It was close. 30 contestants were within 5 points of each other, but one contestant stood out from the rest with an amazing score of 20. Congratulations to our first contest winner. Kobefan2408, you are the master of predictions, the Nostradamus of the NBA, the Prophet of Round Ball. Well, at least for this one game.

Only one got the Trivia Challenge correct. PrOmega. Way to go prOmega!

Only one had a zero. C’mon Phantom! You can do better than that? Keep this up and we will start calling you Agent Zero Phantom. :

This Friday against the Suns, the contest of 15 games begins. As Mr. Miyagi told the Karate Kid on the island of Okinawa when facing the death duel. “This no practice Daniel-San, is for real.”

Here’s the correct answers. So you can check your own results.

1. Game Winner: Houston

2. Lakers High Scorer: Kobe, 45 pts

3. Lakers Top Rebounder: Kobe, Kwame, 8

4. Lakers Assists Leader: Kobe, Walton, 4

5. Bonus: Point Margin of Victory: Houston by 2

6. Trivia Challenge: Last Laker to have more than 20 rebounds in a game? Chris Mihm – 21 rebounds (12/22/05)


    what fatty you didnt like my answers? LOL

  • kobefan2408

    BOOYAH but knowing my luck i wont win when it counts

  • fatty

    Dear soon to be ‘Agent Zero Phantom’,

    I liked your answers, they were funny, but they got you zero points.lol

  • fatty


    In the analysis, we had 23 people with 10pts, only 7 with 15 pts, and only one with 20.

    Its a 15 game marathon contest. Consistency is the key to winning AND research the Trivia question. 15 correct Trivia answers would translate to 75 pts towards the total.

  • fatty

    Fatty buys a DIRECTV Hoodie for himself.

    Seeing as I’m the only one who can’t win the contest, I bought a hoodie for me. In fact, I’m wearing the hoodie as I type. Very comfortable, super plush inside with the fleece lining. Surely something to keep you warm and cozy while you are watching the Laker games.

    Its now, Race for the Hoodie. Do you have what it takes to win and wear the Hoodie? lol

    The contest starts Friday. “There can be only one” – Highlander

  • Yoni

    hey how do i sign up for the contest?

  • fatty

    Hi Yoni,

    The day of the game, everyone will have the opportunity to submit their predictions. Automatically they will be entered.
    Just look for the Game Preview and the info you need will be there.

    Good luck Yoni, look forward to your predictions.