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Take a trip through Lakerland with ‘Purple Reign’, a Lakers themed album by our very own G-Small of Voice of the Nation & L.W.O. Radio.

Purple Reign journeys through the mind of a Lakers fan who grew up in Inglewood, walking by the Forum on the way home from school dreaming about being Byron Scott.

Join G-Small as he takes you through living the dream of being on AM570 radio after winning the Fame & Fortune II contest, to covering the Lakers for

For those who got up on Saturday mornings to watch NBA Inside Stuff to see if and Elden Campbell dunk made it, who played Double Dribble on Nintendo, and remembers exactly where they were the day Magic Johnson announced his retirement; this album is for you!

Purple Reign: The Lakers will reign FOREVER!


*There are 7 Lakers secrets in the album cover. Can you find them?

Track listings after the break…

Track Listing
1 – Intro (The Champions)
2 – L.W.O. Theme
3 – 2 Sweet
4 – Guns Blazing
5 – Light’s Out
6 – The Greatest Show
7 – Lake House
8 – Downtown Live
9 – The Hotness
10 – Lakers Haters feat
11 – The Public Option
12 – Count On Me
13 – Outro (Fame & Fortune)

  • Ryguy

    Download link does not work.

    • G-Small

      Are u sure? It’s working for me…


    Hahaha! Not quite sure how to feel about this. Could be slightly blasphemous! Especially with Easter coming up and all, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and chalk this up to some light humor. I take it that SHAQ is JUDAS right? Hahaha!

    Except, when you keep reading in Matthew, Judas actually felt remorse for his betrayal and threw the money back to the Pharisees and ended up hanging himself. Shaq, on the other hand, has NEVER showed an ounce of remorse over the course of actions taken, instead, he’s consistently berated Kobe and the Lakers every chance he got!

    Even when things were supposedly alright with them, he had to bust out the “Tell me how my å$$ taste?” rap! There is no redemption value in that waste at all! But hey, I’m only human, that’s my take. Whether he’s got any redemptive value at all, that’s between him and God!

    GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND BOOOO TO THE BIG JUDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cdr2529

      You have taken this too far.As a Christians this is offence to me.This is blasphemy,this should be taken off the site.

      • G-Small

        I want to use this moment to help the artist who drew the portrait, Jerrell Conner, A CHRISTIAN artist who has a Christian comic series named ‘Revelations’ You can view more his work @

        While I respect dissidence, I want to remind you that The Last Supper portrait is just that, a portrait.

        It does not appear in the bible, and it was made by Leonardo da Vinci.

        This is simply a rendition of a secular portrait, not any type of attack on REAL Christianity.

        If you are truly a Christian, there are very real things to be upset about and focus your attention on, like seeking and saving the lost, like Jesus did.

      • 242LakerFan

        Blasphemy is an expression of disrespect towards God or something sacred. DaVinci’s Last Supper may be iconic, but it can hardly be held as sacred. It was not created by God and holds no religious significance. No one prays to it, nor does it have any place in Church doctrine. It is a depiction of a Biblical event, nothing more. Therefore, it cannot be blasphemed against.
        If you hold it as sacred, may I suggest that you reconsider your own priorities vis-a-vis your religious observances, because that may be construed as idolatry.
        See how these things can turn around on you?


        Yo, I feel you and where you’re coming from, but why are you directing your post to me? Shouldn’t you take it up with G-Small? Like I said in my previous post… “Could be slightly blasphemous! Especially with Easter coming up and all, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and chalk this up to some light humor. ”

        I think that the intent should be the basis of judgment in this case. G-Small and Jerrel Conner was probably only trying to portray Kobe as the best, most important, most influential, and most renowned Laker of all time. I doubt that there was any disrespect, sacrilege, or blasphemous intent here.

        This site is dedicated to promote all Laker fanfare and not a forum or political or religious debate or banter, so I’m giving these 2 brothers the benefit of the doubt and appreciating what they’ve done and trying not to be overly critical and tear it down!

