-wankenobi on January 24, 2009 at 4:18 pm said:

    guys, kg is right
    they embarassed the lakers in the finals
    and we just won a game at home…!
    so if lakers players made some comments about it, they were wrong!
    they should have just STFU and being still ashamed how we lost the last game of the finals!

    man wtf are u a celtic fan??? u need to shut the fu k up…. did our players ever say that xmas day game was the finals nawww they aint… they was happy that they saw they can beat the celtics… how u sayin stupid sh it like that man… cmon…

    haha i like this guy LakersChamp09 he speaks the truth! F U K Boston.

  • KING-BQ1981

    STFU KG…. LA #1!!!

  • trdsol23

    so what would u guys be saying if kg was a lakers and he was running his mouth like this…just curious…lol

  • Dave

    Classless? I’ll tell you what classless really is. Its getting carried off the court like your leg is broken — and then coming back dancing like a 12-year-old girl. Classless is also dumping a container of Gatorade on your coach — and the large section of the floor — which causes a delay in the game so they can mop it up. That’s classless behavior.

  • 123kid

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    if kg was a laker, kobe would slap him upside the head and tell him to shut his mouth if he ever called out another team like that.

  • Mitch4Pres

    garnett killaz

  • jason

    all hes doin is pizzin us off wich is a good thing because we play better mad..but garnett has lost alot of respect from non celtic fans the last year and a half with his cocky comments and actions at biggie..just cant wait to see how much cryin he does when we whoop him this year in the finals..umm..if they can even get there!

  • Margo


  • lyk13

    To put pressure on ourselves leading up to that game is because we REMEMBER the beating they gave us on game 6. Why can’t we transfer that into a regular season game which is immediately following that championship series?

    Boston isn’t gonna tell the entire league that they ARE the defending champions and can’t play up to championship standards?

  • LAL4Life

    obviously someone has not moved on…

  • gugy

    I used to respect and admire KG. I found this site because of KG (

    Unfortunately, that was the Minnesota KG, not the bia-tch Smeltics KG.
    He is now a total @sshole, he has been saying crap, playing like a idiot and finally acting like a dumb player.
    I guess that air in Boston screwed his mind.

    The Xmas game was a good game, because of the national attention, the Boston winning streak and the Lakers revenge. The truth came after. Boston lost 7 out of 9 games and for sure they were affect by the Lakers.

    I hope we play them again on the finals.

    No worries, Karma sooner than later gets you KG.

  • david gamboa

    garnett was just talking about vujacic, when he said he wouldn’t wear green till they beat the celtics.

  • Daniel

    Fuk Mrs. Kevin Garnett, this female dog can finally talk now. Boston got jarred by the Christmas loss. We the fans fuked their shit up. I was at the game and that was the most intense atmosphere I’ve ever been in (never went to a game during Shaq’s tenure). We booed EVERYTIME we got a chance, even when Rondo’s a$$ was on the ground we jeered those MOFOs. Their psyche was damaged after that game and went on to lose 7 of 9. FUK that MOTHERFUKER. After reading this comment, I can’t WAIT to see that Feb. 5th game at BOSTON. Them female dogs better hold up to their end and win the East so we can settle this feces. FUK KG, FUK PP, FUK RAY RAY FUK BOSTON. DOC DRE TAKE A SHIT ON DOC RIVERS – FUK EM UP!!!

  • sK

    i think he needs another interview with Casey Jones … he needs a nice cry again. what a baby, go blow your nose KG.

    “Anything is POSSIBLE!!”

    hmm …ill tell you what’s not possible, you not annoying me.

  • lakers4lyfe

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  • José Huitron

    KG stands for King of Garbage…

    Come on buddy…you know you liked it.

    You know you enjoyed that loss.

    come on now…!

    The Lakers are a better and deeper team.

  • sketch

    i used to have much love and respect for KG, but now i just see him as a FCUKIN PUNK! from the day that he put on that green and white unitard, i became the epitome of the lakers’ enemy to me.

    first signs of him being a punk was how he was jawing at the leagues’ MVP, but that was to be expected. then what proved me right was when he was jawing at calderon after making a basket in his face earlier in the season. that showed me that KG is no longer worthy of any respect. he’s become a straight up PUNK ASS! so FCUK him, PUDGY PIERCE, and GAY ALLEN! and their coach, COCK RIVERS!

    KG, you just havin that diarreah of the mouth there, come feb 5, you’re gonna have diarreah of the eyes, because after KOBE and the crew lay down another ass whoppin on your gay ass team, you’re gonna be “CRYIN” again! so, STFU, FOTHER MUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sketch

    FCUK GARNETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakers1fan

    Same here….I used to like KG (when he use to play with minnie) but now he’s a total @sshole!!! I cant believe one freakin’ championship could turn him and pierce into total @ssholes. First of all pierce comes out talking crap about the KOBESTER, talking about he’s the MVP as far as I know I didn’t hear pierce talking that crap in 2000, 2001, 2002 (you hear Celtd!cks fans aka redsarmy) >>
    “THREE CHAMPIONSHIPS”, THE LAKERS WELCOME THE 21ST CENTURY WITH THREE CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! I didn’t see the socall finals 2008 MVP accomplish something so special like that!!! and KG you are only & will be only a one hit wonder!!! So Kiss our @ss celtd!cks and redsarmy!!!

  • domz

    [Comment ID #59508 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Kobe: We aint speak that way here, nigga! (Then slaps KG in the mouth and the mouth bleeds)

    KG: can I lick your balls KB so i can compensate with this classless behavior?

    Kobe: Naw maine! Dayme! This is Shaq’s, not yours! Not ever!

  • Moses

    If it didn’t bother him then why is he still running his mouth about it?

    If it didn’t mean nothing and they just moved on then why did they lose 6 of their 8 following games?

    After the way he acted when they won the championship screaming anything is possible then he should shut his mouth and don’t dish it out if he can’t take it back.

    Why does he think he’s some kind of tough guy when he’s quite clearly not.

  • as1084

    man that dude needs to shave his pubic chin hair and grow some real facial hair like a man! lol he looks sooo stupid with that wannabe goatee lol!

  • circulohvol

    Isn’t it normal for a team to be happy that they beat another team?

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #59535 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yo, you know why he entered the NBA without going to college first right? cause couldn’t get 200 points on his SATs for just fillin out his name. he probably thought that K.G. was his real name. he’s a fcukin stupid idiot! he really is. he probably thought that F’s stood FANSTATIC!

    he’s got some talent, but no brains at all. FCUK YOU KG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you classless clown!!!!!!!!!!!! you 3 aren’t the big 3, you’re the 3 stooges!!!!!!!!!!!! except none of you are smart enough to be moe! and none of you are cool enough to be curly. so, that leaves larry, shemp, and joe!

  • Dave

    I like the “Wannabe goatee.”

    Very nice.

  • xtro

    he’s only saying that because the celtics are in another winning streak. coward!

  • lakers freak

    all i can say is that the celtics sucks!!! they take every game personally…duh…just games means entertainment 4 d fans out there…they’re not good sports…they are such crybabies…i know why cuz they just got so lucky last year cuz d lakers were too short handed to win d championship even d MVP (KOBE) himself was in pain

  • lakers freak


  • lakers freak

    The Lakers was just so happy ’bout d x-mas victory….so shame on Kevin Garnett to mock their victory…what if the lakers mock their championship victory?!? i’m sure they”ll not gonna like it. i guess d Lakers won’t do that cuz they seem nice, cool n fun people that’s why they’re fun 2 watch.

  • arizona

    losers do really do the talking… move on KG!!!!