Photo by: Gerald Herbert / Associated Press
Photo: Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images
Photo: Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images

To say this has been a tumultuous, nerve wracking, and often times, very difficult season to watch, might be one of the all time understatements known to Lakers fans all over the world. There are so many other adjectives that could describe how I, and I’m sure, countless other inhabitants of the Laker Nation have felt at various times this year, we could fill every seat and luxury box at Staples Center with them. The only certainty we have to hold on to at the moment is 7 more games. 7 more chances for this Lakers team to find some sort of redemption for how this season has gone up to this point.

The Lakers have been a team similar to someone with a nagging cough that has disrupted the daily routine long enough to become a distraction. No matter the remedies, nothing has seemed to be able to take away the Lakers “cough” all year long. Yes, there have been moments in time when they have found pockets of relief, but the symptoms have never completely gone away. And now, the Lakers find themselves in the proverbial season of discontent.

There is no easy way to say that this season may end without a playoff berth. We can dance around that enormous elephant in the gym all we want. The Lakers season is on life support, and there, standing in line to pull the plug on them are 7 teams, as fate would have it, all from the Western Conference, waiting their turn to have a yank on that cord.

Memphis gets the first crack at it on Friday, as they invade Los Angeles. Sunday, another game at Staples with little brother, the Clippers. The following week consists of games on Tuesday with the Hornets, followed by a trip to Portland the next day. A week from this coming Friday the Lakers host the young guns from the Bay, the Warriors. They take a day off, then host the Spurs. The final game of the 7 game brutality ends with a game against the Rockets on April 17th. If this particular scenario isn’t sobering enough for you, throw in the fact the Lakers will have to overtake the Utah Jazz for the 8th seed, and oh by the way, the Jazz hold the tiebreaker over them should that catastrophe take place.

This is it my friends, this is the last roundup. This Lakers team that had all the ingredients on paper to challenge for another NBA title, have fired coaches, lost players to injuries, tried countless team chemistry exercises, gone through horrific losing streaks, fought to stay around mediocrity, and have 7 more games to straighten it all out.

What’s it going to be Kobe? What are you going to do about it Dwight? Hey Pau, do you have anything to say? Nash are you ready to cash out? The season is going to be a disappointment or it is going to be a minor miracle in the making. The choice is simple. The answer is not. 7 games, 7 chances. Let the healing begin, one way or the other.