Le MatrixThe Fanhouse: The Situation for the T-Wolves: Kevin Garnett is unhappy in Minnesota (He won’t come out and say this in public, but he obviously is). He wants to play for a winner before his career is over, and Minnesota is not going to be winning any time soon. Minnesota is hesitant to trade Garnett, but Garnett holds an opt out clause after next season that would allow him to become a free agent and leave the Wolves. Therefore, Minnesota has no other choice but to trade Garnett before the start of next season to acquire something for him before they lose him for nothing. The ideal situation for T-Wolves would be trade Garnett for multiple picks, a young star, and/or cap space. With the demand for Kevin Garnett, finding someone to provide one or all of those scenarios shouldn’t be too difficult.

The Situation for the Suns: After falling short of the NBA Finals for the third consecutive season, the Phoenix Suns obviously have to make some improvements. During the playoffs, it’s almost necessary to have a low post offensive threat and a low post defensive stopper. Currently the Suns best low post offensive player is Boris Diaw and their best low post defender is Kurt Thomas. Amare is a beast, but he doesn’t really have any moves on the post. He gets most of his points off of high screen and roll plays with Steve Nash and from offensive put backs. On the low post, he has a turn and face rocker step/first step move and a spin move toward the baseline and not much else. On defense, he’s more of a help defender than a one on one defender. That’s why it was Kurt Thomas and not Amare defending Tim Duncan for the majority of their series vs. the Spurs.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/stevesspace TheEclectic

    Ouch, this article should really hit a nerve for Laker fans, because most of it seemed pretty logical. In which case, the Lakers really have no shot at landing him (if he ever does become available AND would play for a team NOT called the Lakers). The bottom line is this suggested trade would help both teams tremendously – obviously in the short run it would help the Suns become THE premiere team in the league and in the long run it would help Minny get back on their feet with a player in Marion who feels under-appreciated and would love to showcase all his skills. Lets pray that KG doesn’t like the dry heat weather of Phoenix and wants to help a team from the bottom ala the Lakers OR that Phoenix isn’t considering giving up their fantasy err all-around player in Marion.

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    oh nooooooooo….. this article changed my life, damn.
    kupchack be fast as a rabbit, hurry hurry

  • Rpoc

    What more can Marion do to showcase his skills? He can’t create his own shot consistently with the shooting mechanics he has. He’s the notorious playoff choker. After a blistering first half in the final Spurs-Suns game he went on and choked in the most important half! He should be happy for being spoon fed by Nash which has allowed him this prolonged all-star status. But hey maybe on a bad team he can fill up those stat sheets all he wants! That blog is right when mentioning Marion is just trading material but “stifled by the Suns system”? Suuuuure Marion. Just fill that ego of yours.

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    At the end of the day, it still depends on what KG wants.

  • KingKobe

    Then let’s hope and pray that KG wants to finish out his contract in Minnesota for his fans and then comes and joins the Lake Show next summer for the MLE. But If he says “trade me now”, Minne and the Suns would be stupid not to do this. Not because Shawn Marion is great, but it’s probably the best that the Wolves could do in trading away Garnett. Marion and all those picks is a helluva lot more impressive than Odom and Bynum.
    I reallllly hope this doesn’t happen.

  • Ben_the Lakers Fan

    KG for Marion makes no sense to Minny, you always want to trade size for size, so you dont send a 6’11 player and get a 6’7 in return.
    Yes their salaries match but thats about it, good deal for the Suns, but dont think Mc Hale is that dumb.
    I see him going after Bynum & sure hope & pray Mitch does his part to get the deal done, AND just heard Jerry West may be coming back to the Lake Show in an advisory role to help him out. If there is a man who can get KG in Laker uniform is West.
    Welcome back Jerry !
    hope he helps getting Artest as well..

  • http://www.myspace.com/stevesspace TheEclectic

    I think the best move for us at this point is to go after Gasol and Artest. Hopefully we won’t have to sacrifice much outside of maybe Vlad Rad, Bynum, and Kwame. We could then use our MLE to go after an average point guard. I think KG is just too much of a pipe dream right now. Plus, we can’t sit around as an organization on pins and needles waiting for what KG will do next – we just gotta keep doing what’s right for us and hopefully if the stars align we’ll have a shot at him when he opts out. I think a Kobe, Gasol, Artest, Lamar Odom cast would definitely be in the mix even in the powerhouse Western Conference.

  • Ben_the Lakers Fan

    i dont know about Paul Gasol, he broke his foot last year and we all know how long it took Derek Fisher to get back to 100% after he fractured his.
    i found this quote frm Gasol on a interview by NBA.com’s Mauricio Mendoza.
    “The process has been long and every step has been difficult. The first part, wearing a cast for two weeks was hard, and then I had to spend a month and a half with crutches and then start rehabilitation and all the exercises to reactivate my muscles. Its been a long process but Im thankful to be in the final stretch. I hope I dont have to worry about my foot anymore.”
    if we do get Gasol i sure hope his foot will withstand the grueling 82 games of a reg season.

