“The one player who can let the Lakers pacify the best player in the NBA goes to… the Celtics. What is this, the 60’s all over again?”

  • shakobe

    he looks bad in that uniform man, look at himmmmmmmmmmmmmm i need to drink if any one wants to join me ill be at burbank sports bar and grill.

  • Kobe For Pres

    LD2k i guess we missed out on the one player that we actually had a chance to get now we have to wait for kwame to break out of his 6 year career to be the top rebouder in the nba and be the most dominating center in the nba hahahahahahahahahaha before that happens this will be the year 2020 ld2k mabe you should be our general manager

  • LD2k

    By the way, I googled this image.

    I think it’s safe to say, assume he’ll be a Celtic within the next 24 hours from the reports.

  • DeepFrost

    photoshop…20 is Ray Allen’s number

  • The Nugget


  • TheMagicMan32

    im feelin quezzy

  • gugy

    Lakres FO is lame.
    Kobe is right folks!

  • DeepFrost

    but if we do get JO without givin up LO we’re not gettin worse than the Celts

  • LD2k

    [quote comment=”9649″]photoshop…20 is Ray Allen’s number[/quote]
    Yes, this is a FAKE picture…

  • k0be da 1 andonly



    dun worry guys we still have kwame brown and sasha…kwame MVP 2007-2008

  • lakersforlife77

    Get JO. He’ll look good in a Laker uni

  • Justin M.

    change it to GETJO/KEEP/

  • LD2k

    It’s not a done deal yet, though, it sounds very close to being done.

  • lakersforlife77

    [quote comment=”9659″]It’s not a done deal yet, though, it sounds very close to being done.[/quote]

    Even if it’s not, I don’t see them trading with us anyways. They obviously don’t want what we got.

  • tps24

    We are in TROUBLE! No way Kobe lets this one slide, he will opt out, sign somewhere else and contend for titles and really as a fan who could blame him. Sad thing is I really don’t blame Mitch for this it is more McHale and Ainge screwing the Lakers one more time. Well KG good luck in Boston you are gonna need it. Kobe KG=Title KG If HEALTHY Pierce If HEALTHY Allen=3-4 seed in a JV league better known as the Eastern Conference. Mitch Please make the JO trade now so we can get a big that is at least worth something. Later Boys I am now going to sulk to my girlfriend.


    it makes sense…mchale…celtics….gg

  • fatty

    Reports from Minnesota have a mob forming with rakes, axes, and lit torches chasing down “McFrankenale”. He’s currently holed up at the top of a windmill. The crowd is screaming to burn down the structure with the monster alive.

    The crowd has been yelling, “Burn him! Burn him! Burn the monster!” While McFrankenale growls back with unaudible moans, shaking his fist in anger at them.

    Notables in the crowd, include the governor, Jack Nickolson, Flea, Cyrus, McFrankenales Mother and dog, with Fatty leading the yelling. Nugget,ld2k, hzm, stood off in the distance nodding with approval. Local police donated the bull horns while the fire dept. provided the napalm.

  • gugy

    I believe when it’s confirmed.
    seriously, so many rumors and nothing concrete.

    Lakers still have a chance, but now Gasol and JO look more realistic. Not sure if KG wants Boston, but he could go there. But even on the East, I don’t think KG will be ever a champion with Boston.

  • somelakerfan1

    i told u guys forget kg he will never come here he doesnt have a heart plus he wont win in boston

    its all abt K O B E and L A M A R and R O N and O N E A L

  • nyla

    KG doesn’t want to be a Laker.

  • dark_ice18

    all this time we thought KG will become a laker…KG is such a tease…he stays all summer in LA and everyone welcoming him with open arms. Yet he accepts goin to Boston…oh well i guess its time to GETO’NEAL and KEEPLAMAR .com

    …but remember when everyone was saying KG is a Laker almost done deal, and what happens nothin…so maybe same will happen to Boston?

  • kgdman

    Im just waiting for the head line that says KG to Boston Falls Through!!!!!! Just like all these other rumors.

  • LA All The Way

    C’mon guys! I can’t see why the frustation. I mean ok, maybe KG is not coming but is our Lakers above every player!
    If he didn’t come, and if JO didn’t come, I’ll keep the head up, and I’ll be very happy when Kobe hits 60 points in some games on row!
    But hey, and what if Kobe leaves? And realy don’t believe he will, but if that happen, I’ll be very proud when someone, just someone there, made a great play in a Laker uniform!

    And, by the way, if KG go to Boston and LA take JO and keep Odom, I’ll love to see the Lakers VS Boston NBA Finals classic once again!

    I mean, we get hurt when the things don’t look good to LA, but keep the strength and the head up, because, in the end, we love the Lakers, not the players, the FO, or someone else!
    My love and proud for the Lakers will not down, even if we turn to be the worst team in the next season (what will never happen)!
    And thats what makes Lakers the best dam nation on the NBA, because LAKERS are the fans’ love! And, the true LAL fans are there with the team everywhere… We all jump with Kobe to hit those miracle shots, we all push harder with Odom when he’s body says give up, and we even are all there with our FO to try to get something done!
    So, in the end, it will be always our beloved LAKERS, no matter what!

  • cyrus

    The Legion of frustrated old losers.

    “Mc.Hell” has controlled KG’s BBL life from day one and now he dictates where KG must go. It’s just so hard to believe how weak KG is. I just have a hard time to believe KG is letting MC.Hell throwing him around like a piece of meat. Maybe it’s good that we didn’t get KG.

    Kevin Garnett is showing his real face if all these rumors turn out to be true. A weakling who let “Mc.Hell” do with him whatever he wants. KG was drafted in 1995 by Boston. For 12 years he’s been trying to win, he has the skills but he lacks the determination and mental force. I truly don’t see KG getting anywhere with the Celtics. He has decided to play with couple of players who have won nothing important in their entire career:
    The 32 years old Ray Allen, except some 3 point shooting contest, has not seen any awards.
    The 30 years old Paul pierce, except All-NBA Third Team 2002-03, has been only dreaming of any noticeable award.
    Kevin Garnett, 31: After 12 years with Wolves, has also no record of success. He made it to conference finals in 03 to get eliminated by the Lakers. He played in allstar games many times and was MVP once but never advanced beyond that.

    KG passed on the best opportunity of his life, to play under the shadow of the greatest player on the planet, Kobe Bryant. It’s so unfortunate to see KG throwing his career in the toilette in going to Boston, playing with 2 other losers who have absolutely no record of achievement.

    This is the true face KG, Great player without ambitions and determinations to win, joining the legion of “old” frustrated loser.

  • cyrus

    KG is on a Cruise until end of this week.

    Boston Blog:
    “According to multiple league sources, Garnett must agree to waive a portion of the trade kicker worth approximately $6.75 million. If Garnett agrees to that contingency, then he would have some additional leverage as the Celtics attempt to restructure his current contract. Slowing down the trade/approval process is the fact that Garnett is on a cruise until the end of this week.”

  • fatty

    LA All The Way

    Nice thoughts man. Thanks for sharing.

  • cyrus

    Kevin Garnett is burying his career in Boston and will retire there with the dream of a title but it will remain just a dream.

  • fatty


    Its really true what you are saying. They collectively have almost no playoff experience. Even teams that do don’t win all the time like Detroit, Miami, Phx, etc….

    No guarantee for sure in Boston. Most teams must pay there dues as they gain playoff experience. By the time they pay there dues, they will be done.

    KG, you got game, but you lack the desire and ability to win. Enjoy the beans in Boston. They will help keep you warm on those cold chilly nights.