Official Challenge Answers:

1. Game Winner (5pts): Hornets

2. Lakers High Scorer (5pts): Kobe, 28 pts

3. Lakers Top Rebounder (5pts): Bynum, 13

4. Lakers Assist Leader (5pts) : Kobe, 7

5. Trivia Challenge (5pts): Last Laker to be perfect in Field Goals in a game (min 7 attempts)? Andrew Bynum – 4/01/07 Sacramento (Source: Laker Media Guide).

6. Margin of victory bonus (10pts): Hornets by 14

Game Hints: Consistency is the name of the game. Participate in everyone.

Research the Trivia Challenge question. Don’t guess.

Check to see who is not playing before submitting your predictions.

Predict with your mind and not your heart.

Game Winners with 20 points: Brillus, PrOmega, Deepfrost, Kyler_hay, Nyla, Leo, Jsahmad, and Fan of the Mamba.

“There can be only One” – ‘Race for the Hoodie’

‘Top Ten’ after three games (78 contestants):

1. Brillus

2. LD2K

3. PrOmega

Three are tied in 4th place:

4. Deepfrost, Kyler_hay, and Lalakerfan.

Five are tied in 7th place:

7. HiYo20, Osmond, Shakobe22, caleb, and Mplakers.

  • LD2k

    Holding down #2 :)

  • RoWyN

    I just started playing this last laker game? Is it still worth it? What’s the price NEway?

  • RoWyN


  • The Nugget

    [Comment ID #16580 Will Be Quoted Here]

    DirectTV hoodie.

  • fatty


    The Hoodie is the end of the month prize. I checked total results and you are not far off from the top. Only 25 pts seperates the midddle of the pack from the leader.

    Besides, you can become the game winner and get all the glory that comes with it. lol

    My advice is to stick with it and get even better at predicting.

  • osm0nd

    i’m going to make a run at the top spot!

  • RoWyN

    Aightt, I want to bask in that glory!