  • Fredo

    As long as we don’t have to give up Odom, getting either Garnett or Artest and Gasol would greatly help us out. I mean I doubt that Memphis would not like the idea of having Bynum and Oden/Durant (assuming they get the first pick and get him). If that happens, and Farmar improves, we are set. And if that happens and Farmar doesn’t improve quickly enough, move Kobe to the Point Guard, because with so many passers (Gasol, Odom, Walton), he doesn’t have to be the primary playmaker.

  • KingKobe

    As much as I love this website and it’s name it really feels like the only realistic shot we have at landing Garnett without giving up too much is next summer after the opt out. Even then, what’s to stop KG from going to the Suns as a free agent? Nash, Bell, Marion, KG, and Amare. It makes me sick just thinking about it. Or maybe joining up with the Bulls? Anyway, I like that people are thinking about moving forward whether we get Garnett or not. We can’t rely on him completely, we need to get better period. KG or no KG.

  • Lakerjones

    I think it’s reasonable to worry about this and it should light a fire under the collective rears of our management, but realistically I don’t see how Marion and the fourth pick compares with what we’ve got to trade for KG. As much ballyhoo as there is around this draft, the only real must haves are picks one and two. Minny trade KG, one of the best players on the planet for one of the Florida guys and Marion? No way. Marion is a tweener who’s really a three playing four in a perfect system for his talents. Put him in a regular system and he’s a good 3 but not an all star anymore (Carmelo Anthony, Corey Maggette, TMac come to mind ahead of him in terms of talent and skill). KG is a monster player. We can offer Odom, a strong talent in his own right, sign and trade Luke Walton (like a son to McHale) and Bynum, the feather for Mchale’s cap. Throw in very decent draft picks at the 19 and 40 and that looks a hell of a lot better than Marion and the 4. Other poster was right. I lost a lot of respect for Marion this year with his bitching about not getting enough press and respect, plus his meltdown as a poster here noted in game 5 in Phoenix when they desperately needed someone besides Nash to step up in the second half. Marion is not that great. No wonder the new owner is willing to serve him up on the trading block. If KG makes noise to leave all bets are off, especially if Jerry West is back in our fold.

  • Rambis’ Mullet

    LakerJones –

    Thanks for breaking it down for us. I really think I’ll stop breathing if we don’t get KG.

  • Rpoc


    The blog is suggesting Marion James Jones 4th pick 24th pick maybe 29th pick for KG but I agree with your overall sentiments.

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    KG will opt out after this seasen so mchale is gonna shop him this summer to get someone in exchange, and
    with jerry in our side i bet his ours. let’s be optimistic

  • KingKobe

    Never trust a Celtic. McHale would rather trade KG a WNBA team than to the Lakers. Don’t forget, it doesn’t matter who the Wolves get in return (Odom, Bynum and whoever else or Marion and picks), just like if they kept KG, they’re not gonna win anything anytime soon.

    But! He’s proven himself very inept before! I hope that stupidity puts things in our favor!

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    KingKobe, it’s NOT up to McHale.

    Why does everyone have this idea that McHale would control this situation? We’re talking about the marquee player for that franchise. If KG goes, it will be under Glen Taylor’s direction, and KG’s choice.

  • kobebobo03

    if kg went to the suns were talking about a dyyyynnnnassssttyyyy here. they will def.win next year championship and next year and next year……..but on the bright side mchale isn’t that dumb is he? lakers need to move quickly before kg ends up in phoenix

  • Suns1

    2 first rounders this year from Phx to Minn. 2 first rounders next year from Phx to Lakers, one of witch is Atlanta’s #1. Lakers get Hudson from Minn, Barbosa from Phx, and Kurt Thomas from Phx. Minnesota gets Diaw, Marion, and James Jones. The Suns get Kobe and KG. Starting lineup in 07-08 for the Suns, Nash, Bell, Kobe, KG, and Amare. The Wolves start Conolly, Davis, Marion, Diaw, and Gasol. The Lake Show starts Hudson, Artest, Walton, Odem, Brown and Barbosa coming off the bench. This works out well for all three teams. TALK ABOUT PIPE DREAMS. It could happen and would make all three teams better.

  • evill

    shawn marion doesnt want to go timberwolves.
    the only way that phoeniz could get kg is if they trade:

    suns trade:marion,diaw,barbosa
    timberwolves trade:kg

    marion cant create his own shot,he scores points cause of steve nash,cause he gets open shot and gets alley hoop,fastbreaks.

    lakers should offer sumthing to them