Game Prediction Results: Lakers vs. Jazz

    A Lakers win means some nice scoring. We had a lot of high scores but two predictors stood out from the rest. Not surprising, they also predicted the winning point margin.

    Our two ‘Game Winners’ at 30 points: Brillus and Deepfrost.

    ‘Race for the Hoodie’ – (69 Contestants) ‘Top Ten’ after two games: “There can be only one.”

    1. Brillus

    2. LD2K

    Four are tied for 3rd place…

    Caleb – Lalakerfan – PrOmega – mplaker

    Eleven are tied for 7th place…

    Yoni – Shakobe22 – OsmOnd – Lakersfan 17 – Lakerfan81 – Kyler_hay -Kobesno1fan – KB24MVP – HiYo20 – Deepfrost – Chosen One

    Official Challenge Answers: Check your answers to see how you did.

    1. Game Winner (5pts): Lakers

    2. Lakers High Scorer (5pts): Kobe, 33 pts

    3. Lakers Top Rebounder (5pts): Bynum, 9

    4. Lakers Assist Leader (5pts) : Luuuuuuke, 6

    5. Trivia Challenge (5pts): Last Laker to have 15 or more assists in a game? Gary Payton, 15 – 1/17/04 (Source: Lakers Media Guide).

    6. Margin of victory bonus (10pts): Lakers by 10.