Warriors Lakers BasketballYahoo! Sports: One by one, they strutted onto the Staples Center floor Tuesday night, a parade of stars, all destined to be forever remembered for their roles in the Los Angeles Lakers’ famed family.

Khloe. Kim. Even Mama Kardashian.

Jerry West, James Worthy and Magic Johnson would eventually get a few minutes of court time, too. The Lakers lined up their legends on opening night, distributed their three-carat bling, and even the youngest among them seemed genuinely enthused. Bouncing on his toes, smile stretched across his face, Andrew Bynum(notes) beamed as he accepted his championship ring.

“Best gift I’ve ever gotten,” he said.

What goes unsaid: No one around here expects it to be his last. Bynum turned just 22 on Tuesday, and if that doesn’t worry the rest of the Western Conference, then this should: He celebrated his birthday with 26 points and 13 rebounds, treating the Los Angeles Clippers’ frontline like a piñata in the Lakers’ 99-92 victory.

Never has the Lakers’ young center looked this good this early.

“I’m healthy,” Bynum said. “It feels good to be able to say that.”

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  • Short Dog

    If we would of had Bynum on the 07-08 series we would’ve been going for a 3-peat this year. This is a real good team. 82-0


      Could you imagine that Short Dog? Then our Lakers would’ve tied the Cockston Celd!cks with numbers of championships, and then the Lakers would’ve gotten the go ahead with this years!

      Oh well, just means that ours guys have to 4 PEAT and bring the Celd!cks to their knees!

      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

  • Short Dog

    That loss got us hungry as hell. It’s no accident that we are this good. I didn’t know those bitches had 16. I’m sure Kobe knows. We have at least 3 or 4 more championships with this team. So there sorry little record will get dropped like Pierces teeth. LAKERS


      I can definitely see us going 4 PEAT with this current squad!

  • lakers#1

    I love Andrew Bynum. He is going to be an ALL STAR this season!!!

  • samiam

    Just saw Bynum at the Bridge Theaters. He was taking a photo with some other folks, nobody else around. After they were done, went over to him to get a photo, and HE REFUSED. Walked away as a friend was calling him racist, since he took a photo with some black people, but not us.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      Uhh…. dude, I refuse to believe that. Bynum isnt that self centred. He is not racist, and besides he was probably busy, but either way I dont believe you.

  • Lakersfan not justkobefan

    Man U saw Andrew Bynum at your house with your mother, so i doubt he is racist.

    • justkobefan

      he’s a racist

      • http://LakersNation Marwan

        Everyone shut up, stop dissing each other and stop dissing the Lakers. So what if he refused to take a picture, big deal, would you take a picture with someone you dont even know and met on the streets?

        This is Lakers Nation. We support each other and the team, not the other way around. (No homo)