Who of you would’ve predicted that Vladimir (The Impaler) would be the leading scorer (19) and the Lakers would beat down the Suns by 21. Obviously nobody.

The scores were all over the place. The logical ones, (thee with little faith) picked the Suns and were wrong. And were extremely happy it turned out that way. The ‘Homies’, who always see the glass as full and over flowing, picked the Lakers. But none of the ‘Homies,’ even came close to the 21 point slaughter of the Suns.

38 participated, but 4 stood out above the rest. Great predictors? If you asked the ‘Gang of Four’ they would say, Absolutely! We are L.B.E.’s Lakers Basketball Experts and would echo Kwame’s words about the win, “It was a piece of cake.”

Our four winners and current leaders in the race for the ‘Hoodie’ with 20 points are…


The rest as follows:

10 have 15 pts.

18 have 10 pts.

5 have 5 pts.

and a few of you have 0.

Check your predictions with the official results: The Trivia challenge explanation: Fatty was not trying to make it a trick question. He was making it a Laker Fan feel good answer. 9, 14, and 15 will be judged correct for the Lakers and 0 for the Suns. 9 titles in LA, and 14 overall NBA titles (Sorry, next time I will be more specific to avoid any confusion).

1. Game Winner (5pts): Lakers

2. Lakers High Scorer (5pts): Vladimir, 19 pts

3. Lakers Top Rebounder (5pts): Bynum, 13

4. Lakers Assist Leader (5pts): Kobe, 4

5. Trivia Challenge (5pts): Two part. How many titles for the Lakers? How many for the Suns? Lakers 9-14-15, Suns 0.

6. Margin of victory bonus (10pts): Lakers, by 21