        Again, I do feel you on what you’re saying, but maybe you can try to see it from a different lens and see where they’re coming from as well. I doubt there’s any ill intent and plus whatever grievances you have, it should be directed to them and not me.

        • G-Small

          I don’t think it was meant for you Touching_Myself, he was replying to cdr2529.

          I obviously understand how someone could take offense, but as you said, it should be about intent.

          Thanks for your insight, and I hope you enjoyed the album!


            You know what, the same thing happened to me. My previous post was to cdr2529 and not to 242LakerFan. Anyway, like I said, I do feel where cdr2529 is coming from, but I think that INTENT is where we need to put the emphasis on.

            And 242LakerFan, I think that you’re missing cdr2529’s point. He’s not holding the painting of the Last Supper sacred. He can care less about the desecration of the painting. I think that he took offense to the fact that Kobe was depicted as Jesus. That’s probably both sacrilegious and blasphemous to him. Let’s face it, Kobe is far from a infallible person and cdr2529, probably just didn’t like the comparison.

  • G-Small

    You are the ONLY one that noticed that Shaq was JUDAS!!!!!


      Hahaha… isn’t it obvious?!?

      That fool’s been the Judas on every team that he’s been on so far!

      GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • airkobe

    kobe the greatest laker of all time! the only reason that kareem n magic is debatable …is because of respect and their still alive…

  • thanhttrinh

    it works, good songs guys, thank you G-small

  • Lakeshow’s d-trick

    this is perfect ’cause i just got my lakers edition skullcandy! thanks man! lets go lakers!

  • samtlk9

    How do I open a rar file and add it to iTunes?

    • G-Small

      You’re going to have to use WinZip or WinRar to unzip the files. After that, they’ll be in MP3 form to upload.

      If someone else has a better explanation please give it!

  • DLR

    can’t get your link to open either / maybe you coud try a different one or repost it

    Thanks DLR

  • Dave

    I haven’t heard it yet, but does he interrupt himself every third sentence to say “Laker’s Nation, STAND U-U-U-P-P!”? That got old real fast. Real. Fast.

    • G-Small

      Since I don’t actually do that, what’s your REAL beef? Too hippity-hop for you?

      I thank you for your listen anyway!

  • DeuceisLoose

    Haven’t listened yet, just had to comment and say you’re the man for releasing this for free. Very cool.

    Now time to listen.

  • Gus


  • My Spa Journeys

    Hey all! Who is the guy in between Kobe and Ron Artest?

    • G-Small

      Nickey Maxwell Van Exel !!!

      He’s representing the 93-98 ‘Lake Show’ era

      • kobe’stheory

        lamar odom is it not obvious? he looks like a dumb out there trying to get involve in the team…

        • kobe’stheory

          and don’t look for bynum he’s always out during holy week nursing his injury!

  • Leor_77

    Excellent music G-Small…Thanks for sharing with us!

  • 3 wyshes

    G-Small How can i see the pic of your album cover its not showing up.

    • daboss1848

      use firefox

  • 242LakerFan

    G-Small. I have to thank you for Tweeting at me with this link, bro. I’m sitting at my desk right now jamming this joint and it’s boomin’ boyyyyyyyyyy!!
    It sounds 500% better than it does on the podcasts and I’m actually getting goosbumps in a couple places! I’m really digging Guns Blazing and the LWO Theme takes me back to the heyday of the WCW when I as super into the wrestling scene.
    Excellent job!!!
    One thing, though, those two tracks opened up at 128bpm, while everything else is 320 or 256. Can you post higher bitrate versions of those two, please?

  • 242LakerFan

    Yeah, I know what he meant. I was trying to illustrate how his perception of it might have been skewed. As you say, it was a spoof of a painting rather than a religious statement.
    Kobe is not being raised to the level of Christ, just portrayed as the leader of a historic group of men.
    Take it to its extreme and that type of thing gets to the point where you start a jihad against Danish cartoonists for drawing the face of…oh, wait…